Kids Behaviour Issues?

Wow, what chilly weather we’ve had these past couple of days.  I hope you’ve been able to stay cosy. I find it ironic that politicians are still talking about global warming. I wish my part of the globe was a bit warmer. I can’t complain though because it’s only one more sleep and I’m off to Bali for two weeks. That’s as long as the volcano settles down and the flights keep going. I’m keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. 

I’m really looking forward to the time off and plan to put my feet up by the pool and have a massage a day. Keep your eye out for the Enews over the next two weeks though because the lovely Simply Natural Practitioners are going to tell you about some very cool solutions to some very common problems. I’m looking forward to reading the next couple of emails myself.

This week I’m feeling very pleased with myself because I am just putting the final touches on a Webcast I’ve recorded to teach parents about SleepTalk for Children.  It’s a 60 minute video that explains the whole process and will be launched on August 2nd. You can access it now with the link below although its not fully automated yet.

What’s SleepTalk for Children?…  I hear you say. Well, when I was learning Hypnosis almost 20 years ago, anytime a childhood problem was mentioned we were told that SleepTalk would help. At the time my children were 12, 10 and 6 years old.  I was having way too many fights with my 10 year old son and I was hanging out to learn how to do SleepTalk.

My son was not a bad kid, but he was not nearly as interested in pleasing his mother as he was in playing with his Lego.  Getting the kids ready for school in the morning was one of my biggest challenges.  I would ask James to go and clean his teeth, or find his shoes, or make his bed etc. and he would head off down the hall. I would find him 10 minutes later playing with his Lego, still shoeless, teeth unbrushed and the bed unmade.  Now, if you have kids you might be able to relate to my frustration.

Anyway, I eventually learned how to do SleepTalk, which is basically a process of talking to your child while they’re at a particular level of sleep. It works a lot like hypnosis and it uses lovely positive affirmations to build their self-esteem.  It was developed by Joane Goulding for her own daughter who was severely disabled.

Well, after I’d been doing SleepTalk for about 10 days I went to wake James one morning and he wasn’t in his bed.  His bed was made and I found him in the bathroom, fully dressed in his school uniform, shoes and all, cleaning his teeth!  I was shocked!  He was a bit bewildered too but he simply told me he was sick of being late for school.

That day was a turning point for my family. James was happier, more co-operative and even more affectionate. We were all more relaxed and mornings were so much easier. It was truly amazing. The interesting thing though, is that what I said to James at night while he was sleeping had nothing to do with making the bed, putting on shoes, or cleaning teeth, they were purely carefully worded phrases about feeling loved and feeling positive.  They were affirmations to build his self-esteem. They reprogrammed his brain. I also believe SleepTalk works like energy healing. When you bathe your sleeping child in loving energy each night miracles can happen .

Since then I’ve taught hundreds of families how to do SleepTalk with equally remarkable results. One mum I taught had a four year old who would cry to the point of vomiting every time she had to go to work.  He would cling to her at the front door and it would break her heart. It was awful.  Three weeks after starting SleepTalk he walked her to the front door, kissed her goodbye and said, “Have a nice time at work mum.”   Her feedback brought tears to my eyes.

SleepTalk can actually help with a whole range of childhood issues. I’ve taught many parents who’ve used it successfully for bedwetting, nail-biting, shyness, aggression, separation anxiety, learning difficulties, health issues, night terrors or sleep problems. The list goes on and on. I honestly think that every parent should be doing SleepTalk for their child every night.  It’s so quick and simple you can do it in an ad break, but I’ve found that parents get the best results when they have a really good understanding of how and why the process works, not just what to say.

SleepTalk can be used for children up to the age of 12 to 13 years old. After that I recommend Hypnosis or Hypnosis CDs to create subconscious change. The Webcast I’ve created explains the whole process in detail and gives you all the information you need to start working with your child straight away. I would love your feedback.

SleepTalk is worth gold but you can learn it for a just short time for $29.95. (Normally $49.95) CLICK HERE to get early access for this discounted price. This will give you access to the webcast, the checklist to monitor your child’s progress and the foundation script that I’ve developed. It will be officially released and fully automated on August 2nd but if you’re impatient, like me, you can access it now. OR you can purchase Joane’s Ebook and audio recording HERE for $89.

That’s all for now. Stay dry and safe and I hope you have a fabulous week,
Warm Regards,
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