Throwing in the Tea Towel

Well it feels like Spring is almost here. It’s so lovely to see the sunshine and the blossom coming out.  I do love the warmer weather. Years ago I spent a winter in Holland which was very long and dark and cold so I never complain too much about Melbourne’s winters.  They come and go very quickly really.  Wasn’t it Easter about 5 minutes ago? 

I hope you’ve had a good week. Mine was pretty full as usual. We had our grandchildren sleep over on Saturday night which is always a treat.  Marlie, our adorable granddaughter, is 16 months old and has just learned to say Nana. It makes my heart melt every time.

Anyway, I mentioned last week that as I continue to do the free health assessments with clients it’s been really interesting to see the recurring themes that people are struggling with.  Last week I talked about tummy troubles but I’ve also found that one of the most common issues is actually a reflection of a much bigger issue.  It’s a global shift in consciousness.

When I listen deeply to women and ask about their heart and soul they tell me they feel unfulfilled. They have a yearning for something more in life. Some of them have unexpressed dreams. Many have no idea what their passion or purpose is but they have a strong desire to discover and live it. So many of the women I’ve seen lately are asking, “What about me?”

And it’s not just those women with an empty nest that are asking the question.  Women, especially mothers of all ages are starting to feel the pinch of sacrificing their own needs for others. They are wondering why they put themselves last and why they take care of children, the house, the laundry, the cooking, the pets, elderly parents etc. 90% of the time. They’re wondering why they take the burnt chop even though we live in an age of so-called equality for women.

Did you know that we’ve lived in a male dominated society for almost 2000 years? Since the 300’s CE men have been in charge. They have been the leaders and have made the rules in politics, the church, medicine, science, commerce and industry.  I recently watched the movie Suffragettes and I was shocked by how badly women were treated and how hard they had to fight for the right to vote only 100 years ago. Women were basically owned by their husbands and had very little power of their own.  It’s been like that for centuries. Although we now have the right to vote (thanks to those Suffragettes) our culture is still struggling with the remnants of old those attitudes.

I found it interesting as I watched the Olympic Games recently that a commentator referred to one of the athletes as a mother of a 6 year old whose family had obviously made sacrifices so she could follow her dreams. I wondered how many male athletes were referred to as fathers? How many of their wives were acknowledge for the sacrifices they made so their husbands could follow their dreams? It seems that a woman following her dreams is still the exception rather than the rule.

For a long time women have been the wind under someone else’s wings. Now is the time for us to spread our own wings.  According to Astrological predictions and ancient biblical teachings we are currently entering into the Age of Aquarius (remember the song?) and moving away from the old male dominated paradigm to a more balanced, co-operative and harmonious world.

Of course, if you’ve watched the news lately you might find that hard to believe but it’s definitely on the way.  A huge part of the change is that women are waking up.  We’re starting to realise that we have enabled to current paradigm to continue because we’ve taken a back seat.

A few weeks ago we ran a Workshop with Kerrie Searle who is an Animal Communicator and an very wise and empowered woman.  One of the things Kerrie said that really made me stop and think was that, “There is nothing more incredible than a woman who is fully in her power.”   She said that when we sacrifice ourselves for others we allow our energy will to be drained and we deprive the world of our gifts.

Of course kids need to be fed and bathed and taken to school and put to bed. They need to be cared for. Floors need to be mopped and meals need to be cooked. And just as I adore having my grandchildren around perhaps as women we feel that our rewards in life are seeing our children or partners or bosses or colleagues flourish.

But perhaps sometimes we’re walking that fine line between resentment and guilt. When we do those things that we don’t really want to do we feel resentment. And when we say no and don’t do what we think we should we feel selfish.  If we go out to lunch with a friend, go to an art class or trek the Himalayas instead of babysitting the grandchildren or taking a child to swimming lesson we feel guilty.

Sometimes women take care of themselves so that they have the energy to take care of others.  It’s the idea of putting on your own oxygen mask first before you help someone else.  A mum might have a massage or take time out with girlfriends so she can maintain her sanity with the kids, but what if it was OK to take care of yourself, purely and simply FOR yourself?

What if your joy and fulfilment and creativity and dreams were seen as equally important as anyone else’s? What if you fully stepped into your power and followed your dreams? Of course you would probably want to make sure you kids were safe and fed but what if you only did your fair share of the housework and childcare? What if kids and partners stepped up and also did their fair share?

About 10 years ago Harry and I visited Crete and we went to see the ancient ruins of Knossos.  We were lucky enough to have an amazing guide who brought the place to life for us. He described the culture and society of the time which was around 3000BC.  It fascinated me. This guide told us that at the time women were the leaders. They were the Politicians, the Doctors, the Priests, the Judiciary and the Accountants etc. He said that because men were physically stronger they worked in the fields, they did manual work, construction, and manufacturing, they explored and they traded with neighbouring countries.  Apparently they didn’t go to into battle because there was no conflict. Hmmm….  that’s interesting. Perhaps when women are in leadership cooperation replaces conflict.

It made me wonder what the world would look like if our feminine energy was truly unleashed and we actually stepped up, took back our power and follow our hearts.

I’m encouraging many of the women I’ve spoken with recently to have a series of appointments with our beautiful practitioners to explore all of these issues.  You don’t really need to throw in the Tea Towel or spit the dummy to make the shift, you can quietly blossom instead.

I’m really happy to chat with you about which practitioners might be best suited to help you fully step into your power, be awesome and bring your gifts to the world.  Just call us to book a time. Ph 9842 7033

By the way, a great place to start is our Soul Sisters’ Circle with Julie van Nispen which we hold on the last Wednesday of each month.  Take a look HERE for more details.

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