Exploring Your Sixth Sense

Well, what a big week we’ve had.  Our birthday celebrations kept us busy for most of last week. We were celebrating the 5 Senses of Natural Health and it proved to be a great way to categorise most of the therapies and products that we offer here at Simply Natural Therapies.  We had talks and workshops on Nutrition (Taste) Aromatherapy (Smell) Sound Healing (Hearing), Massage (Touch) and Visualising (Sight). We also included some free sessions with our Light and Sound Meditation Machine and Crystal Light Bed. If you missed out we are offering these two therapies for free again this coming Saturday.

Of course covering the 5 main senses didn’t include our 6th Sense so I thought I’d give that a bit of a plug this week. The Sixth Sense doesn’t just mean “seeing dead people” like in the movie. Your Sixth Sense is your intuition as well as your psychic abilities. Interestingly enough, one of the 9 key factors that Dr Kelly Brogan, author of Radical Remission, discovered that played a significant role in spontaneous healing from cancer was “Following your intuition.”  She studied 1000 people who healed from cancer when according to conventional medicine they shouldn’t have.  She found that those people who trusted their gut instinct when it came to choosing particular therapies, supplements, treatments, doctors or health practitioners actually did better.  Those who simply “followed doctor’s orders” didn’t fare so well.

Trusting your intuition is not just useful in relation to health issues but can be of enormous benefit in all areas of your life.  Whether it’s in business, relationships, finances or just living life it’s always a good idea to trust that little voice in the back of your mind. How many times have you had a feeling that you’d forgotten something as you walked out the door?  Chances are you HAD forgotten something and you remembered when you were halfway to work. Right?

And how many times have you had a thought about someone you haven’t seen for a long time and they ring you that day? We are all psychic to some extent and there’s actually been a lot of research into psychic abilities and paranormal phenomena, especially in Russia and the US.  The CIA has done very serious studies into the ability of people to view things remotely and have used skilled remote viewers to “spy” on other countries. They have trained the military to tune into their intuition and “see” around corners and over hills. Remote viewing is probably a good skill to develop if you have teenage children and you can keep track of what mischief they might be up to!

If you’re sceptical about psychic abilities, you might like to take a look at some of the research atwww.heartmath.com  One study they conducted involved measuring the heart rate variability and skin conductivity of subjects as they gambled on roulette.  The results showed that the body and heart responded correctly to a bet up to 14 seconds BEFORE people knew the outcome.  I have a friend who is very intuitive and a number of years ago we were at the Casino in Launceston.  I’m not a gambler but that night I gave myself a $20 budget.  During the evening my friend told me twice in to put my chips on Zero.  Both times I won! She said that unfortunately she couldn’t do it when she was betting for herself. We shared the winnings.

So, how do we explain it this “knowing” that cannot be explained with our 5 senses? Well, there is more and more evidence to show that consciousness exists outside the brain.  Many people who have had near death experiences accurately describe what happens and what’s said while they’re clinically dead.  They “see” what’s happening in the room even when their eyes are closed.  They also describe being able to perceive past, present and future all at once.  Time is no longer linear.  The left side of the brain can only perceive a small aspect of time but there is a part of us that can perceive far beyond that.  That’s why psychic readers can ask us to pick a series of Tarot or Oracle Cards to predict a future outcome or to see more deeply into a situation. I find that really fascinating.

And then of course there’s the ability to see spirits or angels and auras. In workshops about energy I often teach people how to see the first layer of their aura. Hows how…. Hold your thumb and index finger together at arm’s length with a blank light coloured wall or a clear blue sky in the background. Stare at the spot where your thumb and finger meet. Soften your focus as if you can see through your fingers and separate your thumb and finger slightly.  In the gap between them you’ll see that the background wall or sky is slightly paler than the rest of the background.  You’ll then notice a slight glow around the rest of your hand almost as if it’s outlined in white light. That’s the ethical aura.  As you practice you may be able to see other layers and colours around people, plants and animals. The colour of someone’s aura can tell you quite a lot about them.

Children and animals have a natural ability to see auras, spirits and Angels.  Unfortunately that ability is often shut down because many people are not quite ready to accept that there is far more than the eye can see.  Valuing, maintaining and developing our psychic and intuitive abilities is becoming an important part of our evolution.  For many of us the rational and logical part of the mind is in overdrive. We’re suffering from information overload and often the information is conflicting. We can easily feel overwhelmed.  we are disconnected from our heart and soul. When we learn to listen to and trust our intuition many difficult decisions can be easy. We can begin to discover that life flows and we manifest our goals with far greater ease. We learn to follow the wisdom of our own inner guidance.

I’m sometimes asked why we have Psychic Readers, Psychic Development Classes and other weird and wonderful things at a Natural Health Clinic. My answer is that health and wellbeing is not just about being free of symptoms.  It’s about reaching our full potential. If we’re to make our way up to the top of “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” the end goal is self-actualisation.  To me that means being fully and authentically who we are.  All of who we are, including our psychic and paranormal abilities. Having a session with a Psychic Reader can open your mind to a whole knew dimension of yourself and the nature of consciouness. To me it’s therapy for the heart and soul, not just a party trick.

So why does mainstream science not acknowledge the psychic aspect of ourselves?  Author, Natalie Sudman, describes it well in her book Application of Impossible Things… “I believe science is capable of describing some energies known to paranormal practitioners and would already have done so if only the bulk of the scientific world would quit insisting that something doesn’t exist just because it hasn’t been described or doesn’t fit current theory (which after all is just theory).”

If you’re interested in accessing your psychic abilities or having a reading with one of our amazing practitioners then I’m very excited to tell you that this Saturday Juliet Gauci is back on deck doing Palm Analysis and Astrology Readings.  And Geraldine Teggelove is with us again on Friday July 26th. Geraldine uses her beautiful Nature Spirit and Alchemy Cards.

Our next Psychic Night with Tamsin Russell (who does see dead people by the way) is next Friday Aug 5th at 7pm and our new monthly Soul Sisters Circle is starting at 7pm tomorrow.

Have a great week,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
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