Do Natural Therapies Work?

How is your week going? I hope you’re keeping warm and cosy. If you’ve seen our shop window lately you may have noticed we have a video playing of an open fire. I think we need something a little warmer than a video this week!

I think everyone in Melbourne has felt the cold but did you know that if you really feel the cold when other people don’t, then you might want to try some extra Vitamin B. It can help improve your circulation and help you cope with the colder months. It’s usually best to take all the B Group Vitamin’s together as a B-Complex supplement. Take Vit B with protein and not too late in the day as it can energise you. Just a little tip. I’ve personally found this works really well for me but low iron (or something else) may be contributing so check with our lovely Naturopath, Anna Talaj, if you really struggle with the cold.

Other winter issues of course are coughs and colds. Our magic remedy to keep them at bay is a remarkable blend of essentail oils called “Thieves” that scares away the bugs. This particular blend of oils was used by a group of thieves in France during the Black Plague. The thieves would steal jewellery and money etc from the bodies of people who had died of the plague. They didn’t get get sick. When they were caught by the police they were asked how they protected themselves from getting the Plague. The thieves disclosed the recipe of this powerful blend of essentials oils which is now sold as “Thieves” oil and spray. We are happy to order it in for you at any time, or you can pop into the shop and try a drop.

Now if a cold has already taking hold, then I love Homeopathic Remedies to speed up recovery. During the first stage if you have sore or ticklish throat, Aconite or Nux Vomica are ideal. During the second stage when the nose is runny and with cold sweats, weakness and tiredness then Arsenicum Album is recommended and the third stage of a cold when there is thick yellow discharge from the nose and sinus congestion then Pulsatilla is useful. If you haven’t tried Homeopathy before then you may be in for a surprise. A friend’s child had earache one night and I gave her some tiny sugar pills of Pulsatilla nd the next day she was perfectly fine! There is actually a Homeopathic Remedy for pretty much anything. They come in tiny sigar pillules or drops so they’re really easy to give children and animals.

Speaking of animals, last week Kerrie Searle, Animal Communicator, spoke at Kindred Spirits. She was FANTASTIC! Kerrie was a school teacher and a Detective Senior Constable in the Police Force before she became an animal communicator. Her gift emerged when she realised her dog was speaking to her. She thought she was going nuts but as more and more animals communicated with her and shared accurate information she realised she had to pay attention. Animal Communication is now Kerry’s life’s work. Kerry has worked with the dolphins and their trainers at The Mirage in Las Vegas and the Polo and Racing Clubs in Singapore. She now does consultations for people and their pets all over the world.

Kerry’s session last week was so wonderful we invited her to do an evening workshop for us from 7pm to 9pm on Thursday August 21st. Here is some feedback from last week….
“Amazing! It touched my heart and I learnt so much about something I am passionate about.”
“This session delivered by an incredible communicator reinforced and expanded my understandings formed by a consultation between our puppy, Kerrie and ourselves”
“Kerrie was amazing. So wonderful to hear someone speak from the heart and spread a beautiful message for animals, humans and the planet. I felt my soul come more and more alive as Kerrie spoke. Was blessed to be here”
Take a look at the Right Hand Column for more info on this event.

As no doubt you’ve noticed, we do some pretty “out there” things at Simply Natuiral Therapies. I often use the saying that the mind is like a parachute, it works best when its open.

This week I had a good chat to my Osteo, who is doing his PhD, about measuring our outcomes with clients. We know that what we do here at Simply Natural Therapies really helps people. We have such rapid and amazing results with so many people. And we have bucket loads of testimonials and thank you letters from clients to prove it. Unfortunately, in the medical and scientific community the success stories (anecdotal evidence) don’t carry much weight and are certainly not seen as proof of anything. I would really like to get the word out there and start to wake up some more doctors so we are planning to start getting serious about keeping track of our outcomes. That means measuring certain things before and after a treatment program.

Of course since we’re not a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company we don’t have a few million dollars to spend on research but we will do our best to accurately measure our results. Some of the treatments I would love to get good statistics on are things like the Crystal Light Bed sessions and the beautiful Energy Healing work many of our practitioners are doing. So many clients ay their depression and/or anxiety have lifted as a result of these sessions.

Our “Pilot Program” will be something like 6 x weekly sessions with a standard DASS (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale) Questionnaire before and after. I think it would be so awesome to actually have our very own statistically significant evidence that these modalities are effective.

Mind you, Statistics was my worst subject in Uni, but maybe I can just do the fun bits and let someone else do the sums. If you’re interested in being part of our trial then simply complete the DASS Questionnaire HERE. It take 5 to ten minutes. At the moment we can offer 20%* discount on sessions for trial participants, but if anyone can point me in the direction of a research grant then who knows what we might be able to achieve!

Have a happy, healthy week,

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