3 Great Ways to Detox for Spring

How lovely it’s been to have a little taste of Spring. It actually inspired me to get pottering in the garden. I might be a little premature but I’ve planted my seedlings and hopefully we’ll have lots of colour in a few weeks. There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and connecting with nature to de-stress.  I’ve always loved gardening but unfortunately I’m not very consistent. I will have a big burst of planting then I forget to water. I often say that I need a garden that thrives on neglect.    You probably know the saying that “how you do anything is how you do everything.”  I’m really good at inspiration, new ideas and starting projects.  I’m not so good with follow through and completion of things. I used to feel bad about that but now I accept that I have strengths and weakness and that’s OK. I’m getting better at delegating the follow through and the completion so I have time for the next new idea. That’s why I love self-watering pots and sprinkler systems on timers!   Our latest new idea was our VIP Pamper Party night last Friday. Actually it wasn’t my idea but I did help make it happen. It was fabulous.  The night was a little like Speed Dating for a Practitioner.  Everyone who attended had 4 short sessions with different practitioners and a beautiful guided meditation session. We even had the bubbly flowing. Here’s some feedback: “I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for organising such a special night. You really put so much effort into making the VIP Pamper Night special for us all. A huge thank you to all the practitioners who each provided a unique gift on the night.   Every session was wonderful in its own way, and a blissful combination.  Manuela’s group session created a special bond amongst the ladies in my group, and I’m still in awe of my chosen Angel Card which resonated strongly with me. My Psychic reading from the beautiful Jade was really insightful and surprisingly accurate.  I walked away at the end of the night feeling energised and confident about certain changes I can make in my life. I can honestly say that it was one of the most memorable Friday nights I have had in a very long time.  I cannot thank you all enough. Kind Regards,  Jodi. If you’re interested in being part of the next VIP night please let me know.  We’ll set a date soon.    In the meantime I want to talk to you about three very powerful ways to detox your body. We might even incorporate them into our next VIP night.  “What’s so important about detoxing?” I hear you ask. Well unfortunately we’re exposed to so many toxins in our environment that the detox systems that nature has provided us with are not keeping up with the demand. Our liver, bladder, bowel and skin are our body’s detox systems. They’re designed to work perfectly well if we only eat natural foods, only breathe clean air, drink pure water and put nothing toxic onto our skin.  They’re also designed to work effectively when we can relax regularly and we don’t get stuck in fight and flight mode.  As I’ve mentioned many times before, the hormones of stress are toxic and in combination with pollution, processed foods, (or even natural foods that contain pesticides and herbicides etc) medications and  toxic skincare or cleaning products most of us are in toxic overload. This makes the body acidic and creates inflammation.   A roomful of doctors was once asked if anyone to could think of a disease that didn’t start with inflammation at a cellular level. Not one hand went up. Inflammation is at the root of every disease! When you reduce inflammation you stand a much better chance of becoming or staying well. During the week I read an article saying that even depression is caused by inflammation. Believe it or not, when inflammation is reduced then depression lifts.  That’s means we need a huge paradigm shift in our approach to depression. I will tell you more about that next week.    Anyway, this week I want to tell you about 3 powerful ways to detox that not only clear out toxic chemicals, heavy metals and the by-products of stress, but they reduce acidity and reduce inflammation. That has to be a good thing. And for those of you who are a little body conscious, it’s useful to know that cellulite and excess weight are caused by toxicity so you might like to try our very cool detox treatments leading up to summer.   3 ways to Detox   1/ Ionic Foot Detox.  We continue to have fabulous feedback at Simply Natural Therapies from people who do this regularly. During the course of 30 minutes all the blood in your body goes through your feet many times. This Ionic Foot Detox draws the toxins out through your skin and provides an abundance of negative ions that are absorbed into your body to alkalise and energise you.  A 30 minute Ionic Foot Detox is $60 or ^ for $300.                      2/ Mud Bath.  Kath and I went to the Trade Show recently and got very excited about this mud. It pure peat mud from Czec ??  that draws toxins and heavy metals out of the body while you’re soaking in the bath. When the mud mixes with toxins from your body it becomes quite sticky. You can actually tell how toxic you are by the ring left in the bathtub. This stickiness will improve over time as your body detoxes. This mud has been used in European Therapy Spas for well over a century for ailments like arthritis, muscular pain, mobility problems, hormonal imbalance, skin conditions and neck and back pain. We have sachets in the shop to use at home. Here’s a photo of me in the bath!  This mud is $21.95 in our shop.                        3/ Far InfraRed Sauna. Our new Infra-Red  Sauna was installed yesterday!!  30 to 60 minutes in this dry heat Sauna flushes out sweat and toxins through your skin, increases circulation, metabolism, boosts immunity, and even increases white blood cell count. It rejuvenates the skin, reducing acne and cellulite, relieves pain, decreases inflammation and burns fat and calories.  Far-Infra Red frequencies are the the healing frequencies found in sunlight. Keep an eye on our website for more info. Our introductory price for InfraRed Sauna Sessions this week is just $15 for 30 mins.  The Sauna seats 4 people.           Call us now on 9842 7033 to make a time to Detox. If you have a health issue I highly recommend letting AnnaTalaj, our very experience Naturopath co-ordinate your treatment.  An Initial Consulation with Anna includes a 15 min Introductory Sauna Session.   Now take a look at the Right Hand column for lots of info on our other events, therapies and our exceptional practitioners  >>>>>>> Also scroll down to review us on Facebook and receive $20 off your next appointment, Have a happy, healthy week, Warm Regards, Alison Burton pioneering the future of healthcare Simply Natural Therapies 41 Tunstall Square East Doncaster VIC 3109 03 9842 7033 info@simplynaturaltherapies.com.au www.simplynaturaltherapies.com.au TAKE OUR HEALTH ASSESSMENT TAKE OUR 30 DAY WATER CHALLENGE SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE HEALTHY PREGNANCY AND BIRTH TOOLKIT VIEW OUR WELLNESS WEBCAST  on our Secret Remedy for Health