Help for Eczema and Psoriasis

THIS WEEK’S HEALTH TIP: Avoid sorbelene and other petroleum based skin care products.

I hope you were able to enjoy the long weekend. My husband and I actually braved the city and went to the Melbourne Aquarium on Monday. It was great and Melbourne of course was buzzing with all the Moomba activity. We had a lovely day even though it was quite a scorcher at 37 degrees!

This week I want to talk about skin health. The skin has a really important function in regulating your temperature so people suffering eczema or psoriasis can find it particularly difficult in this hot weather. Eczema and Psoriasis are becoming increasingly common and involve dryness, itching, soreness and inflammation on certain areas of the skin. Whatever the severity, eczema and psoriasis can be an indication that all is not well inside the body.

You may have noticed that these conditions will worsen in times of stress or in response to something you have eaten to which the body is sensitive or allergic. These two triggers may seem unrelated but the truth is that they both create toxic overload. When the body has difficulty digesting a certain food an overload of toxic acidic waste it builds up. The same thing can happen when we are chronically stressed because stress hormones are actually toxic to the body and make it more acidic. The immune system is then disrupted and inflammation occurs. This inflammation can affect the lungs, causing asthma and the skin, causing eczema or making psoriasis worse.

The body will do its best to eliminate this acidic waste. Normally the liver, kidneys and bowel are the main organs of elimination and detoxification but if they are on overload, then the next organ the body uses to eliminate acidic waste is the skin. Depending on the level of toxic overload, a larger or smaller area of the skin will become affected.

A holistic approach to eczema and psoriasis is the most effective way to address these conditions. This needs to include:

•Detoxing and alkalizing the whole body
•Cleaning up the diet. Try avoiding wheat, dairy and processed foods.
•Taking a high quality probiotic or yoghurt
•Drinking enough water
•Ensuring the body has enough high quality minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C, silica and zinc are particularly important for skin health. Fish oil can reduce inflammation.
•Reducing stress and letting go of negative and toxic thinking. SleepTalk for Children is a wonderful way to help a child become calmer and more positive
•In severe cases, use a shower filter that eliminates chlorine
•Using non-toxic cleaning and washing products in the home
•Using non-toxic personal care products so nasty chemicals are not absorbed through the skin. (I recommend the MooGoo Range available from our shop.)
•Avoid petroleum based skin care products, including sorbelene, Vaseline, most lip balms and mineral oil. These products actually block the pores and can irritate the skin

Both Naturopathy and Acupuncture can be an enormous help to detox and support your body and bring it back to health. We continue to have quite amazing feedback from clients about the effectiveness of this holistic approach for skin problems. Once the liver, kidneys and bowel are functioning well, the skin can then do its job of protecting the body and regulating the temperature rather than being needed to eliminate toxins. The skin is then much more likely to heal and become clear and healthy.

As part of this holistic approach we have found a range of products by an Australian manufacturer called MooGoo. This range was developed by an Aussie dairy farmer who discovered that the cream he used for his cows udders healed some really stubborn skin conditions on friends and family. Whatever skin care and hair care products you use be careful to ensure that they contain natural, non-toxic ingredients that actually heal the skin. Take a look at for lots of info on toxins and skincare.

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