Etheric Body Healing Can Mend Your Broken Heart

Article by Sarah Lush

The Human heart is amazing in its ability to experience and give love, wisdom, compassion and care. But what happens when the loving connection we have with someone is broken? When the one we feel the most passion for and connection with has left our life and brings us only feelings of sadness, disappointment, sorrow and fear, beyond our human ability to tolerate? These feelings of despair and grief go straight into our energy body and cause distortions, disturbances and blockages throughout our energy field. This leaves us with a feeling of being off balance and unable to heal ourselves. These feelings of hurt, pain and fear can cause severe damage to our Etheric body and energy pattern. They leave us feeling completely disconnected from our true selves and the love, joy and care in lives and ourselves. This is where Etheric Body Healing comes in and helps us to work through the feelings of grief associated with losing a loved one, including the pain of rejection, abandonment as well as the deep feelings of hurt, sadness and anger on an energetic level.

The energy pattern we have stores the information about our life just as DNA does. Etheric Body Healing uses pure energy from our source to repair damaged lines and blockages that have come to be there from the feelings of pain that result from your broken heart. The energy pattern is then repaired and all negativity cleared out throughout this healing with the help of essences, colour and sound. Leaving you feeling emotionally and physically vibrant with increased clarity, allowing you to feel lighter and more free than ever before. By working to heal and correct emotional hurts caused by a broken heart at their source we allow true healing to occur, allowing us to fully express our life’s potential and to once again feel completely safe, loved and supported through our life’s journey.

The Etheric Body underlies our physical body, giving it shape and form. It is the bridge between our inner world and physical world. It is the energy pattern, frame or web of every cell, organ, muscle, limb and bone of its counterpart in the physical. In Etheric Body Healing we work with the ancient method of channeling high vibration energy through our hands onto our energy body. We then direct it, mould it and shape it to where we see distortions in your Etheric body. This restores and realigns the entire being into perfect harmony both physically and emotionally. When we feel emotions like trust, love, peace and joy our alignment with our Etheric body increases. These emotions vibrate at high frequencies and cause our energy to flow freely through our body and chakras. They are associated with healthy tissue, strong immunity and most importantly a strong feeling of happiness and love within. Negative emotions that we sometimes feel with the loss of a relationship pull us out of alignment, breaking, weakening and causing stagnant energy blockages in our Etheric body. Such emotions vibrate at an extremely low frequency and are associated with fatigue, depression, anxiety and low self esteem.

Our energy field is so responsive to our thoughts and feelings it is no wonder we feel like a train wreck after the loss of a relationship. Some of the greatest wounds we deal with come from being hurt by someone we love, which feels like a huge dark hole in our hearts. It is this deep level of pain that causes many people to lapse into ill health, emotional turmoil and dis-ease. Etheric Body Healing helps to clear this by combining Reiki, Energy Healing, EFT and Chiron Healing techniques as well as flower essences and crystal gem essence which help to restore the vibration of our Etheric body. This method strengthens and restores our energy body so energy flows easily and effortlessly through our chakras , meridians and all over our energy field causing the feeling of restored energy, vitality and alignment with ourselves and our purpose.

Etheric Body Healing is so successful because it works at our intuitive core and heals deep within. It also helps to clear out past negative patterns from our most closely connected relationships.
It works on the theory that the pattern of our Etheric body is very geometrical. The shapes and lines of energy are connected to our emotions, physical functions and raw feelings, even those connected to our past are stored in our energy field. That’s why some people find themselves in a new relationship with a similar feeling as in their past relationships, as the underlying emotion or fear has not yet been cleared and healed. This method deals directly with those core emotions stored within our energy body and clears them making space for healthier patterns in all our encounters.

Etheric Body Healing can mend your broken heart from the inside out and bring you back to a feeling of complete calm and happiness. It is also beneficial for any physical or emotional state of disharmony. Open up your life to whole new types of joyous feelings and well being. Open your heart and mind and experience the tranquility and healing benefits that Etheric Body Healing can bring.