How to Stop Dieting AND Lose Weight

Welcome to Summer. What a warm first day we had! I hope you were able to stay cool. I was very grateful on Sunday night that our new house has air-conditioning. Our upstairs bedroom can be like and oven so it was great to be able to cool it down before we went to bed.

My ideal summer sleeping is with a ceiling fan. When it’s really hot at night I recommend a fan and a wet pillow case over your hips and legs. It works a treat to keep you cool long enough to drop off to sleep. Mind you, our Chinese Medicine Practitioners might warn against getting chilled but it works for me. Of course knowing Melbourne’s weather you will probably need your heated wheat bag next week. Who knows?

So… last week we held our third VIP Pamper Party. It was fabulous. We had 8 beautiful souls enjoying Foot Reflexology, a gorgeous Facial, a Palm Reading and a Kinesiology balance along with a great talk from Tracey Thompson, the creator of Integrity Cosmetics about “Burnout to Bliss” and a scrumptious supper. The feedback was fantastic. Each VIP evening is a little different but so far everyone who’s attended one has loved it. Please let me know if you would like an early invitation for the next one in January. We can only take 8 people so you need to be quick to book. Maybe you could put it on your Christmas wish list.

This week we have a couple of events I want to let you know about. On Wednesday night we’re running our very popular (and successful) “Weight Off Your Mind” Seminar. Believe it or not, many years ago I had a weight issue. I was constantly looking for the next fad diet, I counted calories and I binged when I got sick of dieting. I was always thinking about food and planning meals. In the evenings I would write a list of everything I’d eaten that day and add up the calories so I knew how much I could eat the next day. Of course I never managed to stick to that plan beyoind mid afternoon.

At one stage I did the Israeli Army Diet which was a fad at the time. It was 2 days of only apples, two days of chicken, two days of cheese and two days of salads. It was terrible. My self-esteem was at rock bottom. I was very unhappy with myself and I measured my self-worth on the scales. I believed my weight determined whether I was a good or bad person. It was crazy!

That was during my Uni days and thank goodness I came to my senses and I haven’t had an issue with my weight since then. What was good about it, however, is that I learned how the mind works when you have a weight issue. This understanding benefitted me enormously when I started working as a Hypnotherapist and began helping people who wanted to lose weight. Over many years of working with clients I also learned an enormous amount about what doesn’t work.

I eventually discovered what does work for the majority of people. Permanent weight loss isn’t about sticking to the right diet for long enough or exercising like crazy. Getting off the diet treadmill for good requires an entirely different mindset, a different relationship with food and a different relationship with your body. The key is to make peace with food and reconnect with your body’s natural signals and wisdom. What comes naturally to all those slim people who seem to be able to eat anything and not gain weight is an art and it can be learned.

One of the highlights of my career was when a young woman came into the shop and said that I probably wouldn’t remember or recognise her but she had attended the Weight Loss Seminar that I ran about 8 months previously. I didn’t recognise her because she had lost 50 kilos! She said she’d attended the Seminar and listened to my Weight Loss CD and it had been easy. She hadn’t felt deprived or needed willpower she had just changed her mindset.

All of the principals I learned for myself and began teaching my clients are covered in our Weight Off Your Mind Seminar this Wednesday night. This seminar is now run by our other Clinical Hypnotherapist, Manuela Picinich. Manuela has specialised in weight loss and she has hundreds of success stories of her own.

Manuela also offers the amazing Virtual Gastric Banding Program. This four session Hypnosis Program cleverly convinces the sub-conscious mind that you‘ve had gastric banding surgery so you simply can’t eat big meals any more. You may have seen a TV program on Virtual Gastric Banding recently. It proving to be a really viable and sensible alternative to surgery. If you have a weight issue Manuela would be more than happy to talk with you about whether this Program would be appropriate for you.

The best first step for most people is to attend the Weight Off Your Mind Seminar this Wednesday evening or book a private consultation to go through the information and start to shift their thinking. Once someone’s eating is normalised then the next step is to support the body while it’s losing weight.

A few things I recommend are really about detoxing. As the body lets go of fat then the toxins that were stored in that fat are released into the system. Here are some options…
• Anna, our Naturopath always encourages clients who are losing weight to use a powder called Matrix Phase. This is a powerful combination of superfoods that safely and gently detoxes the body. Even if you don’t have a weight problem this is a great 30 day treament to regularly detox your body. You can only get it through a Naturopath so call us if you’d like to try it. Its $49.95 for a months supply.
• Drink plenty of water. Sign up fo our 30 Day Water Challenge. The link is at the bottom of this email
• Try our new Far-Infra Red Sauna. 30 minutes can burn up to 1000 calories as you sweat out fat and toxins! And it’s beautifully relaxing.
• Book a 30 minute Ionic Foot Detox. This gives your body a blast of negative ions to neutralise the free radicals in your system and clear heavy metals, pesticides, herbacides and other toxins from your body via your feet.
• Have a lymphatic drainage massage. This supports your body to move toxins from between the cells into the lymphatic system for removal.
And remember that this week you’ll receive 20% off any shop purchase on the day of your treatment. Why not invest in your health and do your Christmas shopping at the same time?

The other event I want to let you know about this week is Christine Long’s Workshop this Friday evening. This month it’s called “Love Yourself and Thrive.” Christine is a brilliant presenter and these monthly workshop are always a joy. Take a look at the right hand column and the link to more information and the booking page.

That’s all for now. Please have a happy, healthy, diet free week,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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