From Drama to Dharma

How nice has it been to have a taste of spring lately? I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy it. My husband, Harry, and I spent the weekend in the city. As I mentioned last week we went to the “I Am Light” Seminar with Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani.  It was gorgeous having lunch in the sunshine looking out over the Yarra.  And it was fabulous being in the presence of such beautiful souls.

Wayne has been on a journey of self-development all his life. It seems that he knew from a very young age that we have the ability to choose our thoughts and attitudes. At the age of seven or so he counselled fellow foster children to choose their attitude to life.

His first book was called Your Erroneous Zones and despite its title it has nothing to do with sex. It’s actually about the faulty ways we think and how to correct them.  It talks about blame, resentment, self-doubt, worry and guilt, etc. and how to change your thinking to gain control of your life.  It’s a brilliant book and in the early days of my career as a Hypnotherapist I had several audio tapes of this book that I would lend to my clients.

Wayne later began teaching about more metaphysical and esoteric things like the art of manifesting. the power of beliefs and mind-body healing.  One of his books on this topic is called You’ll See it When You Believe It. He has now written over 40 books.  A wonderful story that his daughter, Saje, told us on the weekend was about a skin condition she had as a young child.
Her face was covered in flat warts (which she called her bumps) and after a couple of years of waiting to see if they would go away by themselves a skin specialist gave her two options. She could have them frozen off, which would hurt and leave scars. She wasn’t keen on that idea. The second option was to try a new medicine which would have nasty side effects with no guarantee of success. She didn’t like that option either. Her Dad gave her another option… she could talk to the bumps and tell them to go away.  As a five year old she trusted her father completely and she thought that was a pretty good option.

For the next few nights as she went off to sleep she tucked her head under the covers and she talked to her bumps. She spoke nicely to them, she imagined them leaving and she pictured smooth, healthy skin. On the fourth night, to everyone’s surprise, all her bumps had gone!  Saje has actually written a book for children called Good-Bye Bumps. As you can imagine it sold out over the weekend.  You can watch Saje telling her story HERE

Wayne now teaches about living in a state of surrender and being guided by the “Infinite Intelligence” that exists within everything. He talked about the Intelligence that’s beyond our conscious control. The Intelligence that opens the rose and grows our fingernails. Its the Intelligence that we can tap into when we put our ego and our fear on the back burner and trust our inner guidance.

When we surrender in this way and follow our inspiration we begin living our Dharma.  Dharma is a Sanskrit word for higher purpose or right living. It’s our own individual reason for being on the planet and it’s always got something to do with service or making a contribution. For some people their Dharma may be to care for or protect children, animals or the environment. For others it may be to heal, it may be to entertain or create things of beauty like art or music or a beautiful garden. It may be to raise a loving child. There is no limit to what your Dharma or higher purpose may be.

Living your Dharma is a beautiful combination of allowing your inner wisdom to guide you step by step in the actions you take and doing what gives you joy. When you’re NOT on your path and you’re not living your purpose, life can be challenging. Life can create the drama you need to wake you up and steer you in the direction of your highest purpose.  It may create problems with relationship or money or health.  Life may seem like a huge struggle.

When you ARE on track then doors open, synchronicities occur, the teacher appears at the exact moment you’re ready to learn something, your needs are met and you feel joyful and content. You bring your gifts into the world and you live fully. You do what you love and love what you do.

I met a woman recently who runs a business taking small tour groups to France. She was a French teacher so she speaks fluent French. She loves art, pottery and French cuisine. Her tours specialise in all these things so she is definitely doing what she loves. She radiates joy and her business is very successful.

I know my Dharma is to bring more light to the planet, to raise consciousness and teach people how to reclaim their health and happiness. That’s why Simply Natural Therapies exists and that’s why I love walking in the door each morning.

So what brings you joy? And what are you on the planet for? Not sure? In order to hear your inner wisdom you have to be very quiet and listen. Quietening your mind with meditation is the most effective way to access that wisdom and guidance.

To find your Dharma, here are 4 Questions to Meditate on:  (from
1.Do you know what your dharma is? Have you found it yet? Where have you looked?
2.How would you live differently if you knew your days were numbered?
3.Which people do you admire most and why?
4.When did you have the most fun? What memories come to mind – what were you doing at the time?

Like Wayne Dyer and Simon Sinek (who talks about how important it is to Love Your Work)  I would love to see a world where everyone is living their Dharma, inspired to go to work and fulfilled by the work they do rather than discovering at the end of their life that it was only half- lived.

If you want some more guidance with this I highly recommend Christine Long’s Workshop this coming Saturday.. “Connect with Your Higher Self and Flourish”  See the Right Hand Column for details.  And of course our Meditation Course is of huge benefit if you need to quieten your mind to hear that inner guidance.

This Thursday 10.30am to 12noon, I’ll be sharing more about what was covered on the weekend, the nature of consciousness and Near Death Experiences. (NDE)  Cost is $20 and morning tea is provided. . Hopefully I will see you then.  Next week the topic at Kindred Spirit is Past Lives

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