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How has your week been?  I hope you’re not waiting for a flight to Bali. That volcano is being very unpredictable.  I’m glad I remembered to ask my Angels to make sure our flights were OK and we were able to go and return without a hitch. I did meet a family with three children who had been to the airport five times only to be sent home again because of the volcanic ash. Now that would be a challenge to stay chirpy and positive.

Anyway I’m home now and settled back into Melbourne’s winter. I did discover a gorgeous place in Bali for a Simply Natural Retreat next winter. What do you think? Shall we migrate north for a week or so? Yoga, meditation and massage sounds pretty good to me.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m teaching in the city.  For the past few years I’ve taught a module in the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course at Phoenix Institute. I teach Regression and something called Abstract Regression which is also known as Past Lives Therapy.  As you probably know, I love teaching.  I have no shortage of stories to share and I can talk til the cows come home.  It’s also fabulous to have an opportunity to share the magic of Hypnotherapy and aim for each new “generation” of Hypnotherapists to be even better than the last.

Hypnotherapy has changed enormously over the last few decades but unfortunately there are still a number of common myths that can concern people and stop them from using this highly effective therapy to help them create change in their lives.

One of the most important ways Hypnotherapy has changed is that Modern Hypnotherapy isn’t about controlling the subject’s mind any more.  In the past many Hypnotists would be very authoritarian and use Hypnosis to “fix” the client. The Hypnotherapist would decide what the client needed, put them into a trance, give them hypnotic suggestions and assume they were cured. Often Hypnotherapists would have a set of scripts for the most common problems and treat every client in the same way. Many people think that Hypnosis is still like this and they are scared to let someone else control them.

Modern Hypnotherapy, however, is very different.  It now involves helping a client understand how their own mind works and how to access their own inner wisdom, intuition and creativity.  It’s about helping people uncover their own solutions and discover how to create and maintain positive change. I actually teach most of my clients self-hypnosis.

As I’m sure you know, we only use a small percentage of the ability of our mind and we try to run our lives using this very small part of the mind. It’s no wonder really, that so many people struggle with unwanted habits and negative emotions like anxiety and depression.  We’re trying to live a very complex, busy, demanding life with very limited mental resources (our conscious mind) and it’s exhausting. We can remain stuck with the struggle because no-one ever taught us how to use our minds properly. It’s like we are driving around in the 12 cylinder car and only running it on two cylinders.

Believe it or not, Hypnosis gives you access to that greater part of the mind. The subconscious part is actually much more powerful and intelligent than the conscious part of the mind. The subconscious mind is like the programming on a computer as well as all the files that have been collected over a lifetime. This part of the mind has actually recorded everything you’ve ever experienced since time began for you.  It stores your beliefs, emotions and habits and it co-ordinates all the functions of your body and every cell in it. Pretty amazing hey?

The subconscious also has access to the “collective consciousness” – our combined wisdom and all the information that’s floating in the ether.  When I am working with someone in Hypnosis I am often surprised by the words that intuitively come out of my mouth. Later the client will tell me that was exactly what they were seeing or experiencing during the session or exactly what they needed to hear.

The conscious part of the mind, on the other hand, is more like the tiny amount of information you see on the computer screen at any one time. Hypnosis is a little like discovering how to do “computer reprogramming.” It can give you control over all those things in your life that you might struggle with, whether it’s trying to stop smoking, lose weight, remain calm in stressful situations, be more confident or have better self-esteem. Hypnosis can also help you access the insight and perspective you need to change how you feel about past events or relationships and how they affect you.  It can also help you create a more positive future.

There are many really lovely Hypnotic techniques to help someone to find their own answers. One of the techniques I teach in the course is a beautiful, detailed, guided journey through nature to a mysterious doorway. When the client enters through the doorway they spontaneously discover the solution they’re looking for.  People are often surprised and delighted by what they find. They can then choose whether they want to tell the therapist what they discovered or whether they prefer to keep it to themselves.

So Hypnosis is actually not about someone controlling your mind, exposing your deep dark secrets or making your cluck like a chicken, it’s about giving you skills to access your own wisdom, intuition, creativity and solutions in a really collaborative and respectful way. The subconscious mind actually has amazing insight, intelligence and all the resources needed to resolve a problem.  So if you would like to learn how to “hack into the system” and reprogram your mind simply call us today book an appointment.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapists are Tamsin Russell and Manuela Picinich.  They both work very intuitively.  Manuela offers HypnoReiki; a unique combination of Hypnosis and Reiki to create a beautifully deep trance state making hypnosis even more effective.

1/ Tamsin Russell is offering your first Hypnotherapy consultation for FREE so be quick to call us on 9842 7033. Tamsin also runs our Psychic Development Group so she is very skilled at helping unlock your potential.
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