What’s Your Default Setting

I hope all is well and that you remembered to be mindful from time to time through the week.  Last week I talked about bringing your attention to the present moment as a technique to clear anxiety or depression. I actually remembered to practice what I preach this week and I found it a fantastic way to shift how I was feeling.   Mind you, this week was a great week for me. It was my 60th birthday on Sunday and I was very spoilt. My daughter Leah surprised me with a book she had printed with all my weekly Newletters for 2014. It was amazing!  I can now officially call myself a published author even though there is only one copy. And.. My fourth CD was released last week which is also a very proud moment. This one is for childbirth. I trialled it on a customer who came into the shop a while ago, who was pregnant. She came back in after the baby was born to tell us that she had a homebirth. The baby was 11lbs and she was a tiny woman. She said the birth was amazing. She was so relaxed and had no problems. Not even a stitch!  You can purchase the CD HERE  if you’re having a baby or know someone who is pregnant.  I would love you to spread the word. Whether you’re pregnant or not, having the ability to choose your thoughts and feelings is such a powerful stress management technique. I remember listening to an audiobook by Wayne Dyer many years ago and he was talking about driving his kids to school in the morning. He has 8 children and like in most families the mornings were crazy. His kids would fight, they’d run late, the traffic would be a hassle etc. etc.  He said he would notice himself getting stressed and then he’d turn on the CD player in the car. He would played Amazing Grace very loudly and say to himself, “In any moment I can choose peace.”  What a wonderful thing to be able to do hey? To choose peace regardless of what’s going on around you.  Of course it can be a challenge to choose peace if you don’t know what it feels like. Many people have been stressed for so long they think it’s normal. It’s their default setting.  Their mind and body have forgotten how to relax. I love guiding people into hypnosis or meditation for the first time and helping them to experience that deep peace. They often come out of that experience and say that they’ve never felt so relaxed.  They find that regularly experiencing that deep relaxation begins to have a ripple effect through their life. As the feeling of deep relaxation becomes more and more familiar, it becomes more accessible and then peace becomes a choice.  One client told me that all she had to do was think about sitting in my recliner, listening to my voice and closing her eyes and she’d relaxed.  With practice, over time, peace can become your default setting. This can create an interesting shift in people’s lives in a paradoxical sort of way.  You would expect that “Stress Management” would be about learning how to manage more and more stress but it’s actually the opposite.  What can happen is that your mind and body discover that they prefer relaxation and your tolerance to stress, busyness, rushing and negativity is reduced.  You actually become more sensitive to other people’s stress and it doesn’t sit well. To use the terms of Energy Healing, your vibration raises and you don’t feel so comfortable with low vibration energy any more. Sometimes relationship and friendships and career choices change when people discover how good peace feels. I had a client recently who said that he was starting to notice how stressed his wife was most of the time.  Through our sessions he’d acquired the ability to choose peace and he could see that she was feeling irritable and overwhelmed simply because she didn’t know she had a choice. No-one had ever taught her the techniques to choose how she felt.  His stress threshold had actually lowered and his stress levels and hers didn’t match any more.  When he was a “Stress Head” they were a perfect match but not anymore.  I suggested he send her along for a session or two. I had another client recently who said he had to pretend he was stressed at work. If he appeared calm and happy the boss assumed he wasn’t working hard enough and would give him more work.  It’s seem that our culture expects us to be stressed but I actually think it’s time we reclaimed our right to be calm and happy.  Learning how is actually very simple. I recommend starting with a weekly session that will give you the experience of really letting go and relaxing so your mind and body know what you’re aiming for.  Last night I attended our Sound Meditation class and we all zoned out in bliss for an hour. It was gorgeous to just lie down an feel nurtured. At Simply Natural Therapies we offer a smorgasbord of ways to experience that deep relaxation. Reiki/Energy Healing, Relaxation/Aromatherapy Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Hypnosis, our Far Infra-Red Sauna, a Crystal Bed session, an Harmonic Healing, Yoga or listening to a Meditation CD can all begin to retrain you so that relaxation becomes your default setting. Once that happens, I guarantee you, life is soooo much better. SPECIAL OFFER This week when you book a 60 or 90 minute Relaxation or Lymphatic Massage, Reflexology/Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Energy or Sound Healing or a Crystal Bed Session you’ll recieve a FREE copy of my CD Deep Relaxation for Health and Happiness (valued at $24.95) Here’s what one mum emailed me about this CD….  Hi Alison, Just thought this would make you smile! Tonight my daughter who is 6 was listening to my iPod, I was watching her, she started closing her eyes and laid on the couch. After 15 or so minutes she sits up and says “mum your music is awesome, I feel so amazing and happy”. Curious to hear what music she listened too, I looked at the iPod and it was you, it was from the CD you gave me when I saw you a couple years ago!!!! How awesome is that!!! You totally relaxed and empowered my daughter!!! She wants to listen again after school tomorrow!! Thank you so much!!   TF You can actually purchase that CD HERE if you would like to feel “amazing and happy” too.    . That’s all for now. Take a look at the Right Hand Column for information about our upcoming Weight Loss Seminar, Introduction to Chakras Seminar, Connecting to Your Intuition Card Reading Workshop and more >>>>

Have a happy, healthy, mindful week, Warm Regards, Alison Burton pioneering the future of healthcare Simply Natural Therapies 41 Tunstall Square East Doncaster VIC 3109 03 9842 7033 info@simplynaturaltherapies.com.au www.simplynaturaltherapies.com.au