The Science of Treating Cancer Naturally

Well, I am happy to tell you I have passed my Cert IV Training and Assessment theory. Now for the practical bit. I have given myself til the end of September to complete that so wish me luck.

This Sunday is the Spring Equinox and we would like to warmly invite you to come along to the New Energy Festival at the Beaumond Hotel in Doncaster Rd. The Festival is from 10am to 4pm. There is more info at

Since the Equinox is a powerful time for magnifying what you think and feel, we decided that this week is “Gratitude Week” at Simply Natural. We would like to thank you for supporting our business, and thank you for letting your friends and family know about us.

If you don’t do so already then we suggest you keep a Gratitude Journal and writing at least five things at the end of each day that you are grateful for. This practice can powerfully change your perspective on life. Try it just for this week and do our best to really focus on all the good things in your life this Sunday. The Law of Attraction says that you get more of what you focus on, so be very vigilant with your thoughts.

Last week I got a couple of interesting emails. Dr Sarah Arkell, one of our Acupuncturists sent me a link to some new research on Acupuncture for cancer. According to The University of Minnesota and Medical College of Wisconsin, Acupuncture is effective in reducing tumour growth in bone cancer and was also shown to reduce lung metastasis when given at an early stage. The fact that acupuncture can reduce inflammation and regulate the development of new blood vessels may explain why. The other email was from my husband. It was about how exercise alters your DNA and how genes can be switched on or off by exercising.

That got me thinking about the other research that’s been done on natural therapies for cancer. Here are a few studies….

Prostate Cancer
One prominent US Doctor of Integrative Medicine (a combination of mainstream and natural therapies), Dr Dean Ornish, did a study with 92 patients with prostate cancer. He randomly divided them into a trial group and a control group. Dr Ornish established a Lifestyle Intervention Program. These men had early prostate cancer as confirmed by a biopsy and raised PSA. They had all chosen not to have treatment but to watch and wait and see if the cancer progressed. They were all monitored carefully throughout the trial. The study was to test the effect of lifestyle changes on the progress of their cancer.
The lifestyle intervention program included:
•A vegan diet (no animal products). Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and soy
10% of the calories were from fat
The diet was supplemented by soy (tofu), fish oil (3gm daily), vitamin E (400IU daily), selenium (200mcg daily), vitamin C (2gm daily)
•Exercise –Walking 30min 6 times weekly
•Stress management –Gentle yoga, meditation, breathing and progressive muscle relaxation.
•Support group of 1 hour weekly
It was found that stress management and support were vital for being able to make and maintain other changes.

The results at a 2-year follow-up showed:
–27% (13/49) patients in control group had gone on to require treatment because of disease progression
–5% (2/43) patients in lifestyle group had gone on to require treatment because of disease progression
The study also showed that:
Prostate cancer gene expression was down-regulated by lifestyle change in men with low-risk prostate cancer and that comprehensive lifestyle change increased telomerase activity. Telomerase is an enzyme that protects the DNA.

Believe it or not the Ornish Program now has Medicare Funding in the US. It also has remarkable success with reversing heart disease. Dr Ornish actually states that 99% of all coronary disease can be reversed by lifestyle changes. America however spends $100 billion a year on angioplasty and it has never been proved to extend life.

Stress Management and Melanoma
Another study involved 68 patients with early stage malignant melanoma. They were divided into two groups –Usual care vs. usual care plus stress management
•The intervention was 6 weeks of stress management
•Immune function monitoring showed that after being originally comparable, the stress management group had significantly improved by 6 months

Psychotherapeutic Support for Gastrointestinal Malignancies
A hospital-based psychosocial support program delivered to individuals showed that over twice the number of GI cancer patients were alive at 10 years if they had a psychotherapeutic intervention
(Hypnotherapy is the most effective psychotherapy we know of)

Stress and Genetics
Some interesting facts about stress are:
–Mental state effects genetic function
–High stress is associated with an increased number of genetic mutations
–The body compensates by increasing its DNA repair capacity
–Those who deal less well with stress have an impaired ability to repair DNA
–This has implications for the formation of cancer and other illnesses

Hypnosis and Cervical Human Papilloma Virus Infection
Both hypnosis and medical therapy resulted in a statistically significant reduction in total area and the numbers of lesions. At the 12-week follow-up, complete clearance rates were 5 to 1 in favour of hypnosis. HPV is a precursor to cervical cancer.

Should I go on?? I believe the key ways to prevent cancer are also the best ways to treat it.
1. Stop smoking
2. Eat fresh
3. Exercise
4. Detox your body and home
5. Manage your stress
6. Clear toxic emotions

It’s also important to know that a tumour is not really the main problem when it comes to cancer. By the time a tumour is big enough to be detected it may have been in the body for many years. A tumour is a sign that the body is not healthy enough to naturally clear the cancer cells that are in the system all the time. If someone with cancer has surgery or chemotherapy etc. and does not change their lifestyle to become healthier then it stands to reason that the cancer will return.

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