The Magic of Dreams in the Eyes of Crystal Children and Three Fears

Article by Sheryn Gung

Specializing in Children of the New Earth and their Ascension

For the majority of last term at Crystal Girls, we studied the Key Lessons of the self-development novel, “The Autumn Year” (written by yours truly). One particular class stands out in my mind – when we explored self-esteem to correspond with Key Lesson #4: Love and Accept Yourself.

I sat in a circle with the girls and started off by asking what they didn’t like about themselves – and no one was allowed to comment or pass judgment. An exercise in reverse psychology, I didn’t focus on these negative traits– the point of the exercise was so each young teenage girl could hear everyone else’s insecurities, and may come to think that her own is not so significant after all.

We then spent some time going around the circle, telling each other what we did love about ourselves, followed by what we loved or admired about each other, so each student would gain some perspective as to how her friends saw her. Now, I don’t always participate in games in the class (especially the Animal Game – a variation on musical statues – which the girls have loved since they were around nine and still love to play for some strange reason!) However, they wanted to include me in the circle and I listened to them quip, “I love you because you’re the coolest teacher” and “You’re just the best – you laugh at everything and you’re calm” – comments that I’m still very happy to be receiving after teaching for so long. What one student said she admired about me was different from her friends… and it was both dumb-founding and humbling. (This same student had also presented a talk on Crystal Girls at her school, citing me as the person who inspires her – another very humbling moment!)

This student said she admired me because I apparently didn’t care what anyone else thought (which is not true because I’m sensitive, but I don’t let it get to me!) and I had turned my passions into my life and my career. She told me she admired me for this because it took a lot of courage to pursue dreams… and I realised I may have been one of only a handful of adults in her world who did just that.

I learnt long ago when I first started coaching children that little ears hear and little eyes see things that aren’t always intended for them. It seems in this case, the girls have picked up on some subtle messages from me, and thankfully they are positive! While I feel blessed for my opportunities and have had success in the healing/spirituality field, television, writing books, and have even been a cover girl of a magazine, I don’t talk much about the rest of my life in class. Through doing what I love and what comes naturally to me, I have implicitly given permission to members of the next generation to pursue their dreams, as well as given proof that you can make your passion your career.

I say to my clients and people who come and see me at talks, that the realization of your dreams is the greatest gift to yourself and the world. I have never met a conscious person whose Life Purpose did not benefit greater humanity. Still, so many people are plagued with fears and insecurities when it comes to taking the plunge and rescuing their long-abandoned dreams. These fears usually are presented as three faces:

  1. Fear of financial insecurity
  2. Fear of lack of support
  3. Fear that you’re not good enough.

If you’re a parent or work with children, I highly recommend addressing these barriers that may be preventing you from doing what you love. In other words, if you can’t live your dreams for you, live it for them. A great place to start is to take on a life or business coach or a counsellor… and you may come to the same realization as some of my clients have – that your dream has an energy of its own and it’s not necessarily about you or your fears. Your dream positively contributes to the New Age that’s arriving – you are simply the vehicle.

Fulfilling your Life Purpose – whether it be in natural health or as an artistic entrepreneur or anything else your heart desires – is crucial so you may “walk in alignment with your Truth” as my guides say. As much as you want your children to be happy, they want you to be happy as well – and for most of us, that means taking the risk to see our dreams come into fruition. Is it worth it? Absolutely – if only for the chance to deliver the subtle message of “dreams in action” to the little people in your life, and be someone they can aspire to.

Long after children grow up and no longer believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, they still need something to believe in. That something is the magic of dreams and their power to consciously create.

©Sheryn Gung