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THIS WEEK’S HEALTH TIP: Pay attention to your stomach when you eat.

I hope you are coping with these hot days.  I love the warm weather but I know many people struggle with it. We certainly have had plenty of sunshine so far this summer.  My tomatoes seem to have fried on the vine.  Perhaps I should have given them a little more water!

We have had lots of interest in our Weight Loss Program this month.  Our “Weight Off Your Mind” Seminar last week was a sell out and Manuela Picinich, our Weight Loss Specialist is now pretty well booked out for the next few weeks. It seems that people really like our “no diet, no willpower, no stress” approach. One woman I spoke with today said that she went home from the seminar feeling really happy and has already noticed positive changes.  I think that’s wonderful.

One of the key aspects of weight management is becoming aware of the signals from your body that tell you when you need to eat and more importantly, when you need to stop eating. If you study the difference between people who have a weight problem and those who don’t, you will probably notice that the people with a weight problem have lost to ability to know when they have had enough food and stop eating at that point.  I think of it as your stop button.

There are certainly lots of ways to lose weight but the ONLY WAY to keep it off easily is to pay attention to the hunger and satisfaction signals from your body.  Unfortunately we are taught to disregard these signals from a very early age. When a toddler is sitting in their high chair learning to eat solid food, they will turn their head away and close their mouth when they have had enough.  We all started life with our stop button working perfectly.  What does a parent typically do when a child rejects that next mouthful?  You guessed it; we make train or plane noises and say, “Just one more mouthful, that’s a good boy/girl.”

When children are a bit older we make them eat their dinner when they are not hungry or make them wait when they are “starving”.  In short, we program them not to listen to their body.  I have found that reprogramming the brain to get back that natural ability to eat according to the body’s needs is surprisingly easy with Hypnosis. For the past 2 years we have been using a hypnotic process called Virtual Gastric Banding. This has had consistently amazing results. During the first session you are actually guided through the Virtual Gastric Banding Surgery with sound effects and smells while you are in  Hypnosis. Your subconscious then perceives that your stomach can only hold a very small amount of food and your stop button goes off very quickly.

It’s fascinating how the perception of sensations from the body can be altered through hypnotic suggestion.  I once saw someone in Hypnosis eating Wasabe believing it was ice-cream!  Just as Virtual Gastric Banding heightens your sensitivity to the amount of food in your stomach, hypnosis can also reduce sensations of pain from injury, disease, digestive disorders like IBS and even childbirth.  Find more info on Hypnotherapy,  Virtual Gastric Banding (VGB), and HypnoBirthing.

Welcome to Anne Marie Hone – Cosmetic Acupuncture
We are really happy to have Anne Marie on board.  Anne Marie specialises in cosmetic acupuncture Cosmetic Acupuncture is a viable natural alternative to botox, micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels and other procedures that are aimed at improving appearance of the skin. Cosmetic Acupuncture has been known to slow the effects of ageing by smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, reducing the appearance of blemishes on the face and enhancing your complexion naturally by keeping the skin firm and supple. Anne Marie joins Dr Sarah Arkell as part of our Acupuncture Team. As many of you know Dr Sarah specialises in Natural Fertility with wonderful success.

Body Mass Index (BMI)Testing During February we are offering free Body Mass Index testing. Our new whizz bang scales will measure your Muscle/Fat/Water %. Call us to book a FREE 15 Minute Assessment on Fri 22nd from 2.00pm to 4.00pm including a Diabetes Risk Assessment.  Call now on 9842 7033 to make an appointment.

HiCaps Now Available
Since many of our services are rebateable with your Pravite Health Insurance we are pleased to let you know we now have HiCaps so you can claim on the spot.

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