Weight Release

Article by Manuela Picinich
Soon we will be heading into Spring which is a time for a fresh healthy start, more sunshine, longer days and feeling good about yourself OR quite often not feeling good about yourself.
Would you like to fit into a smaller size?
Do you want to enjoy the warmer weather and not be embarrassed by how you look?
Do you want to finally achieve the shape and size that is healthy for you?
Do you feel overloaded with toxins?

Maybe it’s time to stop procrastinating and making excuses and do something about those extra kilos. If you want to become a healthier, more confident, slimmer you, our Simply Natural Weight Management Program is your answer. Fourteen million Australians are overweight or obese. If diets worked, Australians wouldn’t be suffering with obesity at the rate that we are.
Cardiovascular disease (CVD), diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) account for approximately a quarter of the burden of disease in Australia, and just under two-thirds of all deaths. These three diseases often occur together and share risk factors, such as physical inactivity, holding excess weight or obesity and high blood pressure.  Health disorders in children such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, hypertension and sleep apnoea can also be directly attributed to childhood obesity.  So we now know that diets don’t work, however a lifestyle change seems easy on paper but not easy to maintain.  Releasing weight is an individual process, not a ‘one diet suits all’ approach, for example you could be carrying toxins that are holding onto that stubborn fat and fluid. Our Simply Natural Weight Management Program can help you make those changes at a deeper level, getting rid of what you no longer need and helping you become a slimmer you, using an easy, risk free and satisfying therapy in a safe and nurturing environment.

Allow yourself to be educated by our Weight Loss expert who has helped hundreds of people to successfully make changes to their life and their bodies. Whether you have a lot or a little weight to lose, the Simply Natural Weight Management Program works.

Time spent in hypnosis with a professional hypnotherapist can help. Hypnotherapists look at people as a whole, rather than just treating symptoms. Hypnotherapy works with both the conscious and the unconscious mind in order for you to achieve the results you want.

Forget the diet and choose a safe, relaxed therapy that you’ll love!
We also offer the non-invasive, effective and safe Virtual Gastric Banding which Manuela Picinich can help you with too.

If it’s just that little bit more info you need, give us a call or send us an email to set up a free 15min consultation with Manuela Picinich to discuss your needs and goals. info@simplynaturaltherapies.com.au, 03 9842 70333.