Natural Health Expo – March 2nd

THIS WEEK’S HEALTH TIP: Give up dieting for good.

Mark your diary/phone/computer now for our Natural Health Expo from 9am to 4pm on Saturday March 2nd at Simply Natural Therapies. We will have free health talks, health checks, a “No Cooking” Demo, Yoga, Meditation, mini massage, psychic readings and more.

This day is also the annual Tunstall Square Street Festival from 4pm to 9pm, with live music, animal farm. jumping castle and market stalls. Both these events are part of Manningham’s Healthy Lifestyle Week. Pop into our shop to pick up a brochure about all the other fabulous events!!!

Now, a little more about Weight Loss Month…..
As some of you will know I am really passionate about helping people get off the Weight Loss merry-go-round permanently. I had an eating disorder in my early twenties and I know what it feels like to think about food constantly. I remember I would be eating lunch and thinking about what I was going to have for dinner. I knew the calorie count of everything I ate and I would tally up my intake at the end of each day.

Often I would calculate that the allowance for the next day was about 3 calories to just break even. I went on a diet every morning and by 4pm I was bingeing. It was crazy. Luckily after only three years I learned the strategies to overcome the battle, make peace with food and make peace with my body.

I haven’t had an issue with my weight since. And I haven’t been on a diet since. In my work as a Hypnotherapist I see people who have struggled with their weight for 20 years or more. I find this really disturbing. Chronically worrying about weight takes up an enormous amount of head space, energy, time and money.  There are so many more important, fulfilling and enjoyable things we can be doing with that head space, energy, time and money.

The approach we take to weight loss at Simply Natural Therapies is based on the big lessons I learned all those years ago. I really love to see people get “Weight Off Their Minds,”  and discover that it then automatically comes off their bodies!  If you have tried lots of diets and, like most people, you have put the weight back on then you might like to take a look at a different approach.

Manuela Picinich is our Weight Loss Specialist. Manuela is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection. She has been having fantastic results with a technique called Virtual Gastric Banding. I am gobsmacked by the feedback from her clients…..

  • One particularly successful client due to undergo an actual gastric band operation weighed 137 kgs.  She has recorded more than 12.7 kgs weight loss so is considering cancelling the operation.  She is so pleased with the success of the ‘Virtual Gastric Band’. She explains: “I have reduced my portion sizes dramatically and joined the gym. I feel motivated and my willpower is supported by the hypnosis.”
  • Another successful client says: “It has changed the way I approach food. I no longer constantly think about it like I used to, I feel in control.”
  • Another says “I have enjoyed listening to the supporting CD each day. It made me feel relaxed and re-energised. I now feel more in control of my eating habits and have stopped nibbling and eating in-between meals.”
  • After losing 10kg in 2 weeks Mark said ”I’ve found my Virtual Gastric Banding very good. My sleep is 100% better, I’m lighter on food and have increased mobility. It’s been very easy. And I love salads, it’s very weird.”
  • Mark started his program at 182kg, and now, after 10weeks he is down to 158kg. “After much deliberation, I decided to have the Virtual Gastric Banding under hypnotherapy. After 4 Sessions it has worked beyond my wildest dreams. I have consistently lost 1 kg a week and know this will continue.

I think that’s soooo fantastic.  If weight is an issue for you, just think for a minute about who you would be and what you would do if it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Sorry but our Weight Loss Seminar this Wednesday evening is FULLY BOOKED. That’s fabulous for us because we love helping people. Don’t stress if you missed out, you can always book in to see Manuela or myself privately.

During February we are offering free Body Mass Index testing. Our new whizz bang scales will measure your Muscle/Fat/Water %. Call us to book a FREE 15 Minute Assessment on Fri 22nd from 2.00pm to 4.00pm including a Diabetes Risk Assessment.  Call now on 9842 7033 to make an appointment.

Wishing You Health and Happiness
Warm Regards,
Alison Burton

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