Changing from the Inside Out

How has your week been?  We’ve had a fabulous week and I’m thrilled to tell you that we were “Highly Commended” at the Manningham Business Excellence Awards last Wednesday night.  We have a lovely certificate to pop on our wall and we are very proud to tell anyone who will listen.  Of all the businesses in Manningham we were among the twelve finalists to receive an award.  That’s pretty exciting. 
I must say it’s been a big journey being in business and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created.  If you’ve lived locally for a while you may remember that our shop was originally a Fish and Chip shop and we initially just had the space upstairs.  As much as I’m a fan of fish and chips on the occasional Friday night, it wasn’t really an ideal shop to have underneath a Natural Wellness Centre.

When we first took the lease upstairs I visualised a shop downstairs that would complement our business. I imagined it would have books, CDs, crystals, candles and all the lovely New Age things.  After about 5 years the people running the Fish and Chip Shop decided to sell up and after some serious discussion with my husband, Harry, we bought the business!

Hmmm….   Suddenly I was the proud owner of a Fish and Chip shop including a cool room, freezer room, hamburger grills, deep fryers and refrigerated display cabinets etc.  It was rather daunting. We sub-let the shop for 12 months so it kept running as a Fish and Chip shop but we eventually turned the front half into the shop I’d visualised.  We later built an office and our 3 gorgeous treatment rooms at the back.

Over the time we’ve been in business we’ve attracted a team of around 15 awesome Natural Health Practitioners and Massage Therapists and, as I’m sure you know, we run lots of classes and workshops and have all those lovely products (that I visualised) in our shop.

Of course it hasn’t all been smooth sailing and being in business is certainly a catalyst for personal growth. Something I heard at a seminar along the way was to “Be bigger than your problems.”  Whenever I started to struggle or feel overwhelmed I would have a session with my business coach or have a Hypnotherapy or Kinesiology session or an Energy Healing.  I would even have a Psychic Reading from time to time to help me make decisions or reassure myself that all was well.

I’ve certainly had to grow with the business and it’s always so interesting to observe that whatever is happening in the business often reflects how I’m feeling internally and emotionally.  When I’m tired and need a break the phone stops ringing and clients cancel.  When I’m feeling energised and happy the bookings flow in. The same thing happens with individual practitioners and we will always be introspective and mindful of the “energy we’re putting out there.”

The idea that everything is energy and that we’re all connected is regularly confirmed for us.  We even play around with something we call telepathic marketing.  A while ago we had a product in the shop that had been sitting there for 6 months.  One of our shop assistants decided it was time this product moved on and found a good home so she imagined bathing it in red light. No-one was more surprised than me when it sold that afternoon!

So if our world is a reflection of what going on inside us and what we’re radiating and if we have the ability to effect  those around us both positively and negatively then maybe we should spend more time cleaning up our inner world and less time worrying about the outer world.  Once you really understand how things work you let go of feeling like a victim and realise you are in fact incredibly powerful.

You probably know but last night was the biggest full moon for 69 years. It’s called Super Moon. According to an Instagram post my daughter shared, “Spiritually speaking, Super Moons are about breaking down the old self – old ideas, habits, addictive behaviour and resistance that are preventing a fresh version of self from breaking free. It’s about clearing out the gristle of the soul to make way for a clearer you.” #shannonfricke

So if your outer world isn’t going the way you would like, you couldn’t get a better time to do some inner work.  When you clear out the gristle and find that fresh, new and improved version of yourself and your whole world changes.  That’s where our team of Practitioners comes in very handy. Regardless of what you want to change in your life we have someone who can help you explore whatever you may need to release within yourself to bring about the external changes.

Sometimes you need to dig deep and clear out old beliefs by the roots, sometimes it’s a simple shift of doing one thing differently.  So if you’re ready to create a better life give us a call and one of us can sit down with you and explore what’s going on and how we can support you to “clear out the gristle”.   Whether it’s a habit like smoking, overeating, worrying too much, procrastination, self-doubt, exhaustion, overwhelm or something else, once it’s cleared you can simply live a much easier and more joyful life.  That sounds good to me.

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