The Gaps in Our Education

What gorgeous Autumn days we’ve had. I hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine over the past few days. This week I’ve had quite a few cuddles with my new granddaughter. She is the most delicious baby. My sad news this week is that our cat is not well and the vet told me yesterday that it’s time to let him go. He’s about 16 years old and we’ve had him since he was abandoned as a kitten at only a couple of weeks old. We had to bottle feed him in those first few weeks and of course he’s been part of the family since then. It’s a tough thing for us all to say goodbye and of course how do you explain it to a two year old who loves coming to Nana’s house to see the pussycat?  Life is full of beginnings and endings hey?

Now, this week is Education Week. Despite my typos and errors in this Enews I do have a bit of a thing about spelling correctly. I had to say something this week when the restaurant next door to our shop had 3 spelling mistakes on its blackboard menu. I didn’t think that Chilli “Muscles” were all that appealing. The chef told me that the girls who do the board all go to Uni and we decided that blackboards need to come with spellcheck.

Call me old fashioned but I do think that reading, writing and arithmetic are pretty important life skills. Many of the other things I learned in secondary school haven’t been of much use to me I must admit. I actually haven’t used too many quadratic equations or really needed to know what year China and Japan were at war. Most of the things that have been enormously valuable to me in life I’ve learned since leaving school.

I read an article on the gaps in our education recently and I am going to cheat today and quote it pretty heavily because they are all the things that we teach at Simply Natural Therapies and I’ve got a cat who needs some final cuddles once I send this.

“Happiness and Positive Living
Happiness is that natural state of being and positivity is the growth state. It’s even validated by science that happy, positive people live much longer than others.
60% of people rated happy and positive living as very important while saying they received very little formal education on this

Alternative Healing
Alternative healing covers the use of meditation, imagery therapy, energy healing and other modes of healing that create positive changes in our bodies and help reduce the probability of illness.

59% of people rated alternative healing as very important but they received very little formal education on this

Wealth and Abundance
Wealth and abundance covers skills on earning more income, entrepreneurship, developing healthy attitudes towards money, financial independence and more. It also covers gaol setting, dreaming big and living epic lives.

54% of people rated wealth and abundance as very important while saying they received very little formal education on this.
(A few years ago my husband and I took our three children and their partners to a weekend Seminar called Millionaire Mind Intensive by T Harv Eker. It was fantastic and it totally transformed the way we all managed money.)

Meditation covers the wide group of difference practices that lead to peace, stillness and “going within”. It includes mindfulness, creative visualisation, breath work, stillness, techniques like the Silva Method, or usage of apps like Omvana and more.

53% of people rated Meditation as very important but they received very little formal education on this

Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Growth covers practices that lead to greatest connection with one’s spiritual self. This includes deep states of meditation, enhancing intuition, dream control, practices related to connectedness, appreciation the divine and more

51% of people rated spiritual growth as very important while saying they received very little formal education on this”   Source:

The other things that were mentioned as gaps in the current education system were:
People Skills and Social Life
Goals and Manifesting
Love and Relationships (I’d include death and grieving)
Career and Entrepreneurship
Parenting and Family
Yoga and Energy Practices

I’d like to add a couple more to that list…

True Religious Education.
I’ve always thought that Religious Education should actually be a study of all the various religions of the world… an unbiased account of how they began and their basic teachings and practices. I actually think this would reveal far more similarities than differences and highlight the good things in each religion. This has the potential to significantly reduce conflict on the planet and create connection rather than separation and prejudice. I love the saying that “God is too big to fit inside one religion” so why not learn about them all. If you’ve read or seen “The Life of Pi” you’ll know what I mean. Did you know that the golden rule “Do unto others and you would have them do unto you” is at the foundation of every religion? What a different world we’d have if we all practised that.

Mind Management
This is what I spend most of my time teaching clients and they often say, “Why don’t they teach this in schools?’ Learning to choose your thoughts, understand your subconscious, manage your memories, enhance your ability to focus and concentrate and manage stressful and negative thoughts are all such important life skills. If you don’t control your mind it controls you.
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