The Cost of Stress

What a huge week we’re having at Simply Natural Therapies. I have lots of upcoming events I want to let you know about so I don’t think I’ve got much time or space for chatting today. I do want to talk about stress and anxiety though so if are like 99% of the population and don’t live in a state of constant joy and inner peace then you might want to read on.

There was a good article in yesterday’s Age about anxiety that you might want to take a look at HERE And joy of joys there was actually a link to a trial that’s being done by The University of Melbourne on nutrients for depression! You can CLICK HERE to find out more. What a breath of fresh air.

I’ve found time and time again that when clients clean up their diet, reduce the sugar and processed foods, eat plenty of nutrient dense foods and take the right supplements that their depression or anxiety improves. Of course they still need to do the emotional work of clearing up the past stresses or traumas and learning new life skills like meditation and positive thinking, but to do that psycho/social/emotional work while their brain is toxic and depleted of nutrients is a little like trying to fill the bath without putting the plug in. The mind and the body are intricately connected and one affects the other.

According to Dr Joel Evans from Stanford, who works for the United Nations as a Medical Advisor it’s going to cost $47 trillion to combat chronic disease over the next 20 years. At a conservative estimate 60% of those diseases are caused by stress. Another 20% are caused by toxicity, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. As I’ve said many times our health care system is in crisis and the way we currently practice medicine by treating the end result of stress, toxicity, inactivity and poor nutrition with drugs and surgery is not only NOT working but it’s going to bankrupt us if we don’t make changes at the source and look at preventing those four key contributing factors.

So our job at Simply Natural therapies is to help people understand those 4 key factors, help them make changes to restore and protect their health and reduce the cost of healthcare by at least 60%! Wouldn’t it be nice if Tony gave us some funding for that???

So here are a few options so you can not only avoid that wakeup call but learn how to feel fantastic….

Tonight is the first week of our very powerful Stress to Serenity course. This course runs over 8 weeks and covers all bases. You can take a look at yesterday’s email or CLICK HERE here for more details. The content of this course should really be taught in every school. Many of the people who’ve done this course in the past say that they wish they’d known about the things that are covered years ago. It would have saved them an enormous amount of energy and money and helped them avoid health issues. Unfortunately most people have no idea how dangerous stress is their health until they get their “wake up” call.

This wake up call usually comes in the form of a diagnosis of a disease or an emotional breakdown. We just soldier on feeling crappy for years until our body says no. Of course once something breaks it’s much harder to put it back together than to protect it from breaking in the first place. I’m probably showing my age when I say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Or “a stitch in time saves nine.” (I actually had to explain that saying to someone recently. She had never heard it before and like most of the younger generation she had never stitched anything in her life.)

Starting tomorrow. Join Anne-Maree for a gorgeous guided Power Nap during your lunchbreak from 12.30am to 1pm. Please be a little early as we’ll close the doors at 12.30 sharp. You’re welcome to bring your lunch to enjoy after the meditation. The space is available til 1pm and we provide yummy herbal teas. CLICK HERE for more info.

Thursday 10.30am to 12noon. Manuela Picinich is our guest speaker will talk about how the ‘body mirrors the state of mind’ which is her motto. She is basing it on Deb Shapiro’s book ‘Your Body Speaks Your Mind’ & ‘How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body’ by David Hamilton. Manuela is a Clinical Hypnotherapist her at Simply Natural Therapies and does phenomenal works with people who have serious health issues like cancer.

This new meditation group is starting on Monday night. Tamsin Russel has the voice of an Angel and will incorporate chanting, singing bowls, our magnificent tubular bells, chakras chimes into an experience that will dissolve your stress and heal your mind, body and soul.

In this 4 hour work shop will you will learn to use an amazing technique of tapping on acupressure point to clear stress like magic. Catharine Ross is an exceptional Practitioner and if you would like a quick and effective technique to fast track your way to joy and inner peace then this day is not to be missed. If you’re a Practitioner it will give you the tools to powerfully help your clients CLICK HERE

And on another note….
If you have an interest in all things spiritual then you will love our Psychic Day at Simply Natural. We have Aura Photography, Palm Readings, Sound Healing and Intuitive Channelling. I’ll send a separate email later today will all the juicy details so watch out for it.

So, that’s all for now. Take a look at the Right Hand Column for information about our upcoming Stress to Serenity Course, EFT Workshop, and more >>>>

Have a happy, healthy week,

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