3 Insights from a Near Death Experience

How has your week been? I can’t believe it’s halfway through August. Doesn’t it feel like the year is whizzing by?   I guess that happens when life is busy. Our perception of time is such an interesting thing. I once read that how we perceive the passage of time is related to how long we have lived.  It seems that time speeds up as we get older because every day or month or year is measure as a percentage of our lifetime. To a four year old a year is 25% of their life so a year is a big percentage.  Remember as a child when it took forever for Christmas or a birthday to come around?   For me, one year is less than 2% of my life so every year seems to go by very fast. And of course if you accept the theory then as I get older the years will continue to speed up. What I read it said that asking a 3 year old to wait an hour for an ice-cream was like asking her mother to wait 10 hours for a cup of coffee. Knowing that made me much more patient with my children when they couldn’t wait for something.    As an adult I seem to have the opposite problem. Things like birthdays and Christmas’s sneak up on me. The same applies to some of the events we have here at Simply Natural Therapies so I don’t always give you much notice. My girls are working on me to plan ahead.  That’s a bit of a challenge for a Pisces. I tend to be a bit slippery and go with the flow. Anyway, over the next few weeks we have some very cool things happening that I want to make sure you know about.   We’re holding our very first VIP Pamper Party this Friday night. This includes a gorgeous facial using pure, natural products, an exquisite Indian Head Massage, a deeply insightful Psychic Reading and a powerful Reiki Energy Balance. You’ll also experience a beautiful guided deep relaxation session in a small group with our amazing Hypnotherapist, Manuela Picinich. We only have a couple of tickets left for this exclusive event so CLICK HERE if you would like to join us.      And this weekend is your opportunity to learn Reiki Level 1. I received a newletter through the week that outlined the many benefits of this energy healing technique. It can be used for First Aid in an emergency, it can heal your love life, it can soothe and settle babies and children, help you sleep, reduce pain and side effects of chemo, boost creativity, reduce stress, raise self-awareness, the list goes on and on.  We’ve even used it to fix a computer that was on the blink! Never underestimate the power of energy healing!   You might also be drawn to learn Light Dynamics with Jennifer Valente. I did Level 3 of this beautiful process a month ago and can highly recommend it. I’m currently reading a book called Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. Eben was a Neurosurgeon who spent a week in a coma with an incredibly serious brain infection. His brain literally shut down but he describes in detail his experience of the “Afterlife” and being bathed in love and light and experiencing “Heaven.”   He describes his expanded awareness of a reality beyond the physical world and the insight that 1) we are loved and cherished beyond our wildest imagination, 2) there is nothing to fear and 3) we can do nothing wrong. Eben came back to this reality with an entirely different outlook on life. His story is very familiar to anyone who has read about or had a near death experience but it’s amazing nonetheless.   As I was reading it I realised that the Light Dynamics that Jenn teaches and the Reiki that Nicole teaches (and other energy therapies)  are all ways to connect to that higher realm of love and light and bring that energy and insight into this physical world. When you work with energy on a daily basis, whether in meditation or healing you’re building a bridge between the realms. You are drawing down and anchoring that indescribable heavenly energy to earth and you’re actually making the world a better place. You can learn more about Light Dynamics or register HERE  Jenn has a couple of two day Level 1 Courses coming up on August 30th and 31st and Sept 6th and 7th   Also at Kindred Spirits this week (10.30am Thursday) we’ll be exploring Near Death Experiences, (NDEs) and viewing a couple of short videos of people telling  their stories. If you have a story to share we would love to hear it.   One more thing… We have the remarkable Christine Long doing Psychic Readings this Saturday and the very lovely and insightful Jade Moldovan on Wednesday. Call us to book a time. So that’s all for now. Have great week filled with love and light. Remember that you are loved, there is nothing to fear and you can do nothing wrong.  That way you don’t have to spend a week in a coma to know those things. 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