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How has your week been? With School Holidays upon us I hope you are able to take some time to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine. If you have a VCE student you might want to consider sending them to us for a massage this week. Its a fabulous way to keep them in a good head space.  There was an article in yesterdays Herald Sun about students turning to junk food when they are stressed.  A much better alternative is a regular massage, Reiki or crystal bed session. Keep it in mind between now and their exams.

Our “Week of Gratitude” last week seemed to create some pretty profound energy and our clinic and shop were busier than we have been for a long time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We have decided to extend it to a Month of Gratitude and continue to remember how blessed we are to be able to do the work we love for the people we love.

Are you a Facebook Fan?  I have become much more Facebook friendly lately and find it is a great way to share ideas. I especially love finding great posts and videos posted by people who share my passion about various things.  This morning I came across a video of a pig farmer in America who believes all animals should be treated humanely.  Take a look at the Paul Willis Story at

Paul says that when animals are relaxed they create better, more tender, tastier meat. When they are kept in confined spaces, suffer cruelty, are kept under artificial light and fed antibiotics then the meat is “tough, nasty and toxic.”  Babe would love this video. Perhaps not the going to market bit, but definitely the better lifestyle bit.

I know many people these days have chosen to be vegetarian but those of us that still eat meat often need to be reminded of where that meat comes from and the conditions under which the animals lived.

One of the things Paul Willis says is that if 5,000 dogs were locked into tiny confined cages, treated brutally and never saw natural light then there would be a huge public outcry. When it’s chickens or pigs being treated this way the majority of people turn a blind eye. It’s actually time we took a good look at where our food comes from.

I believe the quality of life of farm animals is important and I believe there is a lot more to consider when it comes to the effect of factory farming on our own health. This video reminded me of a Naturopath who worked with us a while ago who had actually documented the Lifeforce energy of different foods.

She said that different foods vibrate at different frequencies. Choosing foods and drinks that are high in strong life force will help in raising our own vibrational frequency. Conversely, eating many weak or low life force foods will drag our own energy levels down and affect our own vibration.

According to Gateways to Inner Peace “Foods that are in their natural state are the foods with the greatest life force. Obviously, freshly picked ripe fruits and vegetables would have a very high life force, especially if they are organic. Unfortunately, pesticides and other chemicals used in horticulture have a very low life force energy, however this should not deter you if you can’t buy organic.

Some other foods that are fairly high in vitality include products made with sprouted or wholegrains, nuts (not peanuts or cashews), wheatgrass, and other edible weeds and plants.

Blessing food will also raise its frequency.

Foods that have very low or even no life force will either not contribute to or even deplete your own vitality. These include things such as red meat, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and refined sugars.

Over-cooking food will deplete its life force, and dried or frozen food has no life force at all.

Also, individual tolerances are very important. Something that raises your vitality may lower the vitality of another, and if we eat foods that our bodies don’t tolerate well, this will also deplete our energy.”

I think it’s important to consider the whole story of where your food has come from. If you understand homeopathy you will know that water takes on the energetic signature of it’s environment. The same thing happens with food. An aura photo of particular foods will show how much lifeforce they have. Maybe its possible that the emotional state that a factory farmed animal experienced is also recorded in the meat that eventually lands on our dinner table.

If a meal is prepared with love it literally tastes better. It is of a higher vibrational frequency. Aura photography has shown this to be true.

It’s also worth considering where you water comes from and the Lifeforce (or lack of it.)   In the 30 Day Water Challenge (see below) I have a photo of some pretty disgusting rusty water pipes that drinking water flows through in order to get to the kitchen tap. That’s one reason I love water filters that ionize water. That means that these Water Filters clean up any electromagnetic contamination and restructure the alignment of the molecules to make the water more easily absorbed by the cells. This water is soft and creamy, has a higher lifeforce frequency, hydrates and energises the body better.

Upcoming Events

Lightworkers Lunch
…. a warm invitation to join me for lunch…..
Now after all that talk about food I would love to invite you to lunch. Let’s make it vegetarian hey? On Thursday Oct 10th from 12 noon to 2pm. Lightworkers are all those people who would like to make the world a better place. So let’s get together and share our thoughts, visions and hopes for a better future for our ourselves and our planet.  Bring $20 and a plate to share. RSVPing  is essential as we have limited space.

Group Healing Meditation
with Nicole Rigato
We only have 8 places left for this beautiful meditation. It is at The Pines Learning Centre at 7.15pm on Thursday Oct 4th. Bring a pillow and blanket and wear some white if you can. During this meditation we all lie on the floor with our heads towards Nicole’s Master Crystal from Brazil. The last session Nicole did for us was truly profound. BOOK HERE   Be quick as bookings will close really soon.

Stress to Serenity
with yours truly, Alison Burton
Part of my mission to make the world a better place is to teach people how to choose their thoughts, emotions and actions.  This 8 week course is always a wonderful journey for people to discover how much better life can be when you are in charge of your mind. I would love you to join me on this step by step journey to reclaim your joy in living and take care of your health.  CLICK HERE for more info and to see what is covered each week.  Commencing 7pm Monday Oct 7th for 8 weeks.

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Have a great week and may your food nourish your body, mind and soul,

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