Is Your Cooking Killing You?

I hope you had a lovely Easter break and were able to enjoy the surprisingly nice weather. I thoroughly enjoyed having some time off but I can’t say that I relaxed. I’ve been busy spring cleaning our house even though it’s Autumn.

I’ve tackled all the drawers and the cupboards in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and office. What a great feeling! I discovered lots of things in my pantry and bathroom that were way past their “use by” date so I had a huge throw-out. I also found a few lost earrings, 5 pairs of nail clippers and discovered I have enough bottles of perfume for the next several lifetimes.

Anyway, what I really want to talk to you about today is probably the biggest event Simply Natural Therapies has ever held. Our one day seminar, “The Forgotten Secrets of Health – a day in the raw,” is happening in just 11 sleeps. As you’re probably aware from my recent emails, Kristine Matheson and her husband Wayne are coming down from Queensland to present at this Seminar. They both had cancer. In 2005 Kristine was diagnosed with stage IV Melanoma and was told to get her affairs in order. She was given 12 months to live if she was lucky.

Kristine discovered that it was much more than luck that saved her life. Among other things she learned how to use food as medicine and has taught thousands of others how to do the same through seminars, raw food classes and retreats that she facilitates with her husband Wayne (also a cancer survivor who used only a natural approach). Kristine wrote the bestselling book “From Cancer to Wellness”

I’m honoured that Simply Natural Therapies is hosting this event. It’s the first time Kristine and Wayne have presented in Melbourne. I’m also presenting a segment on “Mind Over Medicine,” exploring the mind body connection of disease and healing which, as you probably know,.is my passion.

It’s important to understand that the protocol Kristine teaches is not just for those suffering from cancer. It can be used as a preventative measure too. Kristine and Wayne have seen amazing, life changing results for those who’ve suffered from other health issues like diabetes, heart disease, MS, (multiple sclerosis) arthritis, autism in children, migraines, chronic fatigue and the list goes on.

During this powerful, life-transforming Seminar you’•ll discover…
• How Kristine cured her terminal cancer naturally and how you can too
• 3 powerful anti-cancer and anti-disease protocols
• 2 powerful meditation and visualisation techniques that helped save Wayne’s life
• The 5 most toxic things in our current lifestyle
• The 2 basic principles to make food your medicine
• Why raw foods have such powerful healing properties
• The truth about sugar, protein and fats
• 6 easy steps to creating amazing raw food
• The emotional and spiritual connection to physical health
• The 5 key aspects of spontaneous remission and how to make your body “Ripe for Miracles”
You’ll also see Kristine demonstrate how she prepares some of her delicious Raw Recipes and sample her scrumptious foods.

Walk out of this inspirational seminar with the strategies, techniques and knowledge to truly reclaim you health, reverse degenerative disease naturally and regain your ability to fully embrace life.

Here’s what one of Kristine’s clients has to say….

“I am currently a patient with Peter Mac in Melbourne.
I have been following the protocols in the book “From Cancer to Wellness” for the last 2 months. The author of the book listed (Kristine Matheson) was the main contributor to the Olivia Newton John “Livwise Cookbook”

During the last 2 months my symptoms of prostate cancer have reversed.
• I no longer wake through the night with false calls to urinate
• I no longer need to urinate through the middle of the night
• I have shrunk the cancer such that my urethra is now unrestricted and the prostate considered suitable for brachytherapy
• Flow rate is now exceptional such that the robotics surgeon took photos of the results.
• The examining doctor on 27/2/14 at Peter Mac could not palpate the tumour that called for the original biopsy to be conducted in December 2013. (A second examination found the possible existence of a small nodule)” Ross E.
I really hope you can join us for this powerful event.

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Wishing you a great week,

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