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I hope you’ve had a good week.  We had a big day in the shop on Saturday with our Stocktake sale and yesterday Kath and Leah were very busy taking stock of all our stock.  It’s a pity the end of the financial year isn’t as much fun as the end of the calendar year. I hope you have a very Happy New (Financial) Year anyway.

This week I started reading Dr Joe Dispenza’s new book, “You Are the Placebo.”  Wow, what a fabulous book.  Dr Dispenza recently ran a weekend workshop here in Melbourne and I’m sorry I missed it. His work is based on the science of mind-body healing.  In 1986 Dr Joe was competing in a triathlon. During the cycling segment he was hit by a car that was going about 55 miles an hour. He was catapulted into the air and landed squarely on his backside causing serious compression fractures to 6 of his vertebrae. Shattered fragments of bone threatened to sever his spinal cord. According to his doctors, without surgery to stabilise his spine with rods, paralysis was inevitable.

Dr Joe had a firm belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and against the advice of a whole team of doctors and specialists he decided not to have the surgery. He went and stayed with friends and devoted at least two hours twice a day to clearly imagining his spine healing. He inwardly reconstructed each vertebra in vivid detail. He was a chiropractor which I’m sure helped him to visualise normal vertebrae more accurately than most people.

It took him 6 weeks to be able to visualise the whole reconstruction process without getting distracted or having any negative thoughts.  From that moment on he had a sense of inner peace and discovered that he could hold his concentration and recreate the process easily and more quickly each day. He also clearly imagined doing things like walking on the beach or sitting having dinner with friends with a fully functioning body. Over and over, he mentally rehearsed being perfectly well.

Nine and a half weeks after the accident he got up and walked! No surgery, no body cast. At 10 weeks he was back at work. At 12 weeks he was lifting weights. Now, 30 years later, he says that he has hardly ever had back pain.

Because of his own experience Dr Joe became very interested in spontaneous remissions where people healed from serious diseases without traditional medical treatments. He discovered that each case of spontaneous remission relied on a strong element of mind. It became Joe’s quest to find the scientific explanations for these miracles.

Now, science shows us that when we visualise something vividly enough our body reacts as if it’s actually happening. This is what creates the placebo effect. Our thoughts trigger emotions, which trigger neurochemicals, cause neurons to fire and hormones to be released. This triggers receptors on the cell walls, which trigger genes to switch on or off. Thanks to this chain of events we can alter our genes and even the structure of our body. As I’ve said many times, our mind powerfully effects our body. And when you go looking, there are countless examples of the way the mind can create dis-ease and how it can heal dis-ease.  Dr Joe’s book is overflowing with case studies.

So if a dis-ease already exists why not reverse engineer it?  Why not identify the thought that’s created it and change your mind? Over the years I’ve worked with dozens of clients who’ve reversed a chronic disease by clearing old toxic emotions.  When the thoughts, and the energy field that’s created by those thoughts, are cleared then the cells that exist in the new, healthy energy field can become healthy.  I find it really exciting that the new science of epigenetics (how the environment and the thoughts effect the DNA) and psycho-neuro-immunology (how the mind effects the nervous system and the immune system) is now able to explain the magic of mind-body healing. I seriously believe THIS is the future of healthcare rather than more drugs and more surgery.
In Dr Joe’s book he quotes some truly amazing examples of people healing from Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s and even cancer within a very short time simply by changing their mind. This week at Kindred Spirits (10.30am Thursday) I’ll lead everyone through his 60 minute Healing Meditation. I can’t promise anything but come with an open mind and be prepared for miracles.

I know I could get myself into trouble with “the powers that (used to) be” by saying that you can heal from incurable diseases but I don’t think we can deny it any longer.  If you haven’t yet watched the video of Anita Moorjani’s TED talk “Dying to be Me” then take a look at it today. Anita had Stage 4 Lymphoma.  I know I’ve nagged you before to watch this video but I really want you to know that anything “incurable” that has EVER been cured is no longer incurable. It’s just that mainstream medicine doesn’t have the cure. In Anita’s case the cure was experiencing unconditional love and letting go of fear.

So, this week I want you to “meet” the wonderful Kara Kovacs, our Medical Intuitive.  I know it’s not good advertising for the owner of a Natural Health Centre but I recently had a rather nasty bladder infection. As nutty as it might sound Kara suggested I talk to my bladder and ask it what was wrong. Now typically a bladder infection is about being p****d off about something but I immediately got the answer that it was over-stretched.  It was basically telling me to stop doing so much and rest. I took its advice and have had some gorgeous Sound Healings (thanks Tamsin), Crystal Light Bed Sessions, a weekend away, saunas and sleep-ins.  And even I’m off to Bali in a few weeks. I’m pleased to say my bladder is much happier with me and I’m happy I listened to it.

So What is Medical Intuition?
According to Kara, Medical Intuition is the art of healing to make whole so that life is fulfilling, harmonious and abundant.  It accesses ancient and sacred wisdom and combines it with today’s modern quantum physics to understand what each body part communicates and its emotional link. By finding the ‘story’ of what has occurred it can help you to discover the lesson behind the problem in order to experience a new perception, and choose a new way of thinking and living.
Medical Intuition uses ancient tools and techniques to bring about healing and deep transformation.
How can medical intuition help you?
Understand what your body is trying to tell you through its dis-ease, aches and pains.
Reflect on the past and learn from it without regret.
It helps you access your innate wisdom, connect to your potential and see the ‘wow-ness’ of your self!

The sessions can also be deeply nurturing and relaxing where no conversation is required at all but the energetic shifts and self-realisation can occur with ease and grace both during and after the session.
These sessions are perfect for those who have health issue or those who long for peace, clarity and nurturing.
Kara is available for appointments on Saturdays.  Call us to make a booking.  9842 7033

So, that’s all for now. Take a look at the side column for our upcoming events and special offers. >>> This Saturday Christine Long is with us doing Inner Insight Readings so be quick to book an appointment,
Have an awesome week,
Warm Regards,
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