Time for a Revolution

How has your week been?  I’m currently in Queensland and officially on holidays but as you probably know I’ve always got something to say about various issues related to health and happiness and when I’m on holidays is no exception. Harry and I are staying at Palm Cove for a week and our daughter, Leah, flew up on Sunday to join us for a few days. 

If you’ve ever been to Palm Cove you’ll know how unusual and gorgeous it is. The main street, which is the Esplanade along the beach, is lined with gigantic, ancient Melaleuca trees that are over 500 years old. The buildings, which are mainly restaurants, are built around the trees, the road is winding and paved and the nature strips are beautifully landscaped with lots of tropical plants.  There’s a height restriction on the buildings so when you look back at the town from the pier all you really see are the huge palm trees and the Melaleucas.

It’s a great example of living in harmony with nature. If you ever feel like hugging a tree, Palm Cove is the place to do it. Being here has made me even more aware than usual of how important it is to honour our relationship with nature.

At the airport I picked up a copy of Russell Brand’s new book Revolution.  I actually bought it for Harry but couldn’t resist reading it myself. Now Russell Brand is a very out-spoken man and he writes the way that he thinks which is a bit like Robin Williams on steroids with no filter.  The swear words come thick and fast so please don’t read Revolution if you’re sensitive to bad language and frustrated by writing that goes off on tangents. The term “verbal diarrhea” comes to mind. Russell’s writing is shocking, insightful and often very funny.

The powerful message in the book, however, is what appeals to me and that is the call for a peaceful revolution to put an end to the corruption and inequality on the planet and bring us back to harmony with nature.  The cover spells the EVOL in Revolution backwards. The call is not just to come back to Nature nature but back to our true nature as human beings.  What constitutes our true nature, of course, is open for debate but like Russell I believe that it’s LOVE.

When we switch off the left hemisphere of our brain like Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor describes in her amazing TED talk, or when we have a Near Death Experience (NDE)  like Anita Moorjani, then we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all connected and that our true nature is kindness, fairness and love. We only resort to greed, violence, addictions and other negative behavior when we’re disconnected from this aspect of ourselves.

Now Russell quotes a very clever metaphor from Oxfam that says a bus with 85 of the world’s richest people would contain more wealth than half the world’s population. That’s 3.5 billion people! Of course being the comedian that he is, he paints a funny and ridiculous picture of squabbling zillionaires on a diamond encrusted bus fighting over who’s corporation is bigger, but the cold reality is that these people are controlling how things happen on the planet. They’re in control of the Governments, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, fossil fuel and the media and their Corporations are trashing the planet and our health. I’m not saying they are all bad people but all Corporations have a legal obligation to make a profit and there’s often human and environmental cost to making that profit thats not factored in at a shareholders meeting. Those people on the bus have a lot of power and they’re not in a hurry to change the current system.

So let’s imagine for a minute if these 85 people were to reconnect to Nature and their true nature.  I wonder what might happen if they suddenly realized that we are all connected and that our true nature is to help and support our fellow human being.  I wonder what might happen if that bus got blasted with a huge dose of Enlightenment and they woke up to what they are really responsible for.  What if they then all became Secret Zillionaires (like in the Secret Millionaire show) and took a look around for community projects and charities they could support?

Of course if they spread their wealth around they might lose their seat on the bus. But what if they all woke up at the same time and decided to contribute to making the world a happier and healthier place??

At the moment every Corporation has a legal responsibility to make profit for its  Shareholders. The cost to the environment or the wellbeing of the general public is usually not on the agenda.

But what if corporations were built around and in harmony with Nature like the restaurants in Palm Cove?  And what if they had to abide by something like the Hippocratic Oath of “First do no harm” instead of “Make lots of money”? I’ve got a feeling that would make for a much fairer, healthier, happier and peaceful world. And a sustainable world.

Did you know that 50% of the Great Barrier Reef has been destroyed in the last 50 years from the results of run off of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides from farmland? And according to the WWF the Earth has lost half its wildlife in the past 40 years. That’s seriously not OK in my book.

In the meantime I believe it’s our job to blast that bus and all its occupants with Enlightenment. Every time you meditate send the passengers on that diamond encrusted bus lots of love and light to wake them up and reconnect them with their hearts and their conscience.  According to Russell Brand the bullies in the playground need just as much love as the whimpy kids.

At the same time we need to challenge the systems that maintain the status quo.  Keep Corporations accountable, sign petitions, ask questions, change laws, question what you read or hear in the News. Ensure your State and Federal Representatives are actually representing YOU rather than the Corporations that fund their campaigns.

If you can, step outside the system. Grow your own vegies or buy local produce, take responsibility for your health so you’re less likely to need Big Pharma and be kind and generous to your fellow human being. (I personally love and support The Hunger Project, www.thp.org, and Simply Natural Therapies has supported them for many years.)
And let’s all visualize a better, fairer world where everyone’s basic needs are met so that we can all shine.  And let’s create it in harmony with nature.

So that’s all for now.  I’m off for a swim…

But before you go take a look at the Right Hand column….  This week we have Angela Paladin running a QiGong session for Kindred Spirits at 10.30am on Thursday, Geraldine Teggelove will teach you how to do an accurate card reading and connect with you intuition on Friday evening and Kara Kovacs is running an Introduction to Chakras Workshop this coming Saturday. Lots happening so give the office a call to book in,

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