Get Gorgeous with Acupuncture

What a fabulous day we had on Saturday. Our Expo was really well attended and we had fantastic feedback from everyone who attended the free talks. I must say I am feeling incredibly blessed to have such a great team of practitioners sharing my vision of bringing common sense back to health care. I was chatting with Phil, one of our Massage Therapists on Saturday morning and he said that it’s really simple to take care of your health. He said you just need to eat a healthy diet and have a regular massage. (I’d recommend some exercise as well.) Phil actually told me that a one hour massage is equivalent to 8 hours sleep! Maybe that’s why new mums in Bali are given a massage, every day for a month, after giving birth. I think a massage voucher and an hour of childcare is a perfect gift for a new mum. A regular massage is probably a good idea for anyone who suffers from insomnia as well.
Of course having a regular massage is definitely not an ordeal, but eating a healthy diet is easier said than done for many people. That’s when you might want some support from Michelle, our Naturopath or Manuela, our weight loss Hypnotherapist. Michelle and Manuela gave a Raw Food “Cooking'” Demo on Saturday which inspired participants with lots of creative ways to include fresh, raw foods in their daily diet.  You can email us for their recipes at  Just put RECIPES in the subject line.

March is Acupuncture Month at Simply Natural Therapies This week I want to tell you about Cosmetic Acupuncture. I had a session last Tuesday and I would love a dollar for everyone since then who told me I am looking well. I actually noticed a visible difference straight away. The treatment included a beautiful facial, herbal mask, moisturising, jade rollers to cool and smooth the skin and believe it or not, finishing with harmonic energising using tuning forks. I hardly noticed the acupuncture needles I was having such a nice relaxing time being pampered. I highly recommend it. I must confess I have been blessed with pretty good skin and I normally have a 5 second beauty routine. It consists of applying a good moisturiser after a shower and thats about it. I love the Anti-Ageing Facial Moisturiser by MooGoo (our product of the week).
Even though I don’t encourage vanity and I don’t believe that your self-esteem should depend on the appearance of your skin (or the shape of your body), I do know that taking care of your skin is important. Skin is the biggest organ of the body and has many vital functions. Your complexion will tend to reflect your state of health.
Conditions like eczema, acne, rosacea, spider veins, dark circles under your eyes and dry, dull or oily skin can reveal a lot about your internal health to a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Exploring the underlying cause of cosmetic issues can then be included in your Acupuncture treatment. When you and your skin are healthy your complexion will be naturally glowing and radiant.
To find out more about Cosmetic Acupuncture or to make an appointment call us or CLICK HERE
NEXT WEEK Learn about the magic of Acupuncture to clear emotions.

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