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I hope you’ve had a good week. I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of my second grandchild. Michelle, my eldest daughter, is actually due today.  It was Michelle’s birthday last Saturday so she was quite pleased that she didn’t have her baby then.  Spending your birthday in labour and then having to share your birthday with your child for the rest of your life is probably not ideal. She also said that she didn’t want to steal Kate and William’s limelight. So thoughtful, hey?  I guess I’ll have some news for you next week.  

I remember when I was pregnant with Michelle I was already very interested in Natural Therapies and the power of the mind. I actually called a couple of Hypnotherapists to see if I could find someone to hypnotise me for the birth. Unfortunately no-one was keen to be on call at any time of day or night to attend a birth and potentially spend many hours with me during labour.

At the time Hypnobirthing (the program we teach now) didn’t exist so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I practised the breathing techniques I’d learned at our antenatal classes and I read about the benefits of relaxation through childbirth. I loved the idea of the Leboyer Method which advocated a very quiet, gentle birth with dim lights and soft music.

When the time came I actually did very well. I relaxed really deeply between contractions and I focused on the second hand of a big clock and concentrated on my breathing during each contraction. I had Michelle in 6 hours from the very first contraction with no medication or intervention.  She was placed directly onto my bare belly and we fell in love.

I realise now that during the birth I was using self -hypnosis although it wasn’t until many years later that I officially became a Hypnotherapist.  I’m now, more than ever, in awe of the power of the mind.  I see miracles happening every day in my work and it’s such a joy to be part of the profound transformation people can make in their lives when they learn how to harness that mind power.

At the beginning of the first Hypnotherapy session I’ll ask about the issue a client wants help with. This could be anything from anxiety, depression, smoking, weight, insomnia or pain to self esteem or relationship issues. I’ve found that anything someone would seek counselling for can be fast-tracked with hypnosis.

After we’ve discussed the issues they are struggling with I’ll then ask for their wish list. I’ll say, “If Hypnosis could work magic, as I’ve seen it do many times how would you like things to be?” Some people will have dozens of things on their wish list. Others will just say, “To be calm,” or “To be well.”  I write down the wish list and always phrase it in positive language. By that I mean it’s what they DO want to create not what they DON’T want. For example, if they tell me they want to be free of pain or anxiety, we’ll rephrase it “to be comfortable in my body” or “to feel calm and confident.”
I find that setting the intention and writing it down is really important.  That way we’re both clear about the outcome and my subconscious, the client’s subconscious and The Universe know what we’re wanting to manifest. I am a big believer in magic but you need to ask for what you want.  To be perfectly honest I’ve worked with some clients and felt like we weren’t getting anywhere in a hurry. When I look back over their notes I realise that we never wrote a wish list! Oops.

Once we’ve agreed on the wish list I’ll talk them into a lovely relaxed trance state. All Hypnotherapists work slightly differently to help someone go into trance but I ask my clients to focus on a spot on the wall and take a few deep slow breaths. I’ll talk in a lovely soothing, relaxing way and they find that they soon simply want to close their eyes and just listen. Being in hypnosis is a little like listening to a bedtime story. It’s a lovely, dreamy, peaceful sort of feeling.

As someone physically relaxes, the mind becomes more open and receptive and I can then talk about the things on their wish list. Those things then become recorded in the subconscious mind and work automatically as post hypnotic suggestions after the session.

I had a client recently who was quite health conscious but was addicted to drinking 2 litres on Coca cola a day. When I saw her two weeks later she hadn’t had any Coke since the first session and had found it really easy. I’d simply given her subconscious mind the suggestions that Coke was quite toxic to her body (which is true), it would taste too sweet and sickly and that she would prefer water.  It worked a treat!

In hypnosis it’s also important to explore and clear the cause of a problem and access the solutions and wisdom that we don’t have in a normal waking state.  I had a client who’d had insomnia for the past 6 months and in Hypnosis she quickly realised the cause and we resolved it. At the second appointment she told me she’d been sleeping really well.

It’s often said that we only use 10% of the power of our mind. I find that hypnosis can give you access to the other 90% so rather than losing control in Hypnosis, as some people fear, you actually gain control. And learning self-hypnosis gives you an incredibly valuable skill for life whether you’re having a baby, calming an anxiety attack, trying to get to sleep at night or attempting to resist that second piece of chocolate cake.
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