Brain on Fire

Feeling depressed? Unmotivated? Stressed? Chronic inflammation throughout the body can directly affect the brain causing it to literally to be…. “on fire!” resulting in mood changes.

This patient visited me last week and had significant inflammatory markers in her blood film. In the photo there is diffuse fibrin which we can’t actually see but it is trapping the red cells pulling them into “cloud” like shapes. The second arrow is again fibrin in a clump. So what is this fibrin stuff?

It is produced from fibrinogen which is an acute phase protein released from the liver when our body is having a inflammatory response to illness, toxins or injury. This is an appropriate and normal response. But, when that normal response is not switched off because the cause is persistent with poor diet, high stress, chronic disease states or toxin exposure, then it stays switched on, becoming chronic inflammation. So what’s the big deal with chronic inflammation? Well it is a driver of more serious disease states such as diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases such as heart attack and strokes as well as cancer. 

It also affects the brain which, in this patients case, would be causing her depression and lack of motivation. Luckily she is taking part in a Wellness Program in a wonderful clinic and is under the care of several practitioners including a clinical hypnotherapist and an acupuncturist. I have recommend she follow up with the naturopath there as well.

There are some wonderful supplements currently available utilising fish oils, specific probiotics, curcumin (tumeric) and saffron etc. which your practitioner can prescribe specifically for your needs. Tackling the inflammation and therefore mood will in turn help improve motivation to address other issues such a stress levels, improving diet, adding in exercise and focusing on weight loss. If you are feeling as if your brain is “on fire!” then contact me to have a baseline assessment to see where you are at and we can get you started on feeling happier and healthier asap, 

By Tania Delahoy

About Tania:

Tania Delahoy is a Medical Scientist with nearly 20 years experience in diagnostic pathology, primarily in clinical haematology and specialist blood morphology. She has worked in several major hospitals and private pathology in New Zealand and in Melbourne before joining the team at Simply Natural Therapies as a specialised in-house integrative pathology provider.

With a long standing interest in comprehensive health studies, Tania has a B.App Sci (MLS) from RMIT and has completed additional training in integrative pathology testing. Tania works alongside the practitioners at Simply Natural performing microscopic blood analysis and other specialised testing. For Tania this is the ideal way of incorporating her experience in clinical haematology with her love of integrative medicine.

Tania is passionate about blood analysis as she believes that it provides the ideal screening tool to give valuable and insightful information to each client and their practitioner to better manage health and well being goals. Tania has a special interest in children for whom the test is ideal as it is minimally invasive, gives a sneak peek into their internal health and they just love seeing their blood magnified in front of them.