Coping With Kids

I hope all is well with you. If you have school aged kids I hope you’re enjoying the holidays. My children left school long ago and my grandchildren are yet to start so the holidays don’t make a big difference in our lives at this stage. We did have our grandchildren sleep over on the weekend though which was gorgeous.  We discovered that we had to drop everything for the weekend and totally concentrate on them. Nothing like having kids around to keep you in the moment. But as people often say, grandparents can give the kids back but parenting is relentless. 

The challenge for parents is that they need to manage their lives, their work, their homes, etc. as well as managing their children 24/7. As a grandparent you just need to manage the kids and then when they go home you can clean up the house and collapse .

The job of being a parent is huge. Take a look at this very funny video interviewing people for the job of parenting.

Now parenting is tough enough when you’re feeling well and happy, but if you’re struggling with sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety or a physical health issue then it can be a really tough gig.  Getting the support you need to do your job well is as important for parents as it is for any job. I believe it’s actually more important unless your job is something like an Air Traffic Controller or a Brain Surgeon. Your child deserves you to be at the top of your game. Like it or not, your parenting will leave a lasting impact. So what do you do if you’re struggling?

Well, today I want to talk to you about a range of strategies to stay sane, well and happy when you have children….

Firstly, although it wasn’t specifically targeting parents our recent Anxiety and Kinesiology Trial had very impressive results for not only anxiety, but for depression and stress.  You can see the results here:

Total Depression Scores went from 57 to 19
Total Anxiety Scores went from 52 to 19
Total Stress Scores went from 96 to 42

Take a look at the graph HERE
These clients had 4 weekly sessions with Carolyn Beesey, our Kinesiologist.
If you’re not familiar with Kinesiology then take a look HERE. Using muscle testing it can get directly to the cause of a problem and clear it surprisingly quickly.  During a session you lie fully clothed on a massage table and Carolyn simply tests the change in the muscle tone in your arm as she asks a range of questions. Amazingly enough you don’t actually need to know the answers to the questions as the muscle will give her a Yes or No answer. I have to say that Kinesiology is one of my favourite modalities. Years ago I sent my Dad to a Kinesiologist as he was very stressed and he was blown away! He asked me later, “How did the Kinesiologist know all those things about me when I didn’t say a word?” Hmmm… obviously the body knows the truth. Kinesiology can quickly locate and clear the underlying cause of all sorts of stresses. When that happens parenting is a much easier job. .

I also want to tell you about the outcome of just 3 sessions with Kara Kovacs, our Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer.  The scores for one of Kara’s recent clients went from Depression 23 to 2, Anxiety 12 to 1, Stress 19 to 7 which is fabulous.

Here’s what that client had to say about the sessions…  “Kara was the most wonderful experience. We got to know each other quite well at the end of our sessions. I found Kara to be an insightful, loving, caring, warm human being, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the human psyche and an ability to “See” clearly, situations in my life where I might react, think or act, on impulse from a lifetime of being “me” that are not in my best interests. I had soul and spiritual help with Kara’s crystal healing and I received practical practices to incorporate into my daily life to both help and nurture me. I would not hesitate to recommend Kara to anyone, she holds a safe, loving, nurturing space for all.” JW

Kara is with us on Saturdays and is getting very busy. I suggest if you want to see her that you book 3 fortnightly appointments.

Now, lastly I want to talk about Hypnosis. Did you see the new TV show on Monday called “You’re Back in the Room”?  It’s a crazy game show hosted by Daryl Somers where the participants are hypnotised. I’ll talk more about Stage Hypnosis next week but for now just let me tell you that the contestants in this show were definitely in Hypnosis! Although it was very slapstick humour I think it’s a really interesting way to demonstrate the power of Hypnosis and its ability to change beliefs and perceptions.

One of the contestants, for example, was told that a celebrity’s feet were very smelly. This man was literally gagging with disgust and stuck cotton balls up his nose. It was a pretty funny segment of the show but just imagine how useful that technique is when a Hypnotherapist works with a client to help them stop smoking. A Hypnotic suggestion that cigarettes smell and taste disgusting can create profound change and help someone easily break the habit.

Another woman was told she was a Pop Diva. She pranced around and posed on stage with incredible confidence. Just imagine how great it could be to have that kind of suggestion if you had stage fright, performance anxiety or poor self-esteem. Or imagine an anxious VCE student going into an exam feeling totally confident that they could recall everything they needed to.

Most people have no idea how powerful and beneficial hypnosis is. I believe it’s scandalously under-utilised and it should be used in every school, hospital and workplace to improve performance, reduce stress, promote healing and allow us to fully use the phenomenal power of our minds for good rather than just for comedy game shows. But I digress….  Let’s get back to parenting…  Imagine a hypnotic suggestion that you have all the skills of a Super Nanny and you can consistently parent your children in a calm, confident, loving and assertive way.  Imagine believing that you have all the patience in the world and all the energy you need to be a great parent… that you’re fun, creative, fair and firm. I wonder what difference that would make in your home??

So I suggest you find a babysitter, escape from the kids this week and come along and get some nurturing. Put on your own oxygen mask first so you can be your best for your kids. Even just a regular massage can work wonders and we have a couple of amazing Massage Therapists on with some availability week.

Mention this email when you book an appointment with Carolyn, Kara or one of our three Hypnotherapists (Myself, Manuela and Tamsin) or a 60 minute Massage and receive a $20 voucher to spend in our shop.

That’s all for now.  Take a look at the Right Hand column for our upcoming classes and events.  As always we have some awesome events coming up. >>>>

Have a great week,

Warm Regards,

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