Is there life after death?

I hope you’ve had a great week.
My family had a wonderful weekend with my eldest daughter’s wedding
on Saturday.  Michelle and her gorgeous man, Andy, had our first grandson
18 months ago so of course little Mason was part of the proceedings.  He
was sooo cute.  I put some photos on our Facebook page if you’re
interested. .

My youngest daughter, Leah (our Clinic Manager) was Michelle’s Maid of
Honour.  I was so proud of my girls. And as you can see the Weather Angels
were very kind to us.

So while Michelle and Andy are off soaking up the sun in Queensland we have
another big week coming up in at Simply Natural.  I’m really looking
forward to hearing Scott Podmore speak at our Kindred Spirits Group on Thursday
morning.  Scott has written a book called Conversations with
Mediums.  He’ll share his experience of interviewing Mediums from around
the world, including John Edwards who is famous for his TV show Crossing Over.
Scott will also share the journey of changing his own beliefs about life after
death as he met with more and more Mediums and experienced first-hand the
existence of other realms.

Like Scott, I’ve always been fascinated by stories of the paranormal. I’m also
been fascinated by people who at first appear to be very sceptical but have
surprising stories to tell once the subject is opened up for serious
discussion.  It’s interesting that we have been conditioned to initially
ridicule anyone who sees ghosts or has a spooky story.  But when you
seriously start to share stories of extraordinary experiences it seems that
everyone has a story to tell.

When I was pregnant with my son and Michelle was a toddler we were staying at a
holiday house at Torquay with a group of friends.  It was a very old,
rambling, two story house. One evening everyone went to the Drive-In for the
evening. While we were home alone I swear I could hear footsteps
upstairs.  Our dog barked at the sound and I went upstairs several times
to check who was still home, thinking someone was playing tricks on
me.   No-one was there!

The next morning I told everyone about the footsteps and I was casually told
that the house was haunted and lots of people had heard the ghost over the
years.  I think if I’d known that beforehand I might have chosen to go to
the Drive-In rather than stay home alone.

Many of my family and friends have similar stories.  One friend told me he
actually saw a group of people in old fashioned clothes having a dinner party
in an old derelict building.  He was with a mate who also saw the people.
They thought it was a Murder Mystery night or something like that.  When
they briefly turned away and then looked back the room was entirely
empty.  Hmmm.  And no they weren’t smoking dope.  If you have a
story to share I would love to hear about it.

Now communicating with those that have passed over is another story.  As a
child my sisters and I would have séances and some fascinating and accurate
information that none of us knew would sometimes be revealed.

I worked with client a few years ago who was dying of lung disease.  I
asked her about her spiritual beliefs and she said she believed in life after
death but her daughter was a sceptic.  She told her daughter that after
she died she would leave a sign if she could.  My client died in hospital
with her daughter by her side. When the daughter arrived home she discovered
that all the clocks in the house had stopped working at the exact time of her
mother’s death.  That sounds like a sign to me.

Now, if so many people have so many stories, surely it’s time to open our minds
to the reality that we continue to exist after the death of our physical
body.  Quantum science in fact proves that our consciousness exists
outside our bodies and 8 million Americans claim to have had a near death
experience. One US hospital has put photos on the ceiling of the emergency
department that a facing the ceiling to seriously test the theory that consciousness
leaves the body when someone is clinically dead. Just like the paradigm shift
of humans accepting that the world is round not flat, or that bacteria exist
even though we can’t see them, it can take some time for mainstream thinking to
catch up with new science.  Just imagine though how reassuring it would be
to truly know that death is not the end.

Dr Eben Alexander is a man who knows for sure. He is a neurosurgeon who had his
own life transforming “near death experience” and describes it in detail in his
book Proof of Heaven. You can check a short video him out here
We’ll have his book in our shop soon so call us to put one aside for you
if you’re interested.

So if you’re ready to open your mind to the fact that there is much more to
reality than we can see then please join us on Thursday at 10.30am for Scott
Podmore’s guest appearance at Kindred Spirits or this Friday Evening at 7.30pm
for the Enlightening Channelled Wisdom session with our very own Psychic
Medium, Jennifer Valente.

I’ll also be sending a few separate emails about some events and
classes soon so watch your inbox.

Have a fabulous open-minded week,

Warm Regards,

Alison Burton

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