Women Unleashed

Article by Alison Burton

I was talking to a friend recently who told me something that resonated so deeply within me that I was taken by surprise. My friend is working on a TV show and she had been interviewing a Native American Shaman. He told her that 2012 is the year for female elders to call gatherings. It is the time for feminine energy to be summoned forth and become stronger. As soon as she said this I had tingles from head to toe. I had been thinking about organising a lunch for fellow Natural Health practitioners, most of whom are women. I wasn’t really sure why I had been so drawn to organise the lunch but I had a strong sense that it was important to connect and support each other. The image in my mind was that the “Lightworkers” on the planet are like little dots of light, and the healing centres that we have established are clusters of light. It felt like it was time to create strong and positive connections between all the dots and by doing so,we could light up the world. My friend’s message from her Shaman was a powerful confirmation of my thoughts.

We held our first Lightworkers’ Lunch on International Women’s Day, with Tracy Bartram and Living Now’s Elizabeth Jewell as keynote speakers. The theme wasabout empowering and connecting women to enhance the heart energy on the planet. Feedback after the event was a fabulous, with lots of people asking when the next one would be held. During the afternoon we talked about the fact that for thousands of years the world has been dominated by male energy. This has led to remarkable achievements in science, technology, industry and commerce. As much as I try to avoid stereotyping, it’s probably true to say that men are typically the adventures, explorers and inventors. They strive for bigger, better and further reaching goals. They can be very driven and competitive. Women on the other hand tend to be the connecting force in a community. They hold families together, organise the social events and nurture the weak or the sick, the children and the elderly. They are the glue in a society.While men stretch the boundaries, women hold us together.

With male energy dominatingmost cultures in the world, some serious problems have arisen. Although we have aircraft and technology connecting the people on the planet, the female energy that nurtures us and holds us together has been suppressed. We have put power and profit ahead of people. We are still struggling with war, poverty, pollution and disease. According Dr. David Hawkins, author of “Power versus Force,” we haven’t yet reached the first rung of human evolution since we have not solved even the most basic problem of world hunger. The imbalance of power has taken us on a path towards destruction. As many ancient cultures have indicated, we are now in a time of great change and female energy is re-awakening.

The Mayanshave aprophecy of the Eagle and the Condor uniting. The Eagle represents the masculine energy of the intellect, and the Condor is the female energy of the heart and the intuition. The union between the two is said bring peace to the world. Drawings on the Prophecy Rock of the Hopi Indians refers to a choice between two paths that humanity could take; one of greed, comfort and profit, represented by a drawing of a head disconnected from the body, and the other is the path of love, wisdom and compassion, with a drawing of the head attached to the body and therefore connected to theheart. It is said that this path leads to peace, healthand prosperity. The other leads to calamity. The Hopi Indians say thesechoices apply personally and collectively.

Of course uniting male and female energies and creating this kind of change won’t happen by doing things differently within our current paradigm. It won’t happen because of pay increases for women or changing legislation about equality. It will only happen as a result of awakening our heart energy and our intuition. As Tracy Bartram said at our lunch, it’s about each of us connecting with the divinity within. We need to “be the change” that we want in the world and actin integrity in everything we do. This means that we all mustshine the light on our dark side and do the work on a personal level to clear our fears, limiting beliefs, judgement and shame.
I recently woke early one morning andthe words, “Women Unleashed,” popped into my head. Those early hours are the time when my mind is quiet enough for my Angels to talk to me. I imagined what my life would be like if I was totally free of fear. No more worry of what people might think of me, free of wondering if I was good enough, or if I belonged. No fear of failure or lack. Imagine if all women were unleashed. Fully empowered and confident. What if we were all at peace with ourselves? No more self-doubt because our thighs were too fat, or our breasts too small, or we didn’t feel smart enough. Imagine how much time, energy and money we could save if we stopped feeling bad about ourselves and got on with the job of living our purpose. I love the thought of “Alison Unleashed.” Try it on for size and see if you can grow into it. It feels so freeing and powerful.
An interesting thing about living from the heart and letting go of judgement is that it also means making peace with the men on the planet. It’s vital that we don’t compete with them or condemn them in any way. I loved Elizabeth Jewell’s contribution to our lunch discussion when she said all we need to do is be radiant. When women radiate love and light then men soften. If we are truly at peace within ourselves they no longer need to fight for, or provide for, or protect us.They can let go of their fear and simply hold the space for us to be even more radiant. Elizabeth’svery powerful message was to let go of all the old stories, resentment or blame and simply smile from the heart at the men in our lives. Even the strangers we pass in the street. When women take the first step and becomeempowered, confident and radiant, then men can feel safe and hold the space for women.Imagine a world where both men and women honoured each other and honoured their differences. Now that has the potential to light up the world.