Do you know your why?

Well another week has whizzed by. I hope you’re coping with the cold weather again. We’ll certainly appreciate the summer when it arrives, hey?   

This weekend was a very full one for me (I do my best to avoid the word “busy”).  On Friday night I attended Carol Crawford-Kerr’s Clairvoyant night at our clinic. The place was packed to the walls and the feedback was awesome.

On Saturday we had a beautiful lunch overlooking the Yarra Valley with our foster children (from 35 years back) our children and grandchildren. On Sunday I attended a full day workshop in the city on Quantum Hypnosis, which was amazing, and on Sunday night we had a gorgeous dinner to celebrate my husband’s retirement and the winding up of his building company.

As if that wasn’t enough, in my spare time I finished writing an application for a Manningham Business Excellence Awards which was due at 9am on Monday.  Yesterday I decided to have a lazy day at home and do a few fun things with my adorable grandson.

Anyway, after writing the application I thought it might be a good idea to share our Vision and Mission with you so you know why we do what we do. The application included lots more, in fact it turned out to be over 3,700 words, but there are some bits I would love to share. If you’ve ever written a business plan you’ll know it can be a challenge to describe your reason for being in business, what you do, who you do it for and how you do it.

It’s such a good thing to be clear about your vision for the future and your mission or role in creating that vision, not just for a business but for your life. I actually think we would all benefit from writing an Life Plan, just as we might write a Business Plan, and update it annually. This is part of what I do in my Free Health Assessments (see below). Anyway this one is about our Business which is a big chunk of my life so I did my best to define our “why”. I’d love your feedback.

Our Vision is a world where common sense has returned to healthcare, where people are encouraged, supported and inspired to take care of their health in ways that are simple, safe, natural and affordable. A world where health and happiness are seen to be just as important as profits and our definition of health includes the well-being of the heart and soul.  A world where chronic stress and “busyness” are no longer seen as the norm.  (Oops, don’t tell them about my weekend)

Our vision is that every hospital incorporates natural healing modalities and energy medicine, every shop only sells safe and sustainable products and every business and school truly supports the health and well-being of their staff, customers, clients and students.

Our Mission is to pioneer the future of healthcare. It’s to educate, inspire and support people to achieve true health and happiness. We are doing this by creating a centre and retail shop where people can find enlightened healthcare solutions that look beyond the symptoms. Solutions that
support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. We know that in most cases the body can regain and maintain radiant health when it’s free of toxins, well-nourished and free of stress.

Through providing one on one consultations, personalised wellness programs, treatments, classes and workshops we help clients to have an expanded definition of health. This new definition includes the well-being of their mind, heart and soul as well as the physical body. It includes helping our clients feel empowered, connected to others, joyful, creative and content.

We coach our clients to take responsibility for their own health, make wise lifestyle choices and realise their full potential.  Our services support true health, honour the link between the mind and the body and respect our connection with nature.

Our Goal is to be the first “port of call” for anyone with a health or well-being issue.  If we can help someone achieve inner peace, clarity and better health with simple, common sense, natural approaches so they don’t need medication, surgery or hospitalisation then we’ve done our job.

We aim to make it easy, safe and affordable for people to access natural therapies and to work in conjunction with doctors to help take the load off our current healthcare system. 

I’d would love you to share our message.  If you know anyone who might benefit from our services please let them know about our FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT.  I’m getting such wonderful feedback from these sessions.

Here’s some feedback from a very grateful client that brought me to tears:
Last week I had the pleasure of receiving a gift from Alison of a 60 Minute Health Assessment at Simply Natural Therapies. Thank you so much Alison. This was the first time I’d had a consultation at this clinic and must say it was the most amazing experience in my life. Alison designed a personal program for me after discussing where I was in my life and what I wished for. This amazing woman radiated so much positive energy and filled me with guidance,knowledge and support to accomplish my wishes.
I was referred to the lovely Maria (my remedial masseur), whom I had a treatment with yesterday and must say, I had the privilege to meet another amazing woman. Maria provided therapy,advice and support leaving me feeling relaxed and cared for. I am so grateful to have found this clinic which is filled with such beautiful people who care and want to make a difference to my life and well-being. A thank you also to Kathryn the lovely receptionist who is always a pleasure to speak with.

Boy, I love my job.

This week I’m again offering a limited number of these assessments so please call us on 9842 7033 or….

And, as always, we have some fabulous events coming up so take a look at the Right Hand column (or below if you are on a mobile phone) to learn more about our upcoming classes, events and special offers  >>>>
Have a great week,

Warm Regards,
Alison Burton
Health and Happiness Guru

Simply Natural Therapies
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East Doncaster
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