Thinking Outside The Square

What gorgeous (but chilly) weather we’ve been having. I hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy it.  Despite the cold mornings it’s actually been lovely to sit outside and soak up some sunshine.  I’m very grateful that my new back yard faces west and we can enjoy that afternoon sun.

Harry and I have almost got our new house in order.  A few trips to the Op Shop and we seem to have fitted everything in. The challenge now is to remember where I’ve put things.

Although I really didn’t have time, the weekend before we moved house I did the Level Three Light Dynamics Course with Jennifer Valente. Light Dynamics is a modality that Jennifer developed after many years of working intuitively. I loved doing Level One and Two and didn’t want to have to wait until November to do Level Three.

Over the years I’ve been quite a Workshop Junkie. I have done Level One of pretty much everything. Reiki, Seichem, Bio-Energetics, Healing Touch, Esoteric Healing, Dimensional Therapy, EFT to name a few. I’ve also done up to Level 8 Kinergetics as well as lots of other workshops. I’ve explored Neuro-Biofeedback, Neuro-Entrainment, Light and Sound Therapy, Heart Coherence and many aspect of Hypnotherapy including Past Life Regression. I didn’t necessarily do these courses to practice the particular techniques but to expand my understanding of how the mind, body and soul work together.

I must say that of all the things I’ve done, Light Dynamics has been right up there among the most amazing. It’s deepened my ability to meditate and enhanced my intuition and my ability to facilitate healing enormously. The ability to bring more light into the world is sorely needed at the moment. Level Three Light Dynamics gives you some beautiful global and remote healing techniques.  I’ve found that really empowering when I see the World News lately.  Being able to see the dark places on the planet, hold the light and send healing is far more beneficial to the world than burying your head in the sand to avoid seeing the suffering in places like Gaza or the Ukraine or Liberia etc. It’s also far better than being drawn into the suffering and despair. Jenn’s running a Level 1 Light Dynamics Course this coming weekend which I would highly recommend.

Anyway, while studying all the modalities that work with the mind and the human (and planetary) energy field I’ve had an ongoing parallel interest in the body and what supports health on a physical level.  The powerful role of things like hydration, detoxing and alkalising have always fascinated me.

As part of my Hypnotherapy training we studied a subject called Psycho-Nutrition. It’s the study of how nutrition effects our behaviour and emotions and how dietary changes and supplements can be used to treat mental health problems. For example, people with anxiety often have unstable blood sugar or suffer from Hypoglycaemia. Those with depression may be low in Vitamin D or B6. People with eating disorders can require extra zinc. Someone with paranoia may benefit from Vitamin C or anger issues may reduce with enough Vitamin B. I personally find my mood and energy levels are far more stable since I’ve been taking my Secret Remedy (See the Wellness Webcast link below)  Please don’t use this information as treatment advice. You need to be thoroughly assessed to determine your needs.

Since my original training as an Occupational Therapist way back the ‘70s I’ve always looked holistically at health problems. If someone has a physical issue I’ll look at what’s going on emotionally. Does a sore lower back reflect a lack of financial support, as author Louise Hay believes? Do knee troubles mean lack of direction? Does heart disease occur as a result of a broken heart?  Or tummy troubles when you can’t stomach something? How is stress or grief or loneliness contributing to the physical problem?

So if you think we’re a little nutty at Simply Natural recommending that you see our Naturopath for stress, anxiety or depression and our energy healers for pain or disease or Hypnotherapy for cancer then hopefully our logic makes more sense now. The mind, body and soul are intimately connected and healing one aspect of our being can often heal the others. When you look outside the square that’s when miracles happen.

I met a Dentist in Brazil last year who realised he got cancer of the tongue because he was constantly thinking critical thoughts but would “hold his tongue” and not say them. He said he stored all of that toxic energy “on his tip of his tongue”. Once he realised what he was doing and stopped being judgemental his tongue healed within a very short time.

It’s reassuring to know that every single practitioner at Simply Natural Therapies has a similar understanding and respect for the connection between the mind and the body.  I’ve always encouraged our team to understand each other’s modalities and to work together to support clients. Working in an integrated way means that clients get the best possible outcomes. Next week I want to talk to you about measuring those outcomes. Our last few staff meetings were a bit like speed dating. We had 15 minutes with each practitioner and got to sample how everyone works. It was fabulous.

We’re actually planning a series of VIP nights so that you can have the same experience.  Our first evening will be a Pamper Night. It’s from 7pm to 9.30pm on Friday August 22nd and we can only take 8 people so be quick if you’d like to book in. It includes a Psychic Reading, Mini Facial, Indian Head Massage, an Energy Balance, a Guided Deep Relaxation Journey and a yummy supper.  Cost $185. Call us if you would like to book.

I am really pleased to let you know that Nicole Jacobsen is doing Remedial Massage again as of next Monday after her recent hand injury. I know Nicole’s regular clients have missed her healing hands terribly.

Tina Carr is also back today from her trip to Mexico where she did a training course with Joe Dispenza. No doubt Tina’s Belief Busting sessions will be even more powerful now. Hopefully we can get Tina at Kindred Spirits later this month.  I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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