Finding Inner Peace in a Chaotic World

Well what a dramatic week it’s been!  So many people are in shock about what’s happened in Paris. It’s dominated the news, Facebook and many conversations over the past few days.  The fact that this terrible event has happened in a country that we thought was safe has made us all stop and think. As Aussies we can identify with the situations that the victims were in at the time of the attacks. We’ve all been to sporting events, sat in cafes and been to concerts.  We can identify with the victims and the thought of it is horrific.  

I must say that I was glued to the news on Saturday and it was reminiscent of 9/11. I was also curious to see what would pop up on Facebook. I have “friends” from all over the world and it was nice to get several notifications that friends in the area were safe.  I was also intrigued by the various reactions posted on Facebook. First many people were saying lets Pray for Paris, then comments started appearing that these kinds of acts of violence are happening all the time in many countries so why just pray for Paris? There were also many comments about responding in a conscious and an enlightened way by sending love and light rather than anger and hate.

There were too many quotes to include them all but here are a few that resonated with me were:

  • “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.
  • “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Mahatma Ghandi
  • “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Albert Einstein

The level of thinking that created The Terrorist vs The Infidel problem on the planet is what Pam Grout, author of E-Squared and E-Cubed, calls World View 1.0. Pam talks about 12 principal beliefs that we base our current World View on and an invitation to consider shifting to Worldview 2.0.
Here are a few of them:
World View 1.0: The world is a menacing place
World View 2.0: There is nothing to fear
World View 1.0: Life happens to me
World View 2.0: Life emanates from me
World View 1.0: My job is to judge between right and wrong
World View 2.0: My job is to create not critique

By the way, Pam’s book E-Cubed fell off the book shelf in shop in front of me the other day so I figured I had better read it. The tag line is: Nine more energy experiments that prove manifesting and miracles is you only gig. That intrigued me. 

It’s chock a block with incontrovertible evidence that we create our reality based on what we believe. This occurs personally and collectively. So if we’ve got to this point in time on the planet with a security crisis, a refugee crisis, a climate crisis, a health crisis, a financial crisis (the global debt is $61 Trillion and just between you and me I don’t think we can pay that back), a crisis of poverty, hunger, anxiety and depression then perhaps its time to rethink our current belief systems and consider trialling World View 2.0.

David Martin is interviewed in the movie Future Dreaming. This is a remarkable documentary that will challenge the way you think about humanity. Its filmed in Antarctica, and it explores the beliefs that drive our economic, social and political thinking and offers a new way of understanding the Human Condition.

Dr David E. Martin is an extraordinary intellect and speaker, with a deep insight into the past, present and future of mankind. David says that most of humanity is asleep and he is the alarm clock. I’m showing this movie at Kindred Spirits this Thursday morning if you would like to join me and share your thoughts about creating our future.
Now back to a more personal level. Years ago I read a book called “I Shall Not Hate” by a Palestinian doctor whose two daughters had been killed by an Israeli missile. This remarkable man truly believed all of these quotes and held consciously chose to hold no anger towards the Israeli’s. He truly embraced the principals of forgiveness.  He actually worked in an Israeli hospital and delivered Israeli babies.  His book probably did more to wake up the world to what’s happening in Gaza than taking revenge ever would.

Another quote a friend told me yesterday was that “Those who are hardest to love need it the most.”  Apparently this was said by Socrates.  There’s no doubt about it, violence and murder are wrong and it’s a tall order forgive someone who has committed an atrocity.  It requires a very different level of thinking.  I’ve no idea how I’d go if someone I loved was affected directly but I do believe two things. One is that the only way someone can commit an act of violence or murder is if they’ve lost connection with their heart and soul. The other is that holding onto anger and resentment is like swallowing poison and hoping someone else will die. Its toxic to our bodies and our lives.

So, just as it appears that the world is very vulnerable right now there is a huge groundswell of people who are becoming more and more enlightened. People who ARE thinking on a different level. People who understand the Law of Attraction and know that we get more of what we focus on.  These people know that we need to make peace within ourselves in order to create peace on the planet.   Remember the experiment in Washington where up to 4000 people meditated for almost 2 months?  The crime rate dropped by 23.3%!

Believe it or not peace is contagious.  It’s been said that when a certain percentage of the population reach enlightenment there’s a tipping point when all of us will “catch” it including the “bad guys”.  In the meantime I’d rather devote my energy to working on my inner peace and sending love, light and healing to anyone and anywhere on the planet that is in darkness. Perhaps we need to start running our Global Healing Meditation Group again. Anyone interested?

If you want support shifting to World View 2.0 then that’s what Simply Natural Therapies is here for. Our practitioners are experts in helping you find that place of inner peace, clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs and create a better future for yourself personally and globally. You can take a look at all our Classes and Therapies on our website.

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