Why Mother’s Day is not always happy

What a great day we had on Saturday. Our “Forgotten Secrets of Health” Seminar was packed to the walls and the feedback was fantastic. Kristine and Wayne Matheson have a wealth of information to share and their first-hand experience of beating cancer naturally gives them bucket loads of credibility.

If you missed the Seminar you might like to grab a copy of Kristine’s book “From Cancer to Wellness” for her 28 day step by step protocol to regaining your health. This book’s not just for people with cancer, it’s a great tool for people wanting to stay cancer free or regain their health or support their body if they have other diseases. We have a few copies left in the shop.

I would also encourage you to take a look at the Raw Food and Meditation Retreat Kristine and Wayne run in beautiful Byron Bay at the stunning 5 Star Shambala Resort. If you’d like to enjoy luxury as you detox and nourish your body with Kristine’s delicious raw, organic foods, learn how to take back control of your health and experience some powerful healing meditations and bodywork, then I suggest you get yourself to this Retreat.

At the Seminar I spoke about stress and disease. I’ve talked about how toxic stress is before but I thought you might be interested in some statistics I came across…
•60% of all doctor’s visits are for stress related illnesses
•Preventable disease makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illness and…
•90% of all healthcare costs
•Diet, exercise and managing stress are the keys to preventing disease

Just imagine how much money the country could save if we all took responsibility for our diet, fitness and stress.

I found a comic on Facebook last week where a patient is telling his Doctor, “I don’t feel well and I’m not sure why.” The Doctor’s reply is, “I want you to meditate for 20 minutes, twice a day, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, avoid processed foods, eat plenty of fruit and veg, spend more time in nature and less indoors, stop worrying about things you can’t control and ditch your T.V. Come back in 3 weeks.” It’s supposed to be funny but I think, “What an enlightened Doctor!”

Here are some options to help you with his advice:
Each Term I run an 8 week program call Stress to Serenity to teach people how to stop worrying about the things they can’t control. The next course is starting on May 19th and I would love you to join me on the journey from Stress to Serenity. It’s $297 for the eight weeks and you can pay as you go.

Manuela Picinich, our amazing Hypnotherapist, is running the very popular “Weight Loss with Hypnosis” Seminar on Wed, May 14th so if you want some help to easily avoid those processed foods and enjoy eating plenty of fruits and vegetables then I suggest you get yourself along to that. It’s at 7pm and the cost is $65.

As far as Meditation goes you have a choice of 4 Meditation Classes each week, Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 10am, Thursday at 7pm and Friday at 1pm (Friday is free).

You can even join us for a little exercise on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am for Pilates and Tuesday evening at 7pm for Kundalini Yoga.

I’m afraid that spending time in nature and ditching the TV are things you’ll have to do yourself. I challenge you to take up the prescription of the Doctor in the cartoon and see how you feel in 3 weeks!

My mother passed away when she was just 53. I was 26 at the time and newly married. I clearly remember the first Mother’s Day after she died. I was at Box Hill Shopping Centre and I was overwhelmed by all the advertisements telling me to show my mother how much I loved her. I wished I could show her how much I loved her and lavish her with gifts but she was gone and my grief was still fresh. I ended up in tears.

If your Mum has passed away then Mother’s Day can be tough. One of our regular customers, Judy Taylor, has recently published her first book called, “Mum Moments – a journey through grief.” It’s Judy’s record of her own thoughts and emotions after losing her Mum including, the joy and the tears. She writes beautifully and we are proud to have her book available in our shop. You can read more about this beautifully moving book at www.positivesigns.com.au and you can purchase it from the shop. Judy is presenting at Kindred Spirits this week at 10.30am on Thursday. We would love you to join us.

Now of course if your mum is still with you then she would probably love some nurturing with one of our beautiful practitioners like a Top to Toe Pampering session, (Reflexology and Indian Head Massage) with Etsuko or a Tibetan Peace Massage with Kesang. Remember we also have Gift Vouchers so your Mum can choose whatever her heart desires from our shop or clinic.

I also want to let you know that Marcus Bird is doing another Clinic Day with us next Monday May 12th. A 45 minute Dimensional Therapy session has the potential to create miracles.

Here’s some feedback from one of Marcus’s clients. “At the end of a short session where by Marcus demonstrated his method of healing I was absolutely amazed with the disappearance of a 9.5mm lump on the base of my Achilles.” Mirjana

Sessions with Marcus book up quickly so call us to make an appointment. 9842 7033

Now take a look at the Right Hand column for lots of info on our other events, therapies and practitioners >>>>>>>

Wishing you a great week,

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