Chemicals or Calories

The house would be looking gorgeous if it wasn’t in chaos with boxes everywhere.  I suppose it’s a bit crazy that I am prepared to go to all that trouble for the new owner but I haven’t given the range hood or the exhaust fans etc. a second thought in three years.  It’s actually quite a good feeling to know that everything is fresh and sparkling.  Let’s hope our new house is left just as clean.

Speaking of thorough cleaning, I read an article this week that talked about counting chemicals, not calories.  Most of us have been conditioned to look at the calories we eat as the primary reason we might be putting on weight but we tend to overlook another aspect of weight gain– toxic chemical overload.

A chemically burdened body is more likely to hold onto fat than a ‘clean’ body. Practitioners of ancient natural medicine have known for a long time that detoxing is vital to keep obesity and other diseases at bay. Last January, the American National Toxicology Program met to review the science on environmental chemicals and obesity and diabetes. The panelists published their review in an issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

The study showed that environmental chemicals are changing how our brains regulate our eating behaviour. Instead of following our natural instinct to eat when we’re hungry and stop when we are full, the hormones related to appetite and satisfaction are being disrupted by toxins.

These chemicals aren’t just in the packaged foods, fruit and vegies, but they exist throughout the entire food chain.  When livestock eat feed that’s been treated with pesticides and herbicides, there’s a build-up of chemicals in these animals that gets transferred to humans when they eat the meat.

As well as coming from our food there are heavy metals in drinking water and even juices, BPAs in the plastics made from petroleum, Dioxin, Atrazine, Aspartame, Phthalates, Perchlorate, substances like DDT, Monsanto’s glyphosate, and other pesticides are seriously disrupting our endocrine and immune systems. Our body systems have not evolved enough to cope with the toxicity and keep up with detoxing from this constant assault.

As well as disrupting our body hormonal systems these toxic chemicals tend to be stored in fat cells until they can be safely eliminated. Fat cells have a slower metabolism than other cells so they’re actually the safest place to store toxins.  If your fat cells are toxic then your body will want to hold onto fat so the toxins are not released into your system.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight then toxic overload may be the cause. There are a 4 of great ways to detox your body safely.

  1. FOOT DETOX One way is our Ionic Foot      Detox which takes just 30 minutes and draws toxins out of . your body      through your feet.  We’ve found that a Reflexology session prior to a      foot detox makes it even more effective.  A while ago we had a client      who had hypnotherapy for weight loss. She had changed her eating habits      and had been successfully losing weight but she reached a plateau and the      weight wasn’t shifting. We suggested she have a series try the Foot Detox      and very quickly she lost the rest of her weight. Of course having a      Foot Detox is a good idea even if you don’t have a weight issue. During      the course of half an hour all the blood in your body flows through your      feet many times. Your body absorbs negative ions from the water and the      water absorbs the toxins. The micro-current in the water can also zap      parasites, pathogens and micro-organisms (like Candida) in your blood. A      Foot Detox is a really relaxing and refreshing treatment.
  2. LYMPHATIC MASSAGE is also a great way to      support your body to detox.  This is a very light touch massage      designed to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid to clear toxins from      your body.  Three of our Massage Therapists, Kesang, Nicole      and Etzuko are trained in Lymphatic Drainage Massage.
  3. SUPPLEMENTS The most powerful      antioxidant and detoxifier on the planet is actually made within the      body. Its called Glutathione. No matter how well we eat our      body’s are not getting enough of the right ingredients to make      enough Glutathione to clear the current overload of toxins. Take a look at      HERE to learn more      about a supplement that boosts Glutathione levels by almost 300%. Let      me know if you would like to trail it for 90 days and receive a free      sample.


Now before I finish I want to introduce you to Jade Moldovan, one of our beautiful practitioners.  Last weekend I did Level 3 of the Light Dynamics Course with Jennifer Valente.  Jade Moldovan is

Jade’s an intuitive energy healer who is the “Master of Bliss.” Her sessions allow you to experience an amazingly peaceful and blissful state.  Jade is passionate about getting you in balance and onto your path for your highest and best good.  She’s focused and dedicated to help connect you to pursue your own individuality and your unique journey, enhancing the spirituality that evolves from a heart connection within yourself.

Jade has pursued many different modalities including Light Dynamics, (which I love) Crystal Healings as well as Kinesiology. Her insights and wisdom are guided by her connections with spirit.  Her skill with Light Dynamics is particularly helpful for those who wish to release any negative blockages and old habits.  She can help you release and reduce anxiety and stress which often leads to sleeplessness.  She can help you develop a stronger self-esteem and a greater sense of ease, purpose and self-love.

After a session with Jade, clients have said that they feel calmer and more empowered with a sense of clarity. Jade has an uncanny ability to help you to feel reconnected and integrated with a greater sense of bliss.

As Jade’s healings have been so successful she has created a gorgeous range of candles called, “Light the Love,” which incorporate the beautiful and loving energy of the Light Dynamics to take home with you. These candles create positivity and joy for everyone that comes into contact with them.  They radiate what you as an individual require for your highest good. The candles are created in a sacred space with Source and Spirit guidance and unconditional love.

Jade also offers channeled readings from Source and Spirit for those looking for guidance on personal journey and assistance to help aid you back on your true path. Jade’s available Tuesday and Wednesdays.

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