The Anxiety Epidemic

I hope you’re coping with the full moon energy at the moment. I normally sleep pretty well but when I have trouble I always look at what the moon is up to.  It’s usually full or close to it. Even though the statistics don’t really back it up many people notice they feel different around the full moon.

I guarantee that if you ask any midwife they will tell you that more babies are born during a full moon than at other times of the month.  Police and emergency services report that are often busier when it’s a full moon.  Many people feel more anxious when the moon is full.

Speaking of anxiety, I have to say that since we put out a call for volunteers for our Kinesiology and Anxiety Trial we’ve had a huge response.  We currently have enough participants for the Kinesiology trial but if you suffer from anxiety we would still love to hear from you and potentially offer you another modality.  We have a couple of screening questionnaires that need to be completed to determine if people are suitable candidates for our research trial.  SCREENING QUESTIONS   &  DASS (Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale)  You need to complete both and we will contact you.

The response so far confirmed for me the extent of the problem and how many people are struggling with anxiety.  It’s epidemic! I’m also aware of how many children are suffering anxiety and I’m really curious to understand why and how best to help.  This week I’m doing a talk for parents at a local Primary School called Keeping Calm with Kids.  I have a feeling I might need to do a follow up talk about Keeping Kids Calm. I’ve already had lots of enquiries from parents with anxious children

My guess is that childhood anxiety stems from multiple causes but whenever I’m asked to help a young child with anxiety my first step is to teach the child’s parents a process called SleepTalk for Children.  I’ve taught thousands of parents over the past twenty years. I first learnt this process when my children we young and it created a profound transformation in their behaviour and our family dynamics. I’ve seen it help anxious children amazingly quickly many times.

“So how does it work?” I hear you say?  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I know how powerful subconscious beliefs and conditioning are and when a child has negative or limiting beliefs about themselves or others or the world around them they can become anxious.

If a child doesn’t feel good enough or they don’t feel safe or loved at that deep level of the mind that can lead to anxiety, aggression, insecurity, shyness, school refusal, bedwetting…  a whole range of childhood issues.  It can even contribute to health issues like asthma, eczema and tummy troubles.

You might already know this but most of the core subconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us are established by the age of 7. When we’re little we totally believe what we’re told. We’re like sponges and we accept without question what we’re told. This can be very cute like my three year old grandson telling me with a very straight face that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”  He was bewildered when I laughed and I asked him who told him that. I did my best to set him straight.

On the other hand a child totally believing what they’re told can be heart-breaking. If, in the heat of the moment, a young child is told they’re a nuisance or they are not capable of something, or they’re rude or stupid they totally believe that. They create a core belief that they’re not good enough. To a vulnerable child this means they’re not lovable and they’re not safe. Their behaviour will reflect that fear.

I had a client a few years ago who had suffered from anxiety and all his life he had trouble sleeping.  In Hypnosis I asked his subconscious to locate the cause of the problem.  He became very emotional and recalled his mother telling him when he was very young that if he was a naughty boy the devil would come while he was sleeping and take him to hell! No wonder he couldn’t sleep.

Once we reach the age of about 7 we become more discerning about what we accept as true but by then the mind is already conditioned with our core beliefs.  I was shocked to hear recently that a Harvard Psychology study showed that 70% of the beliefs in a 7 year old’s subconscious mind are negative or limiting. That’s really disturbing.  Since our beliefs create our reality then it’s impossible to reach our potential and live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life carrying those negative, limiting beliefs.

As far as children go SleepTalk is definitely the most effective process I’ve come across to correct those beliefs.  It’s appropriate for children up to age of about 12 and is a very safe and powerful way to repair, rebuild and maintain a child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, optimism and resilience.  It simply involves talking to your sleeping child for two minutes eacg night in a way that accessing the subconscious and instils positive and empowering beliefs.

I’ve worked with thousands of parents over the past 20 years teaching this process and the results have been profound.  One example is a story of a 4 year old boy whose mum worked at night.  Every night as she was leaving he would cling to her and beg her not to go. He would often cry to the point of vomiting.  Within two weeks of doing SleepTalk this child walked his mum to the front door, kissed her goodbye and told her to have a good time at work. Those kind of stories give me such joy.

I recently recorded a 60 minute webcast to teach parents how to use SleepTalk with their children. It covers everything I normally teach to parents in a private consultation but is now accessible online. You can CLICK HERE for more information or to purchase this amazing program.

Once parents see the results they often ask me if it works with adults. It certainly does but adults can get great results with Self=Hypnosis, listening to Hypnosis CDs, having a session with one of our Hypnotherapists or doing our incredibly effective Rewire Your Brain Program.

We actually have numerous clinic services and classes that can help adults with anxiety including our 5 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course which is starting on March 10th, Yoga, Energy Healing, Massage… take your pick. If you’d like some guidance we’re more than happy to spend 30 minutes with you assessing your needs and working out a strategy to help you overcome your anxiety. Just complete the questionnaires at the links above and we’ll contact you.

That’s all for now.  Take a look at the Right Hand column for our upcoming classes and events.  We have some awesome events coming up. >>>>

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