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I hope you’ve enjoyed the long weekend. I was very pleased that yesterday was a holiday as I was at a Workshop over the weekend and it was really nice to have a day to catch up on things at home. Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I’m doing my HypnoBirthing Refresher Training so it’s a pretty big week for me. On top of that today is actually my birthday (Yey for me) so we’re out for a family dinner tonight.  Phew.

I was born in 1955 so I was a bit of a hippy in my younger days, Yes, I owned (and wore) a Kaftan, an apple seed necklace and wore flowers in my hair. I did some chanting and meditation but I drew the line at joining the Hare Krishna’s. In those days flowers really were a symbol of peace on earth, making love not war and rejection of the establishment.  Like most Hippies of that time however, I realised I needed to get a job to pay the rent or the mortgage. We settled down and had babies but that doesn’t mean we gave up valuing love, peace and the natural world.

Now our babies have grown up it feels like we’re ready for the second wave of the Flower Power Revolution. The Workshop I did this weekend was about using Australian Bush Flower Essences. I attended together with two of our gorgeous Practitioners. Manuela is one of our Health Practitioners and Kara is a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer.  We were all quite blown away by the power of these essences and the stories that Caitlin, our wonderful facilitator, told us about them.

Flowers have been used throughout the world and throughout history as a part of sacred rituals and ceremonies. They’re given when babies are born and when a loved one passes away. They’re given to say “Get well soon,”  “I’m sorry,”  “Thank You,” or “I love you.” Flowers are an expression of love and energetically they have a very high vibration. Aura photos of flowers show they radiate light particles called biophotons. Biophotons are one of the ways living things communicate information.

In the book the Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird the authors talk about connecting the leaves of a pot plant to a lie detector. They were shocked to discover that the plant actually responded to what was happening in the room. It showed high stress when threatened with being burned with a lighted match and even showed stress when another plant was threatened. It proved, as have many studies since then, that plants have consciousness. This book describes the ability of plants to adapt to human wishes, their response to music, their curative powers, and their ability to communicate with man. Believe it or not Homeopathic Essences made from plants and flowers retain this intelligence.

While very few people understand exactly how Flower Essences work, most of us are familiar with Rescue Remedy. This a blend of several Bach Flower Essences that can quickly alleviate shock and anxiety. A few drops under the tongue can settle a panic attack or clear stage fright.  Bach Flower Essences were developed by Edward Bach in the UK in the 1930s.  I was intrigued to learn that Bach said his Essences would continue to work for 50 years after his death in 1936. Although Bach Flowers are still used today to balance emotions and reignite the natural intelligence of the body to heal itself it was exactly 50 years later, in 1986, that Ian White released a range of Flower Essences made from Australian Bush Flowers.

Ian White is a fifth generation Herbalist. He was initially guided to create flower essences from the flowers he found around his home in Terry Hills, NSW.  He found that the image of a flower would pop into his mind and he would be intuitively guided to it. If he didn’t know the name of the flower, that would pop into his mind as well. It was as if the flowers were asking to be used as essences. The colour, shape and structure of the flower would also give an indication of what the remedy could be used for. Typically, red flowers increase energy and passion, yellow elevate the mood, purple reconnect you with your spirituality etc.

The essences are created homeopathically. They come in a small bottle with a dropper and the dose is typically 7 drops under the tongue twice a day for 2 weeks. There are now 69 difference single Australian Bush Flower Essences and a range of blends for various purposes like balancing hormones, mental clarity, adolescents, travel, confidence and creativity and so on.

I’ve actually used and recommended these essences a lot over the years and had great feedback from clients but it was fabulous to learn more about the specific uses of many of them over the weekend. Normally I will quickly muscle test to intuitively determine what a client or customer needs but I now have a whole new respect for how extremely powerful these gorgeous essences are.

Waratah for example can be of great assistance to people who are in a very dark space emotionally. The common feedback when people are given this remedy is that “They feel held.” It somehow creates a feeling of being supported and not alone. The structure of the Waratah Flower is very strong and supportive. It’s shaped like a cup that feels as if it would hold and contain you.

Paw Paw is wonderful for people who are feeling overwhelmed. If you’re at the point where you’re on overload, the brain shuts down and you can’t make decisions then Paw Paw can create a calmness and clarity and help you take in new ideas. Great for anxiety attacks.

Bottlebrush is a Flower Essence that’s helpful to support life transitions like marriage, parenthood, divorce, grief and letting go. It can be quite magical for mother-child bonding if the normal process of bonding at birth was interrupted for some reason. Interestingly enough Bottle Brush is also helpful for letting go on an emotional level and can help alleviate constipation on a physical level. It’s shaped like a bottle brush! Makes sense hey?

Boab is an ancient tree that originated in Africa and grow in Northern Australia. The Essence of the Boab Flower has the ability to clear old enmeshed family patterns. Apparently Aboriginal Women would dig a birth pit and line it with Boab Flowers if they were in season and available. Bathing a newborn baby with a few drops of Boab in the water can free the baby from inherited, traumatic, generational memories.

There are remedies for people who struggle with low self-esteem, worry too much, are perfectionists, people who have issues with their father, feel disconnected from their spirituality, have mood swings, lack creativity, dislike being touched, feel guilty a lot of the time.  You name it. These remedies don’t just work on current issues but can clear very old patterns. They work on the Etheric layer of our aura and can literally create magic.

If you’re curious to discover which remedies would be best for you and which order to take them in we are offering 60 minute consultations to determine and prescribe exactly what you need. You can also purchase these remedies directly from our shop and choose what you need intuitively using a set of Insight Cards, or use the reference book to look up what you need to treat a particular issue.

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