Change or Transformation? 

I hope you’ve had a good week and that you survived the storms over the weekend. What crazy weather! We’re still waiting for Spring to settle in but in the meantime I’m off to Bali in 2 sleeps. I’m planning a massage a day and lots of sitting by the pool. Sooo looking forward to it.  I’ve got bucket loads to do before I go so this week the lovely Kara Kovacs, our Medical Intuitive, Holistic Counsellor and Energy Healer has written for today’s Enews. 

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This is from Kara…..

I’m willing to bet big money that many of you reading this newsletter have experienced significant change in the last 6 to 12 months.  Globally, we are in a huge transformational period and it has shaken some of us to the core.  We are being called to remember there is a plan for us that exceeds the limitations of our mind and asks us to lead a more authentic life.  A life where we are no longer cut off from our heart and all that it holds.

With this kind awakening there is chaos. Everything that holds us back from creating new ways of being, is highlighted and, as a result, many of us are experiencing depression, deep anxiety, illness or a loss of some description; relationships, a job, financial etc  Perhaps you’ve encountered more than one of these things in the last year or two.

This level of change raises self-doubt and fear of the unknown.  If the change is in conflict with our core beliefs such as ‘marriage is forever’, it can be traumatic and we can feel as though we have been brought us to our knees.   Sometimes we initiate or consciously drive these changes because we intuitively know that they must happen, and other times it feels as though the rug has been ripped out from underneath us and we are no longer in the driver’s seat.

Everyone experiences change in different ways and this will depend on whether you are in fear or whether you are going with the flow of life.   Those in fear will likely experience physical signs.  A woman who came to see me recently felt as though she might be dying.  In fact that is what is happening on a certain level as old structures fall away to create the new – a rebirth.

Some examples of how your body may reflect your resistance to change are: anxiety – not trusting in the process and flow of life, asthma and lung complications – fear of taking in life for where that might lead, and/or grief; and issues with feet and legs – fear of stepping forward.

What if we could view change as a deep transformation?  The caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly…the chance to release the dross in order to shine more brightly and be more of who we truly are. What if transformation was actually a way to create a new future?  A new reality of yourself? One that is happier and filled with peace.

During my Transformational Healing sessions we explore where you feel restricted by negative thinking and painful past experiences.  We explore the ways your body talks to you about what must be released.
Reviewing your life experiences in a loving and compassionate we explore how these events have shaped you in the most beautiful way. If you feel the pull to step into empowerment and remove the shackles that stop you from self-love and deep peace, then this work is for you.

Committing to a series of one on one sessions with me, you can expect to be lovingly pushed to connect with all of who you are and release the painful aspects that keep you stuck. Using ancient techniques that incorporate energy, crystals and sacred geometry, holistic counselling and channelled wisdom you will be held in a space of absolute love while you create yourself anew and shed all that no longer supports you.
I can’t wait to see you shine! Now is the time. Are you ready?
4 sessions = $440 or 6 sessions – $600.

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