Remembering Our Feminine Energy?

How was your week?  The weather is certainly keeping us on our toes lately.  I’m wondering if summer is over or if it will pop back to surprise us again.  As I mentioned in the last Enews I’ve had a very full week.  I attended the HypnoBirthing refresher training last week together with Manuela, Kathy Waddington (our current HypnoBirthing Practitioner) and my eldest daughter Michelle.  It was fabulous. I first learned HypnoBirthing about 14 years ago and started teaching couples how to manage the birth experience with deep relaxation, breathing techniques, visualisation and self-hypnosis.  I have to tell you, no-one was more surprised than me when these couples told me their birth experience was fabulous.  The mums felt surprisingly comfortable and in control and some of them actually said they had no pain! Lots of them took the midwives by surprise because they were so calm throughout labour and many of the babies were born very soon after arriving at hospital.What I discovered was that when mums learn to really relax, clear the fear of childbirth and use the power of the mind-body connection to manage the sensations of birth it can be one of the most empowering and rewarding experiences in life.  After finishing the training on Friday I was feeling really inspired and excited about promoting this amazing course.  With 4 registered Practitioners at Simply Natural now I need to get my marketing hat on and spread the word.  I’d love your help with that if you know anyone who is pregnant.

On Friday night I attended our Atlantean Temple Healing with our “High Priestess” Kara Kovacs.  As Kara was introducing the evening she explained that now is the time for women to support each other to remember how powerful and magnificent we are.  She talked about the world being dominated by masculine Patriachal energy for hundreds of years and that it’s now time for women to step into their power and bring balance to the world.

This concept is not new to me but as she was speaking I had waves of tingles and I realised that birth is probably the most important place for women to reclaim their power.  If you have children you will know that women have a very, very long memory for how they were made to feel during their birth experience.  Many women have been traumatised by the way they gave birth and we now know that babies remember birth. It can have a lasting impact on them either positive or negative.  For many years our society has accepted the myth that women’s bodies are defective and that they need medical intervention to give birth.  We’ve lost trust in the process of nature, our bodies and enter into the birth experience feeling fearful, inadequate and disempowered. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Recently Kara sent me a Facebook post about deep feminine wisdom which was so poignant and timely.  It actually gave me a lot of clarity about my work and the purpose of Simply Natural Therapies in general. Let me share some of the post by Sophie Bashford ……

“Your intuition may not make sense to anyone else, or seem to have any bearing on the physical perception of a situation, but you must trust it implicitly.

Your intuition is the single most ravaged strand of higher feminine wisdom: it is essentially affiliated to the feminine consciousness and therefore has been totally de-valued and discredited by modern societal conditioning.

Intuition is entwined with the deepest mysteries of the universe. It weaves and dances through the Great Web of Life. It sees into the Unknown and the as yet physically un-manifested realities, and links together the illusion of past, present and future.

It is important to acknowledge just how embedded current mass consciousness is in the masculine paradigm of linear, rational, evidence-based, logical and factual analysis. We are totally immersed in a world that highly values external, intellect-based proof over feeling, instinctive or emotion-based wisdom.

Basically, this consciousness says: if you can’t see it or measure it, it doesn’t exist. If you can’t see a solution now, then there isn’t one. If it doesn’t look obvious, then it’s not really there.
The one clear example I always give of this difference between the masculine and feminine processes, is of how pregnancy, labour and birth is handled in western medicine. Much of what goes on within a woman’s body when she carries a baby is unseen. When she gives birth, her body knows what to do, through deep, ancient and primal processes of nature and instinct.

When this trust in the feminine process is taken away, fear sets in. The masculine paradigm is not comfortable with what it cannot see, measure, predict or control. So, it interferes with the feminine psyche and instils mistrust in the woman’s ability to give birth. She begins to doubt herself, and her inner wisdom. Her body shuts down, and the flow of essential hormones is interrupted. She contracts in fear, and her body (and her baby) responds through tightening, blocking, getting stuck, and requiring intervention. Sometimes she is even told to not make any noise, or get into a position that is completely unhelpful to the natural process of birth. Often, she is in an environment that is totally non-conducive to relaxing, opening, trusting and feeling supported through a monumental physical, emotional and spiritual gateway.

All through this experience, the underlying message is:
You can’t trust yourself. What you are doing is dangerous, full of threat. You have a body and a wisdom that ‘we’ don’t understand, don’t trust, and are not invested in. You need us to monitor you, take away your power, govern the choices that you make. We do all this in the name of ‘keeping you and your baby safe’.

It’s not to say that western medicine is not needed. It is an example of how deep feminine wisdom and intuition, and what the feminine essence requires to affect her power, is so often overlooked, ignored, patronised and even ridiculed.”

Sophie expresses my thoughts beautifully and I now realise that 90% of what we do at Simply Natural Therapies is about reconnecting with our deep Feminine Wisdom.  It’s about remembering our wisdom in relation to our health, the use of herbs and crystals, the awakening of our psychic abilities, the power of healing touch, understanding Chi Energy, trusting our intuition, honouring our connection with nature and remembering the role that our heart and soul play in our lives. It’s about creating as a collective, acting in a cooperative way rather than competing,  understanding that helping someone to feel valued and loved is just as important, (if not more important), as treating them with the right technique, remedy, drug or surgical procedure.

I often talk about needing a healthcare revolution but I think what we need goes much further than just health. It’s about balancing the Male and Female Energy on the planet so we can benefit from the wonders of science and technology AND take care for the planet and the her people.

I’m excited to let you know that we recently developed a new Wellness Program that incorporates all of the above. It’s a comprehensive program for anyone with depression, anxiety or a chronic health issue. Combining the expertise of our practitioners and our understanding of the invisible, non-physical aspect of ourselves this is a gorgeous holistic program that runs over the course of 6 months. I’m currently offering free 50 minute consultations to assess if this program is right for you. You simply need to complete our Online Depression and Anxiety Assessment first and we will contact you to arrange an appointment. CLICK HERE to take the assessment.

That’s all for now.  Take a look at the Right Hand column for our upcoming classes and events.  As always we have some awesome events coming up. >>>>

Have a great week,

Warm Regards,


Alison Burton
Health and Happiness Guru
Simply Natural Therapies



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