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I hope you week is going smoothly. Did you know it’s Mercury Retrograde? It started last Monday and ends on June 11th.  In Astrology, Mercury Retrograde means that Mercury appears to be travelling backwards in relation to the Earth.

It can be a difficult time where issues from the past come back to be dealt with. It’s a time to reflect and sort through and clear out old clutter. It’s not a good time to start something new, commit to a new project or sign a contract. Miscommunication is often an issue during Mercury Retrograde and messages, emails and post can go astray. Technological, electrical or mechanical issues might occur. Computers can play up.

Yesterday I was at my daughter’s house and the fuse kept tripping when we put the heater on. Later in the day I started my car, it immediately stalled and told me it was out of petrol. I started it again and the tank was actually half full. Hmmm.

Although things can go annoyingly wrong during Mercury Retrograde, when you use this time to clear old issues they are cleared powerfully and permanently. That’s why I want to talk about weight loss this week.  On Thursday night we’re holding one of our very popular and very successful “Weight Off Your Mind” Seminars.

Weight seems to have been a bit of a theme for me during this past week. Last week I came across three things about weight loss that I want to talk about and although I personally haven’t had an issue with my weight for more than 30 years I do love to help people lose weight and make peace with food. We actually have a fabulous practitioner at Simply Natural Therapies who specialises in weight loss.

It’s of interest to me because remember what it was like being on the diet treadmill and counting calories. I did it for several years in my early twenties. The more I focussed on losing weight the more obsessed I became with what I was eating and the more weight I put on. It was nuts! On Thursday evening Manuela Picinich, our Weight Loss Specialist, will teach you the 3 key strategies I used to get off that diet treadmill and why I haven’t had a problem with my weight since.

Last week I watched an episode of Weight Loss Ward. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen it but it’s a reality TV show with very overweight people in the UK seeking medical treatment to lose weight. The show focussed on gastric surgery including stomach stapling, gastric bypass and inserting gastric balloons. It was pretty disturbing really. Having seen the fantastic results that Manuela gets with her Weight Loss Program and “Virtual” Gastric Banding with Hypnosis I found it difficult to watch those dangerous and invasive procedures when I know people can lose weight so much more simply and safely.

The next morning on Sunrise I heard Professor Tim Spector being interviewed. He’s the author of The Diet Myth and he was talking about a paradigm shift in our approach to weight loss. As you probably know I’m a big advocate of paradigm shifts in our approach to health as long as they shift us in the right direction. His point of difference is the idea of not counting calories but counting the variety and nutritional content of the food we eat. He recommends a really varied diet of natural, nutritious foods. ((He must have been reading my Enews. LOL)

Prof Spector talks about the importance of the variety of good gut bugs (probiotics) and the role they play in our weight and our health. A few years ago I mentioned some research that’s been done on…. brace yourself…. faecal transplants. This involved taking the faeces of overweight rats and inserting it into the bowel of skinny rats. They also did it the other way round and gave the overweight rats the faeces of skinny rats.

Guess what?  The fat rats became skinny and the skinny rats became fat!  Now before you go asking  your skinny friends for their poo there are some other far less yucky ways to get the right bugs growing in your gut. Firstly we recommend taking a really good quality probiotic. Not the supermarket variety that only has one or two strains. Naturopaths can actually prescribe probiotics that have up to 11 different types of good bugs. The more different strains the better. Fermented foods are also a great source of probiotics. Things like apple cider vinegar, kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and biodynamic yoghurt. It may be a good idea to chat to Anna Talaj, our wonderful Naturopath, to determine the best products for you, your body and your blood type.  If you haven’t met Anna, our Gut Health Guru, then take a look at this video we did recently. Meet Anna Talaj on Video

Of course getting the right probiotics into your system from supplements or food is one thing, keeping them alive in your digestive system and making sure they thrive is a different ball game. It makes perfect sense that the good bugs thrive on fibre and healthy, nutritious, natural foods and the bad bugs thrive on processed, sweet or starchy foods.  Just two days on junk food dramatically reduces the variety of gut flora and the greater the variety, the better your health and your weight will be. The variety of gut bugs is directly related to the variety of foods you eat. And sorry, that doesn’t mean 10 different varieties of ice-cream.

Now the other interesting thing I came across yesterday was a video on Weight Loss and Willpower by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. She says that the one big mistake we make with weight loss is that we rely on our willpower. She says that at best we have a maximum of 15 minutes worth of will power available to us in any given moment, and that’s on a good day. If you’re hungry, tired, stressed or distracted you actually have much less willpower. Relying on willpower to make good food choices and stick to it day after day, year after year is  a recipe for failure. She mentions some strategies to overcome this but she doesn’t actually mention what I’ve found to be THE most powerful strategy to change how to change the way you eat. That strategy is Hypnosis.

I know I’m biased because I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist but I love hearing the feedback from people after having Hypnosis for weight loss. A client recently said she had attended our Weight Off Your Mind Seminar a couple of months ago and she was now easily and steadily losing weight. She said was no longer interested in unhealthy foods and she was loving eating fruits and vegies and was listening to her body’s signals and eating exactly what she needed. It’s so simple when you know how to get the subconscious in board. I truly believe that trying to rely on willpower and not using Hypnosis and is the one biggest mistake that dieters make. Of course the same applies to smoking and other addictions.
If you’re sceptical or nervous about Hypnosis then all I can say is that it’s really safe, incredibly effective and beautifully relaxing. It’s a little like listening to affirmations while you’re in meditation but much more effective. If weight or food is an issue for you then the Weight Off Your Mind Seminar this Thursday is a really good place to start to clear that problem from your life.  And now during Mercury Retrograde it’s highly likely to clear it once and for all.  How good will that be??  You can BOOK ONLINE HERE

By the way, our new Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tamsin Russell, is offering $40 off your initial consultation valid until the end of June. She specialises in Stop Smoking and Addictions. 60 minute session are normally $140 and our Stop Smoking Program is normally $395, so call us today to book an appointment with Tamsin.

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