What’s Your Mind Capable Of?

Well we have well and truly stepped into Autumn hey?   Daylight Saving has finished and we’ve had some very crisp mornings.  You may remember I had a big clean out of my wardrobe after Christmas and it seems I got a bit carried away throwing out my winter clothes.  Oops. It looks like I might have to go shopping.  Oh well a bit of retail therapy never hurt.

I actually had a great weekend away in the bush, detoxing from the world. No phone coverage, no Facebook, no emails.  Lots of meditating and yummy food. It was gorgeous. I’ve come back feeling very relaxed, clear headed and focussed. I can actually do one thing at a time without having a head full of all the other things I should/could be doing. It’s lovely. It reminded me that I was planning to organise a Simply Natural Retreat. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

With the kids back at school it’s a good time to catch your breath and nurture yourself.  Our clinic is certainly busy this week and we had some fantastic classes last weekend that were fully booked.  I hear that the Mandala workshop was brilliant. Take a look at our Facebook page to see the Masterpieces that were created.  We also had a workshop on Friday night with the lovely Geraldine Teggelove teaching people how to read her Oracle Cards.  The room was packed to the walls and I think everyone discovered they are much more psychic than they think.

The truth is that we are all capable of so much more than we realise and so much more than we’ve been led to believe by our parents, teachers and peers.  I might have talked about this before but there’s a fascinating study looking at how people reacted to pictures appearing randomly on a computer screen. The subjects in this study were hooked up to biofeedback equipment that measured their brain response and the response of their heart rate variability. The pictures were either pleasing or disturbing. The subjects were shown a range of pictures like snakes, spiders, guns and other scary things along with sunsets, flowers and butterflies etc.

The computer would randomly generate a picture to flash onto the screen.  Both the brain and the heart responded appropriately according to the emotion of each picture but the fascinating thing they discovered was that the heart reacted to the picture before the brain did.  The even more amazing thing, however, is that the heart responded to the picture 5 to 7 seconds before it appeared on the screen, before the computer had even decided which picture to generate!

Our natural intuitive and psychic abilities have been ignored, forgotten, ridiculed or intentionally suppressed for a long time. I’m sure you’ve had times when a partner randomly said exactly what you were thinking or you knew who was calling before you looked at your phone or you had a feeling about something just before it happened.  I love the fact that scientists are now openly and seriously studying these abilities.

If you’d like to learn more about how to connect to your intuition and increase your psychic abilities then we have a fantastic 6 week Psychic Development Course coming up on Saturday afternoons from April 23rd with Tamsin Russell coming up soon. Take a look HERE for more information or to book your place.

The other amazing ability we have that has been grossly underestimated and under-utilised is the ability of the mind to heal the body.  I wrote about Dr Joe Dispenza a while ago and as I was driving on the week end I re-listened to an audio book of his.  You might remember me talking about Dr Joe using very focussed visualisation and meditation to heal his crushed vertebrae after a cycling accident.  His doctors told him he would never walk again unless he had surgery but he discharged himself from hospital and healed himself.

In his book he talks about a man who attended one of his workshops. This man had one cancerous tumour at a time that kept occurring in various places. Each time he had a lump frozen, cut out and irradiated another would appear somewhere else on his body.  After this happened several times he started to question what was causing the cancer. At this stage he had a lump the size of an apricot on his calf.  He asked himself what he was doing in his brain that made the tumour keep coming back. He packed a bag and went to Mexico for 10 days to do some soul searching.

During that time he was removed from all the typical triggers in his life. From “the habit of being himself” as one of dr Dispenza’s book is called. He spent 5 days observing his habitual emotions, thinking and behaviour patterns. He wrote down all his negative, destructive thoughts and realised he was often feeling resentment.  He reviewed and released all his negative emotional patterns in this way.  Over the following 5 days he focussed on how he DID want to feel and how he wanted to BE in his life when he returned.  He literally created a new personality in the space of 10 days. The new thoughts and emotions created new chemistry in his body.

He returned home and on the day he was booked in for surgery to have the tumour on his calf removed he was in the shower. He looked down and the tumour had fallen off his leg! According to Dr Dispenza the new thoughts and emotions had switched off the cancer genes. The cancer could no longer exist in the new internal environment he’d created by changing his personality. Dr Dispenza says that when you “change your personality you change your personal reality.” I love that.

Last Thursday at Kindred Spirits Emma Vanderhouven spoke about the work she does to help people change their personal reality. Emma is a Wellness Mindset Trainer with Dr Dispenza. We are extremely lucky to have Emma running a one day workshop with us on Saturday April 30th to teach you how to do this work not just for physical issues but for anything you would like to change in your life.  Take a look HERE for more details and to book. NB Cost is $187.

I know I’m biased but Hypnosis is also a very powerful way to change your personality for the better. This Thursday at Kindred Spirits we’ll be exploring the magic of Hypnosis to change beliefs and thought patterns.

One more thing before I go….. I just want to I want to let you know that we have Free 15 Minute Iridology Appointments available this Friday with our Naturopath. Your iris can reveal important information about your health. If you’re curious to find out what you’re eyes reveal about your constitutional tendencies, genetic predisposition and possible weaknesses in you organs and tissues then give us a call on 9842 7033 or reply to this email to book an appointment. We only have a couple of spots available so be quick to book.

That’s all for now.  Take a look at the Right Hand column for our upcoming classes and events.  As always we have some awesome events coming up. >>>>

Have a great week,

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