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What beautiful balmy weather we’ve had lately. I hope you’ve had a chance to get out into nature and enjoy it.  I also hope that it holds out until this weekend. My eldest daughter, Michelle, is getting married on Saturday and I have asked the weather angels for a fine day. Michelle works in the shop on most Saturdays but I thought I’d better give her the day off this week. Leah, my youngest daughter and clinic manager, is one of her bridesmaids so keep an eye on Facebook for some wedding pics on Sunday.

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This week I want to talk about keeping your body fit and strong.  One of the quotes I really like from Dr Patch Adams’ book Gesundheit is in our brochure.  “Obviously, health is far more than a disease free interlude. To be healthy is to have a body toned to maximum performance potential, a clear mind exploding with wonder and curiosity and a spirit at peace with the world.”  Sounds good hey?

At our recent “Forgotten Secrets of Health” Seminar Wayne Matheson, exercise expert, gave us some great advice about fitness.  Now as my husband will tell you I’m not such a fan of exercise for the sake of exercise but I do like the idea of keeping my body fit and strong. One of things Wayne said at the Seminar is that you really only need to do 10 minutes of cardio exercise a day. That’s the kind of exercise that gets you puffing. It exercises your heart and lungs. At the Seminar Wayne actually had us all doing the Salsa. We did our 10 minutes of cardio exercise, without even realising it and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now that’s my kind of exercise.

Wayne also said that you need to build and maintain muscle strength to be truly well. Wayne has a set of DVDs to build strength with tubing. You can check them out HERE. Another really effective and rapid way to build strength is with Pilates. A friend of mine is an Osteopath. She often recommends Pilates to her patients rather than anything else because she can actually see and feel the difference in someone’s core strength after only a few weeks.  She says that Pilates gets the quickest results she ever seen.

Now I’m sure you know that exercise is one of the best things you can do for stress, anxiety and depression. Exercise burns up excess adrenaline and get endorphins flowing which is a really good thing. Believe it or not a healthy diet, regular exercise and managing stress downregulate the expression of 500 different genes that cause diseases like Diabetes Type 2, heart disease and cancer. This is something Pharmaceutical companies have not been able to achieve, and never will, no matter how many billions are poured into medical research. And what if being fit and strong could also make you emotionally stronger?

As you probably know I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection.  My theory is that your physical core strength and your emotional strength are connected.  If you have trouble standing up for yourself, holding your ground, being assertive or saying no without feeling guilty then maybe a good step in building your confidence and reclaiming your inner strength is to become physically stronger.

I‘ve often seen people’s posture change as they become more confident with Hypnotherapy or counselling. They start to stand taller, hold their chest out, shoulders back and head high. So what if intentionally changing your posture and strengthening your body caused you to feel more confident and empowered? I think it’s worth exploring.

If you’ve never tried Pilates then we run a class at 9.30am every Tuesday.
Here are 10 benefits of Pilates:

  • Improved posture
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Improved balance and      co-ordination
  • Help with prevention of      incontinence
  • Increased strength, muscle tone      and stamina
  • Injury recovery and prevention
  • Can be performed by all fitness      levels and age groups
  • Improved circulation and      breathing
  • Post-natal conditioning
  • Connects the mind and body

I suggest you take our 10 week Pilates Challenge and let us know how you feel. You can find more info about Pilates HERE

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Wishing you a happy and healthy week,

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