Two Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself

How was your week?  It’s been lovely to have some sunshine and slightly warmer weather.  Did you know we’re just about to have our longest night?  The winter solstice is this Saturday and so from Sunday onwards the nights will get shorter and it will summer again before we know it.  This weekend our Simply Natural Practitioners are having a Retreat and we’ll be celebrating the winter solstice by the open fire. I don’t think we’ll be dancing naked in the moonlight but I’m sure we’ll have fun.

If you can get hold of a copy of this month’s Living Now Magazine there’s a lovely winter solstice ritual that you might like to try.  Part of the ritual is about letting go of what no longer serves you as you blow out a candle, then sit in the dark and reflect on what you’re releasing, then you relight the candle and share a dream or intention for the future.  You can read Living Now online here. The ritual is on page 57-58

In terms of setting your intentions for the future, today I want to talk about using the Law of Attraction on a whole new level.  Last Thursday I ran a session at our Kindred Spirits group called “Reclaiming Your Joy.”  You may already be familiar with one of the exercises we did.  I handed out a worksheet of a wheel with 8 spokes. The spokes represent different areas of your life. The areas were; Family, Relationships, Creativity, Career, Your Body, Spiritual, Contribution and Your Home.  I asked everyone to mark on the wheel how much joy they get from each of those life areas on a scale of zero to 10.  Zero was the centre of the wheel and 10 was the rim.  Of course most of us had pretty bumpy wheels.

Now, instead of asking everyone what goals they had and what they might need to DO to gain more joy in the areas that were lacking, I asked them to simply imagine what life would be like if they felt Level 10 Joy in each area.  What might be happening in their life and how would that feel? Try it for yourself. Imagine feeling totally joyful about your work, feeling really fulfilled and happy, doing what you love and being really well paid. Imagine looking forward to Mondays. Let go of judgement and don’t listen to that inner critic. Just fantasize. Interesting hey? Or imagine feeling fabulous about your body. Joyful to be in your body with all of its amazing abilities and sensations.  Or imagine feeling 100% joyful about your contribution to the world and the difference you are making to others. Imagine feeling empowered and useful. You don’t have to picture the details just feel the feeling.

We did a short meditation to really get into the feeling of each separate spoke of the wheel.  I reminded them not to think about the details or HOW to create that goal but to simply imagine feeling joy in relation to that life area.  It was a really lovely exercise that opened up a whole realm of possibilities.

By co-incidence (is there any such thing?) over the weekend I started reading Danielle LaPorte’s book The Desire Map.  Well, Danielle has stolen all my ideas!!  Or, to be fair, perhaps those ideas are now in the ether and lots of us are tuning in to them.  Danielle talks about manifesting from the Soul by setting the intention of how you want to FEEL. She recommends letting go of the details and choosing the emotions and the feelings you want more of in your life.

Since the release of the movie The Secret most of us have played with the Law of Attraction and explored our ability to attract what we focus on. We’ve done our Vision Boards, recited our affirmations and written down our goals. Some of us have had more success than others.  I don’t know about you but I’m pretty good at creating parking spaces when I put my mind to it.

I do have to tell you a funny story about my magical ability to manifest using a Vision Board.  A few years ago I went through a period of a couple of weeks when I kept losing or breaking my reading glasses. I stood on one pair, sat on another, the little nose cushion thing fell off another and I lost a pair.  Luckily they were only cheap glasses but I was bewildered about why I was having so much trouble with glasses.  I eventually realised that I had a magazine clipping on the Vision Board I’d done two weeks prior that said “Throw away your glasses.”  My intention of course was to create 20/20 vision but my subconscious and the Universe obviously took the words literally and I ended up throwing away 3 or 4 pairs of glasses!

Anyway, getting back to manifesting from the Soul….   When you set your intention for “things” to show up in your life, like a new car, house, job or boyfriend then you really have no control over how those things will make you feel.  I worked with a Dentist once who had just bought a new Porsche.  He was depressed and hoped that the car would make him feel better.  It didn’t.

When you deliberately set the intention, however, about the FEELING that you want then you open the doors to all sorts of wonderful ways that feeling could manifest in your life.  Last Friday night my husband and some friends went to a local play. In the play a 10 year old was asked a number of times what he wanted to be when he grew up.  His answer each time was “Happy.”  It certainly wasn’t the answer the adults were expecting but what a great ambition, hey?

So how do we reclaim our joy and be happy?  Firstly, decide to set that intention.  When you decide to be happy you take responsibility for your own internal state regardless of what’s happening externally. When you’re struggling with some kind of negative situation or emotion, whether its despair about the state of the world, or frustration that you burnt the toast, then there are two really powerful questions to ask yourself;  1/ How would I like things to be? 2/ How would I like to feel? By simply asking yourself those questions your internal state will magically shift.  You will automatically feel a little happier.  And by magic, that thought of feeling better is projected into the future, it energetically steers you towards joy and manifests itself.  How simple is that?

During the coming week, stay connected to how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling less than joyful then, to quote Abraham-Hicks, choose a better feeling thought and you’ll send a Rocket of Desire into the Universe and that better feeling is what will create your future.  As an added bonus at the same time leave you interrupt the negative thought or feeling and you suddenly feel happier in the present moment, even if the toast is burnt.
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