Itchy, Sneezy and Grumpy?

I hope you’ve had a great week. Summer certainly did come with a vengeance yesterday even if it was brief. I must say I prefer to be hot than cold any day but high 30s is a bit extreme.

This week I’m busy preparing for our Eat, Pray, Love Retreat which is this weekend. I’m very excited because the last one we ran in June was just gorgeous. We’re heading off to Pallotti College in Milgrove which is just before Warburton. This Retreat is fully booked but if you’re keen to join us in March you can find out more and/or book HERE.

Over the past week Harry and I have been watching a 7 part online documentary series on Autoimmune Disease called Betrayal – The Autoimmune Disease Solutions They’re Not Telling You. It’s been wonderful. I spent the day yesterday finalising and editing my new Webcast Video called “Mind Your Own Health” (I’m very proud of new newly found video editing skills) and it was very heartening to see that a lot of what I’ve covered in the Video is discussed in detail in this series. There are so many basic, natural, common sense things we need to be doing to reclaim our health that conventional medicine doesn’t deal with.

There’s also some magic in natural therapies that conventional medicine doesn’t yet understand. Take, for example, a story from Carolyn about her and her daughter’s hayfever. Carolyn is our Kinesiologist as here’s what she has to share….

“I recently worked on my daughter’s hay fever, which was particularly bad this season, after learning a new technique for allergies. We went into the garden and collected blossoms and grasses for testing and then to the local park, where we take our dogs for a run. There are many wattle trees there. The other thing I got Maddy to do was blow her nose and put the tissue into a zip lock bag. Yes I know, YUCK, but the reason is that many offending pollens and irritants get caught in the nasal mucous.

We muscle tested each individual blossom and grass to find the culprits and then I held some acupoints to correct the energy imbalance. Maddy has not had any of the nasty symptoms of hay fever since. She’s thrilled not to have the irritation of an itchy throat and ears and itchy watering eyes and nose. I’ve also worked on myself and had the same relief.

Of course we can’t claim to cure Hayfever but if this technique is something you’re interested in trying all you need to do is bring in some samples what you suspect you’re allergic to. Just pop them into zip lock bags and label them as best you can. We can then work to balance your energy system in relation to the allergen. You’ll need a 60 minute appointment”

Another miracle story that I was reminded of this week was a client I saw a few years ago for digestive problems (my specialty) and food allergies. I don’t do any testing but I did guide her into Hypnosis and ask the subconscious to locate the cause of the problem. Here’s what she had to say….

“I have been on the Failsafe diet consistently for the last 8 years, and intermittently for the last 15 years, since I was diagnosed with amine and salicylate intolerance at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney. I have tried everything to improve my tolerance of amines and salicylates, including the Failsafe diet, long term Naturopathy, Homeopathy, stress management, exercise, and an expensive and fruitless exercise involving spinal stimulation.

I thought you might be interested to hear that last month I came across what I could only term a ‘miracle cure’. I had been reading about the subject of Psychoneuroimmunology, and how even rats can display a powerful physical placebo effect in tests. So I visited a Clinical Hypnotherapist to see if she could uncover anything in my subconscious to explain or address my food intolerance.

In a single one hour session, the hypnotherapist and I discovered that that the onset of my food intolerance coincided with an incident involving claustrophobia in my mid-20s, which we linked back to a trauma involving claustrophobia as a child. On both occasions, I had eaten spicy food, which of course are high in natural chemicals. The second incident triggered a subconscious trauma, and I haven’t been able to tolerate spicy foods, among others, since. Under hypnosis, we ‘re-made’ the traumatic events in my sub-conscious to become benign situations.

I had absolutely no idea of this link, and the revelation was extremely powerful. Since then, I have eaten grapes, peaches, melons, broccoli, cauliflower, milk chocolate and other high-chemical foods with no reaction. I had forgotten how wonderfully delicious these foods are after so many years on my bland diet. I do not know how many other people this technique could work for, but it is certainly worth telling my story.” Lisa. Source

Over the years I’ve discovered that allergies and conditions like eczema, asthma, psoriasis and food sensitivities can sometimes have an underlying emotional trigger. Although its not always the case, exploring and clearing those triggers and rebalancing the Chi energy in relation to those substances with Kinesiology may potentially make a difference. We often recommend combination of Naturopathy, Kinesiology and Hypnotherapy. So if you’re Itchy, Sneezy or Grumpy we’d love to help you be Happy and Healthy. Call us today for an appointment. 9842 7033

I’ll talk more about Autoimmune Disease next week once I’ve finished watching the series. There are lots of contributing factors and if you’re curious to find out more you can watch the last couple of episodes for free HERE or purchase HERE. I highly recommend it.
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