Healing Trauma

I hope you’ve had a good week and that you survived the stormy weather we’ve had.  Mother Nature sure can be unpredictable.  I guess we can be grateful that we’re here in Australia though. I saw the other day that there is snow in all but 2 states in America.  Now that’s extreme!  I think the term “Global Warming” is a bit of a misnomer but we’re definitely experiencing climate change. And whether climate change is man-made or not, I was certainly pleased to see the recent publicity about Federation Square now being carbon neutral.  How great that that is now seen as a goal to strive for as opposed to protecting jobs in the coal industry.  I dream of the day when Australia is leading the world in clean energy and we take care of the planet.    Anyway..  after a huge week at Simply Natural Therapies and a fantastic day on Saturday, with our Aura Photos, Palm Reading and Sound Healing, my husband and I had a couple of nights down at Rye.  It was gorgeous.  As you probably know I’m a bit of a workaholic but I’m also really big on managing stress.  I have regular massages, reflexology, kinesiology and I jump on our amazingly healing Crystal Bed quite often. Well not literally “jumping,” but I do lie on it and let it recharge and balance my energy.  I also meditate every day. Without those things I couldn’t continue to work the way I do and stay well.  I know that stress is toxic and for me, if I neglect to take care of myself the stress turns into anxiety and that’s much harder to shift. Last night I attended our inaugural session of Sound Healing Meditation. OMG was it a gorgeous experience! I think I could become addicted. I’m bringing my husband next week. One participant said she felt like she was in a cocoon and the sound of Tamsin’s Angelic voice softly floated her down into such a deep state of relaxation. No-one moved a muscle for an hour. We were so relaxed. Please join us next Monday at 7pm if you can, and bring a friend. They will thank you for it.  Or you might like to join our new 30 minute lunchtime meditation at 12.30pm on Wednesdays.     Now I know that these days you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t stressed, unless of course, they’ve completed our Stress to Serenity Course or do regularly meditation and massage etc. Last week I mentioned an article in The Age about Stress and Anxiety. Here’s what it said about the difference between various anxiety disorders:   Anxiety Disorders  (The Age 23rd Feb 2015)

  • Generalised anxiety disorder: A person feels anxious most days, for six months or more.
  • Social phobia: A person has an intense fear of being criticised or embarrassed in everyday situations.
  • Specific phobia: A person is very fearful of a particular object or situation.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder: A person has unwanted thoughts that cause anxiety and might try to relieve this with certain behaviour, such as washing hands.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: When a person has upsetting flashbacks from a traumatic event and symptoms last for more than a month.
  • Panic disorder: A person has recurrent panic attacks or persistently fears and has been having these for more than a month.

These conditions can be disabling and finding the right help can be a big challenge when you’re too anxious to leave the house.  Whatever level of stress or anxiety someone might be experiencing, I guarantee that weekly meditation will help. Our practitioners see clients with these disorders every day and much of our work involves safely helping them clear the underlying cause. I’ll talk more about anxiety and phobias another time but today I want to talk to you about trauma.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will be diagnosed when a person has had a traumatic experience where they thought they might die and they continue to be affected by it in certain ways. PTSD might be diagnosed when someone is having flashbacks, is overly alert (hypervigilent), is triggered by reminders of the event (or avoids reminders of the event) or is emotionally numb.  PTSD could be the result of an accident, being in a war zone, being the victim of (or witnessing) a violent crime, a difficult childbirth, sexual assault, child abuse or any other experience that was perceived as life threatening.  Even though not everyone develops Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder most people have experienced trauma of some kind.  We’ve found that medication can help suppress the symptoms but it doesn’t clear the cause.


According to Geoff Charles, our PsychK Facilitator….. “Trauma affects everyone. Criticism, physical abuse, accidents, sitting an exam, the death of a loved one, public speaking, giving birth, getting married or being interviewed for a job can create trauma. The word “trauma” is used to describe experiences or situations that are extremely emotionally painful and distressing.  Situations that can overwhelm people’s ability to cope, often leaving them feeling powerless. How you’re affected by a trauma can depend on your subconscious programs and beliefs. PSYCH-K can quickly transform traumatic incidents by altering the subconscious association of the event and the emotional connection to it. Did you know that the right side of the brain is emotional and the left is rational and logical? By activating both hemispheres of the brain with Psych K a new balanced and rational perception of the trauma is created. All painful thoughts and feelings about the experience are transformed and peace and non-attachment regarding the incident is experienced. The memory of the trauma stays but the stress response disappears and the body no longer experiences the emotion.  PSYCH-K is very effective in reducing the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It can also be used to transform anticipated trauma such as the fear of surgery, of waiting for the results of a medical exam, giving birth or sitting exams for the VCE or a University course. Even physical pain can be considered as a stressful or traumatic experience and can be reduced using PSYCH-K.  We often live our lives from our traumatised past, which may prevent us from realising our full potential and functioning normally with an enjoyment of life. Following a PSYCH-K session to release a trauma, significant relief can be experienced as the weight of the trauma is removed and energy levels are increased. People often leave saying they feel much lighter.”  Simply Natural Therapies has two qualified PSYCH-K Facilitators, Tina Carr and Geoff Charles, who are trained in releasing trauma. They have both had very rapid and quite miraculous results. Tina and Geoff are offering a limited number of initial 30 minute introductory private sessions this week for just $55.

Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique are also very powerful ways to clear deep trauma.

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