Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Shifting Your Self Image

Artcile by Sheryn Gung

First Published in Insight Magazine- June 2011 www.insightmagazine.com.au

Brigid said nothing for a while and I started to notice a faint white cloud drifting in from the right side. I felt the white cloud overwhelm my face and head before settling into my heart. It felt comforting… familiar… Dad is here – I can feel him! Brigid broke the silence. ‘Ellen… hmmm… you have yet to accept who you are entirely… you have yet to fully love and accept yourself. Part of accepting yourself is accepting your weaknesses – things that you’re not good at; the person you’ll never be; grieving for lost dreams.’ She paused thoughtfully, like she was absorbing this wisdom herself. She continued. ‘The other part of self-acceptance – the… hmmm… nicer feeling part – is completely accepting your gifts; your Life’s Purpose; and what you’re here for!’ Brigid pounced in but I was ready this time. ‘Ellen! Own your magnificence! Love your authentic self! Release those comparisons and judgments that others make of you; that you make of yourself! When you love your authentic self, it’s so easy and natural for you to release your insecurities about feeling left behind. You will feel good about where you are because you know things are perfect as they are!’ As Brigid spoke, I saw a vision of a diary in the mirror. The padlock
was smashed and the pages flipped open before me. I saw images and felt sensations reminding me of all the wonderful things there were about me – how I was loyal to my friends… I was generally a peaceful, easy-going person… I asked for very little and found happiness in the minute miracles of nature. My heart swelled with appreciation and in that moment, I loved myself the way someone higher would love me… my angels, perhaps… or Dad…I wanted to stay in that bubble of love forever. When I eventually pulled away from the depths of enchantment, my reflection told me I had been crying. I couldn’t recall the last time I’d felt so whole and light.

* * * * * * *
If there is one piece of advice that angels consistently offer my clients it is to go easy on themselves. As Lightworkers in a world that often appears to be chaotic and harsh, we frequently find ourselves falling under the ego illusions of separation, lack and general ‘notgood- enoughness’. But what happens if we do, indeed, start perceiving ourselves the way that someone from a higher dimension would see us? We would see our flaws pale in comparison to our strengths and unique gifts; criticism, imagined or real, self-inflicted or externally-directed, would become little more than smears on the perfect canvas of who we essentially are: extensions of the Divine‘Mirror work’ as Louise Hay calls it, is one effective and often-used way to shift your self-image and boost your self-esteem. It usually is not as dramatic as Ellen’s practice, where she uses Brigid’s mirror to scry and see clairvoyant visions (this element of the Snow White fairytale is a genuine psychic practice!) However, the results can be just as profound. Mirror work is usually coupled with stating some affirmations. For most people at the start of their spiritual journeys, looking themselves in the eye and declaring, ‘I love you’ is a challenging exercise. I had very low self-esteem as a child and young teen, and thought that I was ugly amongst other things. Before I even learnt about affirmations, my angels guided me to this practice and made me say to the mirror, ‘You are the most beautiful girl in the world’. Now that may be far from the truth, but over time, this practice helped me shift my self-perception and see myself through a ‘new’ pair of eyes.  Where can you start with mirror work? The bathroom mirror is always good, or perhaps your bedroom mirror. If you are female, cleanse the make-up off your face so your skin is bare; if you are feeling courageous, stand completely naked in front of the mirror. Forget about the wrinkles; the dry skin; the adult acne; the wart underneath your chin that you are self-conscious of. See yourself objectively…and smile. Tune

into what your heart is telling you about the person staring back at you; tap into how you feel. If you are feeling uncomfortable, acknowledge that, then affirm, ‘I allow myself to feel comfortable in my own skin’, or any other affirmation that feels right for you. Keep working with this basic affirmation until it feels natural and true for you: this may take several days or weeks or months, and that is perfectly okay. In time you may want to change your affirmation to ‘I love you’, or a declaration of a desire you wish to manifest such as, ‘I am in a loving soul-mate relationship right now.’How often should you talk to yourself in the mirror? As a minimum I recommend once daily; however, I know of some people (including myself) who state an affirmation or mouth ‘I love you’ almost every time they see themselves in the mirror. Keeping up with a healthy self-esteem practice such as mirror work is a great way to shift a negative self-image and ground yourself in the truth of who you are. Perhaps one day your reflection will also tell you that you have been crying…from deep appreciation and love for who you are and in acknowledgment of how far you have come along on your journey.

Sheryn Gung specialises in the children of the new earth and their ascension. She is the author of ‘The Autumn Year’, a self-development novel for children in their teens and early 20s. She is a natural health practitioner and TV presenter. www.EarthDream.com.au

* The second part of a three part series with excerpts from ‘The Autumn Year’ , used with permission from EarthDream Publishing.