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I hope you’ve had a good week. The first day of winter yesterday certainly was a chilly one. I’m sure our Sauna will be well used this winter. If you feel the cold and have any aches and pains that are worse in winter then come and try it out. It’s the most gorgeous dry, penetrating heat that actually reduces inflammation and relaxes tight muscles. It’s quite yummy.

Last weekend I attended the Miracle of Voice Channelling workshop which was run by Jason Nelson. Jason is from the US and is the author of Age of the Soul. I haven’t finished reading his book yet but I found the workshop fascinating.

It might sound a little weird but we learned how to directly channel information from spirit. The technique involves initially writing down some questions to ask spirit, or your higher self, then being guided through a beautiful meditation to clear your mind and your energy field. The practitioner then asks your consciousness to step back and allow spirit to speak through you. The practitioner then simply asks the questions you wrote down. As I experienced this process I found myself listening with interest and curiosity to the words of wisdom spontaneously coming out of my mouth as “I” answered the questions. At the same time I was experiencing the most amazing waves of tingles through my body. It was surprising and very cool!

As you probably know, the conscious, rational and logical part of the mind is very limited and as a Hypnotherapist I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years to help them access the wisdom and resources of their subconscious mind. Answers to problems will often spontaneously come to mind and great insights can be gained in Hypnosis. I, and our other Hypnotherapists, often work with a technique called Parts Therapy where the client will speak directly from a part of their personality such as the “Scared Child”, the “Angry Part” or the “Inner Critic.”  They can even speak directly from “The Wise One” or their “Inner Guidance.”  This is a very powerful and effective way to help people understand their issues, heal inner conflicts and release old traumas.

Accurate Psychic Readers and Mediums have the ability to tap into information in the Energy Field or Spiritual Realms and bring through important guidance and messages for people.  This is also very healing. Our Medical Intuitive, Kara Kovacs, has an amazing ability to sense what’s causing a health problem on an energetic or emotional level and work with you to clear it.

Tapping into the energetic and spiritual realms of our existence can truly create miracles and expand our reality. If your “Inner Sceptic” is talking to you now just remember that the mind is like a parachute, it works best when its open.
I found that the Voice Channelling we learned this weekend is a very safe and elegant way to empower people to access the information that they need that lies beyond conscious awareness.    And for me it was confirmation, yet again, that there is far more to us than meets the eye. It was also lots of fun.

Whether do it with Hypnosis, a Psychic Reading, Voice Channelling, Meditation or Prayer, I believe we can all benefit enormously from connecting with spirit and receiving guidance from our soul. Just imagine for a minute a world with everyone living from their soul, (which is pure love), and making daily decisions based on its wisdom and guidance.  What a different world we will have. Jason’s mission is to teach as many people as possible to do this. I’ll be sharing some more information about this process at Kindred Spirits on Thursday morning (at 10.30am) and leading you through the gorgeous Chakra Clearing Meditation. Maybe we can even experiment with some channelled writing.

Now, on a totally different topic, this week I also want to talk to you about money. On the weekend most of the questions people asked were about the four big areas of concern. These areas are: Health, Relationships, Career or Life Purpose and Money.

Did you know that your beliefs around money will determine your income, savings, debt and investments? Believe it or not these things won’t change until your beliefs about them change. And… believe it or not your beliefs are not stored in your brain, they’re embedded in your energy field. That’s why working with Energy Healing can create huge changes in your financial situation and your attitude to money issues.

Unfortunately most of us have had negative experiences or even traumas around money. We might carry old beliefs from our parents that “Money is hard to come by,” or that “Rich people are snobs,” and we don’t want to be seen that way. Often we aren’t aware of the negative beliefs we have about money until we take a really close look at them and start to tease it all out.

As you may know one of my favourite Energy Healing techniques is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  This is a process of tapping on acupressure points to clear blocks in the energy channels (meridians) of the body. This technique is fabulous for clearing any energetic or emotional blocks you have to creating wealth and prosperity in your life.

Our EFT Practitioner, Catharine Ross, has designed a 4 hour workshop to help you release all your money blocks and attract abundance. So if you’re ready to make a big shift in your life then join Catharine for this workshop on Saturday June 13th from 9.30am to 1.30pm  BOOK ONLINE HERE
Here’s what Catharine has to say about her journey with EFT:
“Many years ago, I was in search of help with a number of big problems. I tried countless therapies, modalities, medications, you name it, to help myself overcome various issues, without much success.

I owe my shift to my mother, who 5 years ago, introduced me to EFT (or “tapping”) as a way of helping me to heal from these past experiences and emotions. I was sceptical at first, however after visiting a practitioner, started noticing things changing.

Since I was a little girl I have always known I have come to this Earth to help people, and after my own career crises (thank you Universe!) I made the decision that would shape my current, very fulfilling life – to become an EFT Practitioner and pass on the phenomenal results I had achieved to others.”

Catharine’s workshop RELEASE YOUR MONEY BLOCKS and ATTRACT ABUNDANCE is on Saturday June 13th from 9.30am to 1.30pm  BOOK ONLINE HERE
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That’s all for now. Have a great week,
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