The Miracle Of Energy Healing

How is everything with you?  I hope your week has been a little more relaxing than mine. I had a big week with clients and I also attended The Afterlife Explorers Conference last Friday,  Saturday and Sunday. Simply Natural Therapies (moi) ran their book stand so in the breaks I was busy selling books and during the talks I was held spellbound by what was being presented. 
I must confess that when I initially saw this conference being advertised I wasn’t sure if I was interested. Despite my open mind there are some things that still push the envelope of credibility for me. What really impressed me about this conference, however, was the vast amount of solid evidence regarding paranormal events, telepathy, pre-cognition, out of body experiences, near death experiences, UFO activity and much more. There were even a couple of Psychiatrists speaking. I loved it.
One of the presentations that fascinated me was Mary Rodwell talking about the sensitivity and psychic abilities of many children these days. She calls them Star Children. Perhaps you have a child who can read your mind, remembers a past life or an alien encounter. Mary has documented numerous stories that defy rational explanation. She said that parents of these children need to be very careful what they think! They can see straight though you and are wise beyond their years. Maybe these kids are here remind us to improve our ability to choose our thoughts. Since our thoughts become our reality that’s got to be a good thing. And just imagine in the future when today’s children are in positions of leadership and they are still reading minds. That will surely mean the end of deceit and corruption. I can’t wait!

Another speaker who blew me away was Caroline Cummings. Caroline told the story of her husband’s near death experience. Her husband, Gordon, had complications after a fairly simple procedure to regulate his heart rhythm. He ended up with pneumonia, blood poisoning, all his organs were beginning to shut down and he had a 0.5% chance of surviving. He was put into an induced coma and his life was literally hanging by a thread.  Of course Caroline was distraught.  She shared her thoughts, fears and anguish on Facebook and one of her friends decided to ask for help sending remote healing and prayers.

They scheduled specific times to send group healing to Gordon for 10 minutes or so 3 or 4 times a day. Caroline would sit with him and hold his hand during this time. She said that when the healings started she felt a huge blast of energy flow through her. She simply channelled love and light to her husband. Over the course of a few days his condition began to improve.

As the group continued the healings the word spread and the group grew. Gordon’s chances of survival gradually increased. The doctors and the lead nurse could see the improvements and the nurse began to suggest focusing the healing on specific issues. One day it was his heart, another was his lungs or his kidneys. After the first 48 hours feeling devastated Carolyn then let go of all fear and surrendered to whatever was for the highest good. She experienced an amazing sense of trust, hope, faith and surrender as she held the space for her husband.
Gordon continued to improve and despite being so ill and on so much medication it would have killed a healthy person he made a full recovery. He was actually standing at the back of the room during Caroline’s talk… very alive and well!

Now this is not the first time I’ve heard a story like this, and it’s not the first time I’ve talked about seemingly miraculous healings in the Enews but something about Caroline and Gordon’s story has me itching to know more. How amazing would it be to actually do a research project on how remote energy healing actually affects our physiology. According to Gordon’s doctor one of the very strange things in his case was that despite being critically ill and on so much medication his body did not become acidic. There was no acidosis in his blood stream or his body tissue. As far as I know that’s unheard of for someone who has blood poisoning, is in a coma and whose organs are failing. Caroline has written a book about her experience called “The Love of One.” It’s due to be released in April. I can’t wait to read it.

So Remote Energy Healing clearly works, we just can’t fully explain it yet. Before I launch into doing my PhD (just joking) on the Biochemistry and Quantum Physics of Energy Healing let me tell you about our free talk this Wednesday night. It’s called Mind Your Own Health. At Simply Natural Therapies we pride ourselves on “Pioneering the Future of Healthcare” and we truly believe that caring for our health needs to include a whole new way of thinking about health. It has to include caring for our mind, heart and soul as well as our body and it HAS to incorporate the invisible, non-physical aspect of our being.

So if you have a health issue like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia (or any other autoimmune disease), heart disease, weight issues or you’re just feeling run down then you may be trying to make sense of all the confusing and sometimes conflicting advice and information on how to take care of your health. If so then you’ll love our simple, natural and enlightened approach to better health. This 60 minute talk will put everything in perspective for you and give you a clear framework to manage your health.

We’ll teach you about the 5 keys to health and wellbeing and help to put you back in control of your own health. This session will be run by myself and our Naturopath, Anna Talaj.
Please join us this Wednesday February 3rd from 7pm to 8pm This is a FREE EVENT but bookings are essential. Call 03 9842 7033 or reply email.  Please let your family and friends know about it.  We would love you to share on  Facebook or forward this email.

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