Recharge Your Energy Field

Wow, what a fabulous day we had last Saturday. Thank you so much to everyone who came along to our 10th Birthday Expo. Despite the cold and the rain we had a constant stream of people through the shop and lots of interest in the Aura Photography and Readings. Belinda and Chris from Enlightenment Photography didn’t have time to catch their breath. They were busy all day. It was intriguing to see the beautiful photos of people’s energy field and discover what the various colours meant. These photos truly are evidence that how we are feeling radiates out around us.

When I was in Brazil earlier this year there were some “before and after” auras photos of people who had sessions on the Crystal Beds that are there. These “Beds” are actually lights that go over a massage table. They are the beautiful rainbow colours of the chakras and the lights pulsate and shine through clear quartz crystals onto the body. This process heals, clears and energises the chakras and the aura. The photos showed that the energy field was significantly larger after a treatment and the aura was brighter and more balanced.

People have also reported profound experiences and healings while having a treatment and profound changes afterwards. For me personally it was like having Reiki from 20 people at once. It was beautifully relaxing and nurturing. And interestingly enough, I haven’t been in the least bit interested in alcohol since my first treatment. Not sure how that came about but it can’t be a bad thing.

One of our clients who recently had a Crystal Bed treatment had this to say….
“My Crystal Bed experience….yesterday I had a remarkable journey back through 7 generations on my female side, inviting in all the woman on my Mother’s side to cleanse and heal my inherited feminine childhood experiences never realising for all these years that the energy I have been carrying with me that is not nurturing to my soul, is not mine but my ancestors……Nicole Rigato a wonderful healer, was my guide on this occasion, through this amazing experience. Warm pulsing light from the beautiful Chakra coloured pure crystals overhead, aligned with my body’s natural Chakra points.., held in a sacred, safe, space by someone who cared….guided through a relaxing, meditation, while feeling immense release and joy from having an overwhelming peaceful feeling of release flood over my body…I went in, in a worried anxious space, and came out relaxed, peaceful and slept that night like a baby as promised, by Nicole…If you looking for love find it on Simply Natural Therapies Crystal Bed, Love with yourself I mean !!!” …Jenny W.

Over the next few weeks we will have a Crystal Bed available on July Frid 26th and Sat 27th, Aug Frid 9th and Sat 10th and then permanently from mid August.

Of course if you need nurturing I would also highly recommend a regular massage. Our beautiful Massage Therapists often talk about the challenge of encouraging people to rebook when they have a relaxation massage. Many clients see it as an indulgence and don’t really make self-care a priority. Of course we see lots of people who are suffering from burn-out, anxiety and depression. They rebook because they are in physical or emotional pain. I believe they may well have avoided crashing, if only they had taken their need for nurturing more seriously before they got sick. Prevention is infinitely more enjoyable than cure.

We would love to nurture your body and/or soul so please give Leah or Leesa a call to book in a regular session at least once a month (before you really need it.)
By the way, one of our Massage Therapists, Phil Low, is a guru with pregnancy massage, Nicole is sensational for headaches, Mel can do a disappearing act on aches and pains and Kesang will relax you right through to your soul with a Tibetan Peace Massage. Tempted?

Til next week, keep warm, dry and cosy,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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