Shifting Our Consciousness?

How has your week been? I find it hard to believe its Tuesday again already. Where did the week go?  It’s certainly been a huge week globally with unrest in so many places around the planet. Harry and I spent the night in the city on Sunday (which was lovely) but we were shocked to see so many police around.  Apparently it was because Joe Biden (Vice President of the US) was in town. There were hundreds of police officers blocking off the streets for security. 

At the same time a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration was happening outside Flinders Street Station in support of the protests in the US. The fact that the States have experienced a week of violence and racial tension, combined with the terrible tragedy in France and the coup in Turkey makes me feel like something is about to pop.

I don’t know about you but a lot of people who are intuitive and sensitive to energy are having to work hard to maintain their equilibrium. You don’t even have to be intuitive for the daily news to cause anxiety and concern about the future. It’s easy to slip into fear and anger.

Yesterday I read an article that said that the US had dropped 23,144 bombs in 2015
I also read that the definition of terrorism (I think its from a US Government website) is “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”  Hmmm…

I was shocked and sickened by the news on Friday about what happened in Nice, but I’m just as sickened by the US dropping bombs in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia.  My guess is that parents in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia love their children just as much as French parents and whether a child is killed by a bomb in a war torn country or a truck in a peaceful country doesn’t lessen the grief.

So now I’ve got that off my chest how do we stay centered in a crazy world?  Many would say don’t watch the news or read the papers. I agree to some extent because having a constant diet of negativity is not good for us.  We do however need to know how to handle it when the bad news stories come to us. And we need to be able to support our children when they hear these stories. I love the quote from Einstein that “Problems can never be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them”.

The level of consciousness that has created the world as we know it is the consciousness of separation.  It’s the belief that as humans beings we are separate from each other and that what we do to others doesn’t affect us.  We are also living with the consciousness that what we do to nature doesn’t affect us.  That paradigm has to change because in reality we all live in a cosmic soup and what happens in the soup affects us all. There’s good (Quantum) science behind the golden rule of “Do unto others”

On Saturday I went to a seminar with Dr Mario Martinez. Dr Mario is an author, scientist, researcher and a psychoneuroimmunologist.  He wrote The Mind Body Code. He studies how our thoughts affect our body, nervous system and our immune system.  I haven’t read his books yet, (that will be another eNews) but he talked a lot about what causes health, rather than what causes disease, and one of the key factors is learning to stay in a state of elevated emotion.  Our bodies respond immediately to despair and fear. They respond to poor self-worth. They respond to helplessness and hopelessness. These negative emotions make us physically sick.

On the other hand some of the causes of health are:

  • Righteous anger; the ability to express your anger to protect innocence and goodwill
  • Compassion, generosity and gratitude
  • Meaning, purpose and service
  • The ability to see a positive future

So rather than burying our heads in the sand when it comes to what’s happening globally it’s important to hold the vision of how we do want the world do be and take a stand. Even if our motivation is to look after our own health, doing our bit to bring more enlightenment, connection, kindness and acceptance of others is of benefit to everyone. Not buying in to idea that Syrian lives are less important than French lives. That Christian lives are more important the Muslim lives, that white lives are more important than black lives. Not thinking that 23,144 bombs dropped on other human beings is none of our business. These things affect us all.

The world desperately needs more Lightworkers to take action and be righteously angry.  At the risk of sounding woo woo many of us chose to be on the planet at this time in history.  Our contract is to shift the consciousness and bring more .  As important as it is to sit and meditate and think happy thoughts Ghandi, Mandela and Martin Luther King would never have created the changes they did if that’s all they did. Taking actions like signing petitions, writing to politicians, sharing info on Facebook and talking about more enlightened concepts all help. They can help children feel empowered too.

Anyway, in doing my bit to raise the consciousness of the planet I want to let you know that a percentage of everything you spend at Simply Natural Therapies goes to The Hunger Project. ( They do amazing work in developing counties to help villagers created a vision of the future and empower women to take a stand to create change.

Our goal at Simply Natural Therapies is pretty much the same. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of free health assessments with people to help them create their vision of the future and empower them to create change. Just call us if you would like to book a 60 minute session with me.  9842 7033

 It’s Our Birthday!

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Have a great week,

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